9 Monkeys of Shaolin Review : They got the moves like jagger

it is that 9 Monkeys of Shaolin is a title that seeks to rejuvenate a genre that, let’s face it, is not in the best of its moments: the beat ’em up

To do this, he sets his sights on a benchmark of the hosts, the martial arts cinema, and, from there, builds a playable framework focused on dispensing smacks in an increasingly spectacular way. 

Its references are so clear that all the classic springs of stick cinema will appear in one way or another in history: the attack of the villains on an innocent village,

the death of the sensei and the subsequent oath of vengeance by the protagonist, magic , redemption, philosophy, spirits, ninjas and monks – Shaolins and Japanese, beware – have their place in a story that will still have a twist to make things a little more interesting.

 But the commitment to clichés reaches such a point that Wei Cheng, our protagonist, is a fisherman,

Something a little less useful, and more pleasant for the player, is an artistic section that in several respects looks far above what one would expect for such a modest title. With a graphic finish that does not show off but perfectly complies,

9 Monkeys of Shaolin Review

9 Monkeys of Shaolin strives to present a great variety of environments for its levels at the same time that it throws us wave after wave of easily recognizable and well-profiled enemies thanks to a design who drinks directly from the cartoonand uses a palette of colors that is very pleasing to the eye. 

What also makes it easier to move towards static cinematics made in a format that mixes comic with traditional oriental drawing and that, here, they use much more vibrant and blatant colors. 

As shameless is its soundtrack, which is a clear tribute to all martial arts cinema, with melodies and accelerated rhythms that are reminiscent of hostile movies and that even goes down with dark guitars at key moments. 

However, they are not so surprising, some sound effects that remain correct and that are limited to accompany the infinite symphony of cookies that we are going to witness.

Because that’s what 9 Monkeys of Shaolin is about, we are not going to walk around with hot cloths: to avenge the death of our sensei who was also our grandfather.

They do not know what they have bundled. Runaway timpani and soft melodies of flutes from the Far East sound. Your death is my destiny, you damned pirates sons of a one-eyed crab.

And to fulfill that destiny, Wei Cheng will have at his disposal his trusty baton staff and a not inconsiderable amount of skills.

 Skills that we will have to familiarize ourselves with very quickly because, as soon as we begin our adventures, 9 Monkeys of Shaolin will present its basic movements to us on the fly and will soon start dancing with our enemies.

 And the truth is that, in a first approach, it can be overwhelming, because we will not have even five minutes of play and it will have already thrown us a system in which parries coexist, dodges, standard punches, forceful attacks to destroy armor and flying kicks.

 Movements, all of them, that serve clearly defined functions within a fast combat and with little margin for error and that, as if that were not enough, they will see how they have to share space with the appearance of even more combinations such as land stamps or the blows empowered by the Qi.

However, persistence is the warrior’s way and if we put a little concentration and determination into it, little by little the 9 Monkeys Of Shaolin combat system will make all the pieces fit into place and we will soon get to that point. in which we will be an unstoppable machine that distributes hosts that will see its enemies fall like ripe fruit in slow motion.

 And it is that when we master a dynamic in which we will achieve little if we press the buttons and much if we press with order and rhythm, Wei Cheng will shoot from one side of the screen to the other with a flying kick, he will deflect a shot that will be made from a tree and launch five enemies into the air for a refreshing break and a hot tea. Because, regardless of our own abilities,

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All this in scenarios that will move laterally, but with a certain depth of field. 

As we move steadily through them, hordes and hordes of pirates, ninjas and other receptacles of our vengeful fury will come our way,

sometimes with new abilities that we will have to get used to on the fly while we manage the multiple traps that will appear along the way. the floor, the walls or the air are responsible for impacting on their faces and not ours. 

These levels will rarely deviate from the more than proven formula of pulling forward, eliminating any threat that comes our way and, above all, their duration will not tend to exceed the ten minute barrier.

 At the end of them, yes, They will reward us with upgrade points for our skills – whose icon looks suspiciously like the potato wheels on snack bags -, armor and specialized batons to guide our fighting style towards the place where we feel most comfortable. 

9 Monkeys of Shaolin : These Monkeys can Fight

As I did, an outstanding disciple of the Camino de la Anchoa Loca, who put on the best objects and improved the skills to do a thousand dodges, raise my enemies into the air and, in general, wreak havoc with a clean stake.

Because, after all, that and nothing else is 9 Monkeys of Shaolin.

 To drop hollow after hollow of hosts with our stout pine rod to all who stand in our sacred pilgrimage to victory. No more no less. 

Without any pretense of revolutionizing a genre in great need of greater production, 9 Monkeys of Shaolin can claim to be a simple and short game but extremely competent in what it does. 

With a perfectly calibrated combat system, his movements are seamlessly embedded and none of them are inserted to fill a well-stocked panoply of extremely forceful and spectacular blows.

 Thus, it perfectly conveys the feeling of starring in a fantastic martial arts movie in which the good guys are very good,overpowered that as soon as we will fly from one side of the screen to the other as we will also make our enemies fly,

leaving them ready to receive stick after stick in a direct, fast and forceful development that if it sins something it is to leave us wanting more.

 More Shaolin monks mastering their Qi to fulfill their duty, more levels full of enemies to the flag to let them know that our kung fu is stronger, more skills, rods and objects that make us delve into a combat system that reminds us that the beat ’em up is a fun genre that deserves our attention. More games like 9 Monkeys of Shaolin.

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