While the popularity of Among Us has exploded considerably for several weeks,
you have to watch out for unscrupulous people who go for it all in order to scam players.

Among Us was Released in 2018, it’s only been a few weeks that InnerSloth’s game has enjoyed unprecedented popularity. 

As a result, Among Us now has several unofficial versions playable as in  VRChat or even via Roblox , and some sites do not hesitate to offer free skins for among us, since one of the most attractive assets of the title is its variety of Skins & items .


However, unfortunately there are some unreliable sites that take advantage of the gullibility of some players to make them believe that they can get skins for free through their free skins generator or some similar pitch . 

This is the case with Among Us Dev Skins and Among Us Dev Pet which say they offer free skins and pets to players. However, they never see the color, and the scam method of these sites is simple

to offer these cosmetic items for free for a supposedly limited time. However, this limited time is also false since once the desired item is downloaded, players find themselves having to respond to several surveys, these follow one another to then display an error message. 

Websites of this type are only used for advertising, and polls / surveys will follow one another tirelessly, as long as the person behind their screen is patient in responding to them, hoping to obtain the skin or animal of company he or she wanted.

An important point to note is that all the sites that claim to offer Among Us cosmetics for free and that are unofficial are simply scam. Many of these survey sites are used to infect your computer with malware and spyware, and other spyware or malware. 

You will understand, if you are a player of Among Us, pay attention to the sites you go to, especially if they offer free skins. Also avoid the two sites mentioned above, namely and pet.

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