This phenomenon that nobody saw coming is at times outperforming hits like Fortnite or Call of Duty in viewers

Nobody saw them coming since they do not belong to any large company that usually causes media coverage, nor is there significant marketing behind, but these two games are eating a large part of the online market for their freshness and good work. We talked about Fall Guys, which we knew in depth , and Among Us , which is the reason for this article.

Among Us is fashionable, very fashionable in these last days of heat in front of computers and mobiles. In some way we can say that justice has been done with a title that had actually been available since 2018 , but nobody paid attention to it until it exploded on everyone’s nose.

We are going to explain what makes Among Us : Imposter special, what its particular way of playing is like and where you can download it to start playing now, if you are not already a specialist in unmasking impostors :

What is Among Us?

It is a multiplayer game in which a group of people ranging from 4 to 10 players participate. In that group there are one or two players – it depends on the number of participants – who are chosen as the “bad guys” of the game: without the others knowing they have to kill the rest, while they try to discover them.

Important, only those chosen as imposters know that they are .

Let’s go with the game mechanics, which seems simple but has its intricacies: we all start in a ship , where we have access to a map of the different rooms in which there are missions to be carried out.

What is Among Us?

To take down “normal” players, imposters can sabotage the ship and create confusion . At the same time that the players are completing tasks assigned to them and trying to discover who the evildoers are.

The interesting thing is that there are voting phases in which everyone decides who the impostors are. They are summoned when a corpse is found, but also when deemed necessary. Two things can happen here:

  • Nobody is clear about it and the game continues.
  • If the majority vote someone as an imposter, they are thrown off the ship and killed. Then the game will report if we have been successful or not. The game continues until we find all the impostors.

As you can imagine, the facilities for the impostor to continue doing his thing are there, such as starting to carry out the missions that the rest do , or the existence of ventilation ducts to escape.

You are seeing it in the videos and images, the game does not have a brilliant technical aspect, rather funny and carefree . But there is also a large part of its attractiveness and simplicity, something that is also achieved with very basic controls: you click on the screen to the place you want to move or the object with which you want to interact.

Obviously, if you are the impostor, you also have the option to kill.

The late success

I said, the game has been on Steam since November 2018 and it was not until this end of summer when its explosion took place. A multitude of positive opinions in a few days and millions of views on platforms like Twitch.

This is where a large part of its success lies, in that it has fallen in favor on game streaming platforms, where Minecraft, Fortnite or Fall Guys have had to make room for an infinitely simpler and smaller game.

Speaking of figures, between the months of July and August, according to Sensor Tower , there has been an increase in monthly downloads of more than 600%. More than 86 million downloads in mobile applications is not a figure to ignore, but the interesting thing is that 70% have taken place between August and September 2020.

Among Us Hack

Simultaneous players? Its developers have shared that the maximum figure has reached 1.5 million. The earnings that Among Us is reporting to them amount to over 3 million dollars.

All of these numbers are brilliant, but we are right now in an exploding moment so they can turn for the better in a matter of hours. The four countries that have shown the most activity are the United States, Mexico, South Korea and the Philippines .

Broadcasts with celebrities

Its greatest success is on PC, where famous youtube & twitch streamers have been right to dedicate time to it, since it is a very fun game to play, and to watch. It is currently one of the most viewed titles on both Twitch and YouTube .

An increasingly common curious detail is that of the soccer players who participate in these broadcasts: Thibaut Courtois and Sergio “El Kun” Agüero have been playing a Among Us .

Who are Innersloth?

Well, they are the creators of the game and a really small studio, made up of three people . There are no big investments behind them, no powerful campaigns, rather a lot of luck and a game with a fairly successful mechanics.

Three programmers who split up to act as entrepreneurs, graphic artists or whatever else. They reveal that the inspiration came from the Mafia board game and that it was initially screened as a local title, but fortunately it was the move to online that catapulted them to fame.

That everything has been so sudden has left them without room for maneuver to quickly create a version for the most widespread consoles, but they are not stopped, there are many things that they have to integrate : debug code and errors, support for colorblind people, a system of friends to choose who we play with, enter quick commands, new communication system, even a second part.

But the latter is going to have to wait, they are savoring the current success and the developers have canceled the path to a second part . They prefer to improve and enhance what they already have to launch a second half that was more of the same.

How to download Among Us ? Is It Free ?

Among Us can be played on many sites, we can download it on PC or mobile devices , both Android and iOS. In most cases it is free, with micropayments for certain improvements.

A summary of the options, with the links in case you are interested: