Animal Crossing New Horizons is the latest success of Nintendo Switch and the turnip market is its most viral madness that you need to know as much as you can to succeed on your island. 

This game has led worldwide video game sales in March 2022, the title’s launch month.

The game embodies the role of a nice character who moves to an island with the intention of giving it life and new inhabitants. 

Thus, each day will be a new adventure, where we can meet new people, buy new materials, build furniture or decorate our house in all imaginable ways.

But not everything will be a peaceful life on an island paradise. At Animal Crossing New Horizons we are involved in countless mortgages to pay for the different extensions that we will have to face in our own home. Good old Tom Nook wants to make us suffer and our best remedy for that is positivity. Positivity and money, of course.

Pay the raccoon, first Step

Both to pay the debt -acquired it is not known very well how- to Tom Nook and to be able to acquire different utensils and tools, we will need the common currency of the game, the berries.

To get them, the easiest thing is to do different jobs, such as fishing or hunting bugs, and then selling them. We can also collect the common fruit of our island to proceed with its sale.

But there is a more practical and faster way to get large amounts of berries. This form is none other than the turnip market. Knowing the keys to its operation seems vital to get the most out of it and, in this way, to be able to fatten our pockets.

Next, we’re going to delve into Animal Crossing New Horizons’ turnip market in order to master turnip trading. Do you also want to give his money to good Tom Nook and overtake him on the right? Well, let’s get to it.

How the turnip prices market works in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Simply put, Animal Crossing New Horizons turnip market works like a stock market where speculation is the prime. This may sound a bit technical, “yes, yes.”

The summary basis is that we can buy turnips at a specific price. A price that will fluctuate during the week. And you will be there to see it. Finding the right time to sell them and make a big profit is the key to this peculiar market that Animal Crossing New Horizons offers us .

In this sense, the first thing to be clear about is when the turnip seller passes by. Juliana, which is the funny name that this particular character has. You will come to our island every Sunday between the hours of 5 in the morning and 12 noon. Always during this time, you can find her walking quietly around the island.

How to get turnips ? alot alot of TURNIPS

The next step to be specified is how to have more turnips. Obviously, if you want to succeed in the turnip market, the first thing is to stock up on them on Sundays.

As we can only buy turnips that day between the hours of 5 in the morning and 12 noon, it is convenient that, when the time comes, you have enough money to make a big purchase.

Therefore, during the week we advise you to save part of your berries to be able to dedicate it entirely to the purchase of turnips. Said like that, the same thing sounds a bit curious.

But it is the key since it is highly recommended that all the fish, fruits, and critters that you manage to collect on Saturday, sell them, and save that money precisely for the purchase of turnips.

In depth look into turnipsPrices Animal Crossing New Horizons

Keep in mind that turnips will always be at a sale price that can cost up to 200 berries. This point is very important, as we recommend buying turnips only when their price is below 100 berries.

Know if the turnip is at a good price to buy

We leave you some price ranges calculated a little haphazardly according to the experience of what we have played so that you get an idea of ​​the prices of white turnip and buy at the best time.

  • -50 berries / turnip: Very high probability of making money
  • 50-80 berries / turnip: High probability of making money
  • 80-100 berries / turnip: Reasonable probability of making money
  • 100-120 berries / turnip: Low probability of making money
  • 120-140 berries / turnip: High probability of losing money
  • +140 berries / turnip: Very high probability of losing money

How much to sell the turnip to make a profit

Within the logic of being attentive to the price of the white turnip on your island or that of a friend, it is important that you learn that the turnip is priced in cycles that occur each week. This way you will know if what you are seeing is a moment of ascent, descent, or a peak.

  • Turnip price spike: Midweek, turnip plummets and then starts climbing. Usually there will be 3 revaluations of the turnip before its final fall. If you are to the parrot, you will be able to detect which is the best of the 3 ascents and squeeze them to the maximum, getting up to 600 berries for each turnip sold.
  • Turnip price plateau: The two peaks that accompany the peak of turnip rise typically put it at 100-200 berries per unit. Assuming you don’t want to risk rotting your turnips, as long as you bought for less than 100 berries, it is a good option to take advantage of these plateau moments when turnips rise discreetly, without skyrocketing their cost and still without collapsing. .
  • Turnip Market Crash: Turnip hits a record low for the week, trading at about 50-60 berries. At this point, you have the option of considering selling them on another island or letting them rot on the ground to attract critters.
  • Turnip fluctuations: Occur throughout the week with prices hovering around 70-100 berries. They do not usually predict large spikes or dips and tend to remain unstable in their range throughout the week.

1000 turnips, please

You also have to bear in mind that turnips, unlike other objects in the game, cannot be purchased by individual units, but must be purchased in batches of 10. Take this into account when investing to have enough money prepared in advance.

Therefore, if the turnips are less than 100 berries, it is advisable to get as many batches as possible at that time for later sale. If, on the contrary, they have a higher price, we recommend that you save the money for the following week. 

In this way, we can accumulate even more berries to spend next Sunday on buying turnips. Is it clear up to here?

Turnip calculator, the smartest option

Like real-life trading, Animal Crossing New Horizons turnip trading has a mechanized help that could bring you success: the turnip calculator, which, based on algorithms, tries to predict the price that this valuable tuber will have during the week.

Knowing that the Tendo and Nendo store opens every day at 8 in the morning, with the turnip calculator you will be able to organize yourself to sell your turnips on the day that they are best priced

But the one who wants something costs him something, so the turnip calculator requires a certain configuration: you must indicate at what price you bought them on your island and the prices of the first days, to give you an initial quota of information with which to trace your predictions.

As in real-life free trade, there is more than one turnip calculator and it’s up to you to choose which one you manage best or set up more than one to compare how many turnips costs each day.

How To Use turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons ?

At this time, and if you have followed the advice so far, we will have a room in our house full of turnips. If you look at it with different eyes, well, hey, it’s even pretty. But we are not here to be decorators, are we? We want to get rich at all costs. So now we have to figure out what to do with the turnips.

As we have said, it is important to buy turnips only on Sundays that we find them for sale for a price lower than 100 berries.

This is so because, when it comes to selling them, the price of turnips will also fluctuate between highly variable ranges

Knowing how to sell them at the right time will make the difference between getting rich or losing all the money invested.

Be careful, turnips get poisonous

You must be clear that you can only sell them from Monday to Saturday. And it is that Sunday is the only day of the week that they do not buy turnips in the store. 

But this is not the only setback. Most important of all, one week after purchasing our turnip batches, they will expire. And that’s not funny.

Therefore, it must be very clear that the turnips can only be sold from the Monday following the purchase until Saturday because next Sunday they will have expired.

If your turnips rot, leave them on the ground

Unhealthy as well as effective, this desperate and inelegant measure will allow you to make a minimum profit from your poached turnips instead of directly losing everything you have paid for them.

In case you fall asleep in the laurels and your turnips expire, leaving them on the ground will attract a lot of critters that you can hunt and sell. It is not what you expected, but less gives a stone.

When is the best time to sell our turnips

Well, it will be a matter of testing every day and asking at the store at what price they are purchased to know when is the right time. What is the town is known as being a bit heavy, yes.

Here also depends on what you want to risk. For example, one day you go to the store and they tell us that turnips that day are bought at 130 berries. If you take into account that, for example, you bought them at 70 berries, the profit you are going to obtain would already be considerable, so you may prefer to sell them at that time.

Instead, you might decide to risk a little more and wait until the next day to see what the turnips sell for . This can go very well, as you may find them priced over 600 berries and literally make yourself gold.

It may be, in contrast, that this goes really wrong, and the price of turnips does not exceed 100 berries again for the whole week, and in the end, you will have to sell them anyway on Saturday, even at the risk of losing money in the transaction.

Knowing how to choose the ideal time to sell turnips is the key to this market.

Aspects to take into account when buying and selling turnips

Keep in mind that there is no trick to having more turnips beyond the tips that we have provided in this guide. That does not mean that we cannot provide a pattern to be able to sell them at the best price.

First of all, you have to take into account that the price of turnips will range from a minimum of 70 berries to more than 600. Therefore, you must wait for the right moment to sell.

When is that time? It will be good for you to know that throughout the week you will have twelve chances to find the right price. This is so because every day they will offer us a different purchase price for our turnips. But the amount will change every day at 4:00 p.m.

Therefore, we can specify that each day we will have two different windows to be able to sell our turnips. We highly recommend visiting the shop twice a day and checking the different prices they offer for our turnips.

Desperate options to get rid of turnips

At this point, we may be considering Saturday night and no price that they have offered us has convinced us. Then we will have two options. The first is to sell our turnips at the price they offer us at the last minute. That means underselling the turnips and, in the worst case, losing money on the transaction.

The other option, which is the least recommended of all, is not to sell the turnips. In this case, we will see that the next day they will have withered and, therefore, we will have lost all the money invested. This option is the one we should always avoid, so we cannot forget to sell turnips on Saturday as a last resort.

Survival idea: become a turnip exporter

If you don’t want to get to either of these two solutions, we have a little trick to offer you. And it is that in Animal Crossing New Horizons we have the option to visit the islands of other people. This is extremely interesting since turnips will be bought at different prices on other people’s islands than on ours.

Therefore, if you have a friend who also owns Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can ask them daily at what price they buy turnips on their island. Yes, what we said, be a bore! On the day that suits you best, you can head to his island with your shipment of turnips and sell them all.

What’s more, you can also be browsing different social networks and video game forums, where people are putting the price at which turnips are on their respective islands in order to visit them and sell your turnips on them.

With this useful trick, you will have no problem getting rich in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The process will be as follows. Every Sunday you can buy turnips at the cheapest possible price and, during the week, you will choose the island where the turnips are bought at the highest price to head to it with your lots. Now yeah, huh?

This is not all, because since we travel to other islands, we will be able to acquire their own fruits, which we will be able to grow on ours and sell at twice the price of our native fruit.

Cheating with turnips: the worst idea in Animal Crossing

You may be tempted to mess up Tendo and Nendo with the sale of turnips and, to do so, advance the time of your console to stand on Monday and find out how much the turnip will cost.

This seems like a great plan because it would let you know if what Juliana offers you is or not a good price on which to earn money on Monday. But it won’t do you any good to cheat with turnips in this regard, because when you set the time again, you’ll see her taking walks around the island, but she’ll tell you she’s run out of turnips and won’t sell you one.

turnips Black Market ? lol

As you can see, getting a large number of berries in Animal Crossing New Horizons is easy if you know how. In fact, this little trick has given so much, that a black market for turnips has been created.

There are many websites that offer facts and figures on the sale of turnips. Many users take the opportunity to put their codes and the price at which turnips are quoted on their respective islands.

Therefore, if you want to be a true tycoon in this turnip market that Animal Crossing New Horizons offers us, we recommend that you follow the advice that we have offered you in this guide.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Future ?

The future of Animal Crossing New Horizons is bright. To the great success that it has already harvested – never better said – in sales, it must be added that Nintendo intends to expand the game with new content that will provide periodic updates completely free of charge.

Without going any further, at the beginning of April the game received the first of these updates, which included the first major event focused on Easter eggs and their particular collection.

It’s April 23 when the title receives its second major content update. This brings with it many novelties, such as the expansion of the island’s museum, which from now on will be able to receive donations of works of art, as well as critters, fish, and fossils.

In addition, the update includes the appearance of new characters and new plots, as well as different events that will take place during the coming weeks.

In the statement issued by Nintendo, it is specified that we can enjoy Nature Day between April 23 and May 4, the May Day excursion between 1 and 7 of that precise month, or the International Day of the Museums, between May 18 and 31.

All these events include different activities, for which, without a doubt, it will be useful to have a good number of berries prepared. Therefore, nothing better to prepare yourself, investing in the turnip market in the best possible way.

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