Art of Rally Review : The Golden Age of Rally

It is not necessarily necessary to create games that want to stick to reality to have fun driving virtually. 

The first memories that can come to mind when looking at the footage from Art of Rally are old games like World Rally that emptied our pockets in the heyday of the arcade. Of course, in those now gone days, it was both to have a beautiful representation of the action and to give a 3D impression. Today, 3D we know how to do and it is here very nicely rendered.

Stripped, the game is no less superb

A decidedly independent touch

They are a dozen to have worked on the game including its creator, Dune Casu .

 This Canadian has adopted a rather original approach, since he draws his inspiration from the trips he makes in his van (which can also be found in the game). 

If you are also a follower of a certain culture of motorsports and the world of games and series that revolves around it, you will also find many references . For example at Initial D with an event taking place on Mount Akina.

Using a graphics engine similar to Absolute Drift , its first game, Art of Rally exudes a zen atmosphere that contrasts with the roar of car engines. 

The lack of detail and the simplification of the 3D make it possible to support the main lines of the decorations. Far from giving a rough result, it is on the contrary an impression of precision which emerges from it . 

Combined with efficient lighting at different times of the day and in changing climatic conditions (snow, rain, day, twilight or dark night …), the result is very pleasing to the eye.

The only downsides on the rendering side are the clipping in the background and the questionable management of “transparency” when the car passes under trees. 

We can then clearly see the rendering circle of the car which literally passes over the scenery which blocks the view. It keeps the car visually appealing, but it lacks elegance. 

A real effect of transparency would undoubtedly have been more appropriate.

After browsing a setting to find collectable items, we quickly move towards the backbone of the game, namely a career that began in the 70s to revisit the evolution of rallying.

Even if they are not clearly mentioned, we recognize the car models very well

Historical and consistent content

In addition to making numerous references to the culture of motorsport and obviously here to the Rally, Dune Casu did not fail to select iconic cars of the discipline. 

Lancia Stratos, Lancia Delta, Peugeot 205 Turbo, and other legends from various outrageous groups are present . Lack of license requires and here again like the games of our 80s, the names are often changed with humor. 

A little snub by allowing players to rename cars would have been nice.

Driving these little cars that look like micro machines respects the physical principles of racing and is quite technical . 

We play with pleasure the handbrake, the accelerator and mass transfers to negotiate each turn depending on the surface and weather conditions. 

All while taking care to spare the frame which may be damaged. The main thing is not to run out of repair points at the time of technical assistance.

Even in difficult, the AI ​​is not too much of a problem. The main opponent is the stopwatch and the world rankings . 

You are not done trying to improve yourself and it’s a safe bet that superplayers will get started, on condition however that a penalty system can be put in place because it is too easy to cut certain turns. to save time. Even if a few bales of hay are present to prevent this, there are not enough of them.

Art of Rally deserves to be stopped and spent some time there. It is a simple and pleasant pleasure to consume without moderation in these chilly times.

Written by JoinnGames

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