CyberPunk 2077 Leaks : Xbox One S Low Performance & Medest Game Duration

here are some rurmors about how long to beat cyberpunk 2077 & it’s Performance of the new Gen consoles

There are new leaks in the gaming community that concern Cyberpunk 2077 and the quality of the game on consoles of the current generation. This time, the novelty was launched on Xbox One S (not to be confused with Xbox Series S).

As it turned out, the game works quite badly on this console. The most depressing thing was the short rendering distance of the game world. Most likely, the reason is the lack of graphics power. It was also reported about the bugs.

cuberpunk 2077 Xbox One S Low Performance

The original clips, which showed this picture, have already been removed, although copies were placed in Reddit and other platforms

Also note that there were complaints earlier about the poor performance of the game and on other consoles.

On the side of the the world wide web a user of one of the foreign gaming forums hiding in the under the nickname “Hobbes”, managed to pass Cyberpunk 2077.

If you believe the user, the game will be unpleasant surprise fans of long story campaigns.

The gamer explained that it took him only 22 hours to pass the game on a light level of complexity on the condition of starting with the plot branch “Street Child”.

At the same time, Hobbes did not pass most of the side tasks, which, by his words, the game has just too many of them.

All these leaks are yet to be 100% confirmed . for us to know for sure how long to beat cyberpunk 2077 or it’s Performance on various gaming consoles , we have to wait till it’s lunched .