Disc Room Review : If you miss, you try again

It’s hard to deny the good taste of Devolver Digital when it comes to choosing who to partner with; the credits of Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Terri Vellmann and Doseone, creators of Disc Room,

include some of the most interesting and influential games of recent years (not to mention favorites, in the case of Nuclear Throne ). 

The first two names teamed up with Jukio Kallio and Dominik Johann to create Minit , the funny 2018 game whose protagonist died every sixty seconds; 

Although the new project couldn’t be further visually, the taste for puzzles and the time limit has not been lost in his new job.

Disc Room Review : Hit Or Miss ? You Will Miss xD

Disc Room does not waste a minute explaining its premise: in the year 2089 a mysterious disk-shaped object appears in the orbit of Jupiter, an expedition of scientists enters its interior to investigate and as soon as we step inside it we are trapped. 

From that moment on we have to progress through a series of square rooms full of deadly dangers in the style of the Cube movie. Traps, yes, always have something in common: they are shaped like a disc. Or rather, serrated saw.

At the beginning the only action available is to move the character trying not to end up with the members scattered around half the room. Each room has objectives that allow us to unlock other rooms, generally related to surviving a certain time, although in practice it is as important to be skillful as it is to understand each challenge as a kind of puzzle; 

the saws are mutating at every step to unsuspected extremes and we have to learn to understand the internal logic of each room.

Soon we gain a series of powers that help us survive (a dash , slow down time …), but they also force us to make conscious decisions about how to face each problem, whose solutions are not always equally obvious. 

Even if we find a power that seems to be a perfect fit, we must also master the execution and delay the inevitable errors as much as possible. 

The pace is hellish: die fast and revive quickly, being the grim Game Over screen (there is no mockery or gloating in our defeat, only the last time achieved stands out) the closest thing to a respite where to rethink our strategy.

Disc Room is one of those games where “getting into the zone” is an almost indispensable requirement to face your most advanced challenges. There comes a point when the amount of discs of different types, sizes, speeds and behavior on the screen is simply impossible to manage rationally and we have to move by pure instinct, restarting without stopping until we find the combination of powers and movement strategies that we need. allow to endure the necessary time.

 Some of this team managed to put in all kinds of Minit minute puzzles, but here a minute seems like an eternity; Even holding out for 10 seconds can become an insurmountable obstacle. The Hard Mode that is unlocked in the middle of the adventure is proof of this;

disc room solutions help gameplay

Disc Room Basic information

  • Developer: Terri, Dose, Kitty, JW
  • Publisher: Devolver Digital
  • Platforms: Switch, PC
  • Availability: 10/22/2020

It makes special sense that one of the main elements of the interface is a meter to see how long the developers and our friends have endured in that same test. The first serves mainly as a measure of progress and what is our potential to improve, but the second can be the most fun; 

There are few games that do not win with a good ranking table among friends and more when the differences are measured in thousandths of a second. 

I did not consider repeating certain levels until a couple of colleagues from other media appeared on the tables and the duty to leave the pavilion high up appeared.

I want to tell a lot more about Disc Room, but I’m going to hold back because it would kill its charm a bit: it’s a short title (in less than 5 hours you can reach the credits) and full of secrets, some of which I have not yet discovered . 

Moreover, I write this text with the conviction that certain rooms hide something of great importance, but I do not think I will be able to solve the mystery on my own. 

It would also be incongruous to dwell too much on a title that stands out for giving value to every thousandth of a second.

Disc Room condenses the creativity of its creators into minimal doses, exploring concepts and raising the bar in small but explosive bursts. 

Time is our measure of progress and also our greatest rival; There is always potential to last a bit longer and there are always friends willing to prove it in the online rankings. 

He knows when to stop spreading sideways to focus on the difficulty and when to stop at the top so he doesn’t stretch a second longer than it should.

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