Everspace 2 was delayed for the second time by Cyberpunk 2077

The early version of Everspace 2 will not be released in December;

The creators of Everspace 2 from Rockfish Games announced that the premiere of the early version of the game has been postponed again – from December to January. 

The reason is to avoid direct competition with Cyberpunk 2077.

This is the second time that the authors of the space shooter have postponed their debut position due to the production of CD Projekt Red. 

A few months ago, the project was delayed from September , when the Polish RPG was then supposed to be released.

Cyberpunk 2077 has been postponed to December 10th, which is a major blow to our plans to release an early version of Everspace 2 in mid-December. 

It’s not just that all the media and web content creators will focus on one of the most anticipated AAA games in history throughout the holiday season, we know that among our fans (and our team) there are many waiting for this title “- By Rockfish Games on Steam.

“After quick consultation with our marketing friends at Evolve, Plan of Attack and Swordfish, we made the decision to delay the game until January,” he added. 

In a statement sent to the media, Michael Shade – the head of the studio responsible for the shooter – said that competing with the CD Projekt Red title “would not be a good idea”.

As compensation on November 2, the creators of Everspace 2 will send out beta keys to all those who supported the project financially on Kickstarter, and 200 more will go to other players through contests. 

The codes will allow you to test the early version of production for 10 hours.

Rockfish Games’ title is not the only one that was delayed by Cyberpunk 2077. Due to the Polish RPG, the premiere of the new Path of Exile expansion has recently been postponed .