Fall Guys Will Hit The 100 Millions By 2020

Since its release on August 4, 2020, Fall Guys has continued to attract new players, so much so that the bar of ten million copies sold, only on Steam, was crossed in September , as the report the last  financial report from Unity. 

Even though they were only released on November 12, these figures stop at September 30, which implies that Fall Guys has sold well over 10 million copies .

Indeed, despite a drop in players since August, from an average of 67,000 players connected simultaneously to 16,000, seven million copies had found buyers in August., which means that three million copies were sold during this month of September. 

As a result, at the time of writing,  Fall Guys sales must be a little higher. 

Moreover, the mid-season update , deployed a few days ago, has given renewed interest to the battle royale, with on average more than 2,000 simultaneous users more since its publication. 

While it’s still hard to maintain a strong community for the long haul, Mediatonic has announced that  the coming seasons should be even bigger in terms of content . A port on Switch and Xbox One could also allow many players to embark on the Fall Guys experience .

As a reminder, the title is available on Steam and PlayStation 4.

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