FF7 Materia guide : how to equip & level up

FF7 Materia guide

ff7 Materia is one of the most important mechanics behind Final Fantasy VII Remake , just as it was in the original title.

The Materia, in fact, represent the only way to put hand to new active skills and spells to be used in battle. 

The number of Materia that you can equip is influenced by the number of slots available in weapons and armor, so the progression system follows the path of accessories and that of Materia hand in hand. 

Also, Materia receive experience just like our characters, so it’s imperative to bring as many of them into combat as possible to level-up and get more powerful spells.

The FF7 Materia are divided into 5 types which correspond to 5 different colors:

  • Magic Materia Green: They are Materia related to spells such as Fire, Cure and so on, the classic spells of Final Fantasy. Just equip them to get the related magic.
  • Support Matter Blue : Matters that add passive effects, such as HP or MP absorption, increased elemental damage, and so on, but only when combined with other Materia. By adding HP Absorption to Fire, for example, the fire element will restore HP.
  • Command Materia Yellow : Matters that add or replace active abilities with new commands to be used in battle, such as Steal, Chakra, Prayer and so on.
  • Complete Materia Purple : Matters that provide active and passive abilities of all kinds and work independently of other Matters, such as Deadly Dodge, Taunt, Skill Master and so on.
  • Summon Materia Red: The classic Summon Materia that allow you to fight alongside the most iconic summons of the Final Fantasy saga; you can find the complete list in our Complete game guide.

All Magic FF7 Materia :

  • Healing Materia : Classic Healing Materia , obtained from Jessie at the beginning of Chapter 2. Barrett will have it from the start, but you can purchase it at the Sector 7 store for 600 gil. Take it for everyone.
  • Cleansing Materia : Allows you to remove negative status effects. It can be found in the vending machines of Materia starting from Chapter 5 of the plot; otherwise, after the Rat Problems side quest, it will be available in the Item Shop for 300 gil.
  • Revival Materia : Classic Raise to bring fallen allies back to life. She can be found after the second fight with Roche in the main storyline, keep your eyes peeled and you’ll find her along the way.
  • Fire Materia : No need for explanation; Cloud will have it from the start, you can find one in the Abandoned Factory, and you can buy it from the Item Shop in Sector 7.
  • Ice Materia : Here too there is no need for explanations; it is found in chapter 3, and can be purchased from the Item Shop starting from Chapter 3.
  • Lightning Materia : Encompasses the power of lightning; this too, is available at the Item Shop in Sector 7 starting from Chapter 3.
  • Barrier Materia : Probably the most useful Materia in the whole game, get it as soon as possible; Jessie gives it to Cloud during Chapter 4 of the storyline.
  • Wind Materia : Contains the Aero magic, eye that is very strong; you will get it from Chadley after completing the second battle; it is available at the Item Shop but costs 2000 gil, a prohibitive price.
  • Poison Materia : Used to poison enemies, can be purchased at the Materia vending machines after Chapter 5 of the storyline.
  • Binding Materia : Contains abilities such as Sleep, Silence and Berserk. It can be found in the slumls of Sector 6, not far from the riddle of the robotic hand

All Support FF7 Materia :

  • Elemental Materia : Increases the damage of the linked element, and can be found in Chapter 6, in section H-07.
  • Magnify Materia : Increases the range of linked matter, essentially making it an area spell. It is found during Chapter 9, after the puzzle of the robotic hand and at the end of the dead end.
  • Warding Materia : Provides resistance to linked status, such as Poison, Bind, and so on. It is found in the sewers during Chapter 10 or in the Sector 7 Underground Laboratory during Chapter 13.
  • Synergy Materia : Orders an ally to follow the Party Leader with an attack of the element linked to the matter; obtained by completing Chadley’s Battle Report 9.
  • HP Absorption : Adds HP Absorption effect, and is obtained after completing Chadley’s Report 19.
  • MP Absorption : Allows you to absorb MP with the element associated with Matter. It can be bought from Chadley after completing Report 18.
  • AP-On Materia : Increases the AP earned by the related Materia, useful for leveling them up quickly. The only way to get it is to walk 5,000 steps by equipping the Pedometer Materia that you can find below.
  • Pedometer Matter : Found next to Aerith’s house during Chapter 14, and will transform into an AP-Su after traveling 5,000 steps.

All Command FF7 Materia :

  • Chakra Materia : Allows you to use the Chakra ability to restore the HP of the damage just suffered. It is part of Tifa’s starting equipment starting with Chapter 8.
  • Assess Materia : Works like the classic Scan skill, giving you information about enemies. It is obtained from Chadley by meeting him for the first time.
  • Prayer Materia : Allows you to use Prayer to restore HP. This is Aerith’s starting Materia, and can be found in Don Corneo’s hideout during Chapter 14.
  • Steal Materia : Allows you to use Steal to steal from enemies; obtained from Chadley’s Battle Report 7.
  • ATB Boost Materia : Double the ATB charge by pressing L1 and R1. Obtained by completing Battle Report 4 from Chadley.
  • Enemy Skill Materia : Allows you to use the techniques of the enemies, after having suffered them from them; obtained from Chadley after Battle Report 16.

All Complete FF7 Materia

  • HP-Up : Increases HP up to a maximum of 100%. Obtained in a Midgar Blind Bind during Chapter 2.
  • MP-Up : Increases maximum MP. It is found in Chapter 6, after Cloud attempts to access the elevator in H-01.
  • Magic + : Increases the magic attack. Found in the control room during Chapter 7, you must unlock a door through a terminal. Just complete the riddle of the levers 4 times.
  • Luck + : Increases Luck. To get it, you need to set the darts score high in the Chapter 3 bar. If you succeed, Wedge will give you this Materia in Chapter 4.
  • Gil + : Increases the Gil earned in battle. You must win the VR Battle inside the Shinra Tower during Chapter 16 and 17.
  • EXP + : Increases EXP gained in battle. Again, you must complete the VR Battles inside the Shinra Tower.
  • Deadly Dodge : Allows you to launch a deadly counterattack after a dodge. Found after defeating Shinra soldiers and dogs while escaping the prologue reactor. It can also be purchased at the Item Shop in Sector 7 after Chapter 4.
  • Parry Materia : Allows you to parry enemy hits, and is obtained from Chadley after Battle Report 12.
  • Flash Attack : Allows you to start battles with the ATB gauge at maximum. Obtained by completing Chadley’s Battle Report 3.
  • Refocus Materia : Allows you to use the Limit Break Refocus. In addition to being Aerith’s staple Matter, it can be won through the Monster of Legend VR battle.
  • Auto-Heal : Allows you to automatically cast Heal once hit, and is available by returning to Chadley after using Assess on two different enemies.
  • Master of Objects : Makes objects more effective in battle. Obtained by completing Battle Report 11.
  • Taunt : Allows you to attract the enemy’s attention during battle to protect injured allies. Obtained from Chadley after completing Report 3.
  • ATB Assist : Recharges ATB allies after using ATB commands one after the other. Obtained by completing Chadley’s Report 8.
  • ATB Stagger : Refills the ATB gauge after taking an opponent to the end. Obtained by completing Report 14.
  • Steadfast Block Materia : Charges ATB bar when blocking enemy shots. To get it, you must complete all of Chadley’s battles.
  • Skill Master : Reloads the ATB gauge each time an ATB skill is used. Available after completing Chadley’s 17 report.

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