3 New Games On Steam are Now Free To Play

here are the latest free to play games from steam .

It became known that all gamers have the opportunity to get free access to three different games at once on the Steam platform.

With a new promotion launched on Valve’s Steam gaming service , gamers have the chance to play games like Haxity , Embr and Forge and Fight for free

All three games are already available for free download to everyone. 

Gamers are only required to log into Steam under their account, and then go to the page with the game of interest and click on the “play” button. 

After downloading and installing what you need, you can start directly playing Haxity, Embr or Forge and Fight !

It should be noted that the promotion is temporary. You can play the games presented for free only during this weekend.

forge and fight free download

Haxity is a cyberpunk-style card game where players need to collect their own decks, and then take part in dynamic card battles that can be arranged with both other gamers and the computer. 

The second game from the collection, called Embr, is a firefighter simulator where gamers need to put out fire and save people,this can be done either alone or in a group of up to 4 people. 

The third game called Forge and Fight , which is an arcade action game. In this cool game players will have to collect parts, make a wide variety of weapons from them and go with them to the multiplayer PVP arena.