Genshin Impact: Ultimate beginner’s guide

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we offer you a Genshin Impact beginner’s guide that will give you the keys to progress well. 

We will also list some mistakes that should not be made. For many tips, we will come back to them in detail in future dedicated guides.

Note: This guide is based on our experience with the beta of the game and will change during the official release. We will update it if necessary.

So here we go, follow the 11 tips below to be a good Genshin Impact Player.

Focus on quests first “ALWAYS”

Genshin Impact is not Zelda: Breath of the Wild despite the obvious similarities. Thus, it is advisable not to roam everywhere at the start of the game. In particular, you need new characters to solve puzzles or even introduce yourself to basic notions such as the adventure level in the city of Mondstadt. So focus on the main quests and side quests to be well ground.

Pay attention to your stamina gauge all the time

It may sound silly but you can quickly lose sight of the stamina gauge before it is empty. A serious mistake that can be fatal when walking around an area full of enemies. In this predicament, either you start the fight with a big disadvantage, or the escape will become complicated. This should also be taken into account when climbing or hovering a little too high.

Don’t neglect the kitchen , you need food xD

In Genshin Impact you will have the opportunity to learn recipes and cook if you find yourself near a fire. Take the opportunity to concoct many dishes before leaving on an expedition.

All of these dishes will provide you with various bonuses, which will increase your attack, defense, or elemental damage. But they can also act on your stamina to allow you, for example, to reach places that would be inaccessible to you without a good little meal.

Pick up all you can , when & when ever you can

Unlike other Free to Play, Genshin Impact does not overly limit your inventory and fortunately there is a whole bunch of collectibles to collect (crystals, food, military resources, loot…).

Plus, in our experience, pretty much anything you collect is useful and can be recycled to forge equipment for example. Don’t be afraid of running out of space, it won’t happen for a long time.

Don’t level up the free characters , not worh it

Genshin Impact, in addition to your main character, will provide you with several free characters throughout the adventure: Amber, Katya, and Lisa. As you might expect, they are not very good and you would waste your resources on them. Level up their level so that they’re not too late, but get rid of them as soon as you get other characters with the same type.

However, we recommend that you keep Amber on your team if you don’t have other archers available (use some scrolls on her if you really have no choice). Also, the first investment you need to make it in your avatar which should be level at all times at the start of the game. More generally, this advice is linked to the following which is very important.

Give experience to only a few selected characters

Genshin Impact is also a gatcha, so most of the new fighters will have to be obtained through summon banners. You can quickly end up with a bunch of characters to assign to your team. The mistake we made ourselves during the beta was to build different characters in a balanced way because of our reflexes as Japanese RPG players.

You should know that leveling up in this game is not done mainly by killing monsters (the gain is tiny), but by spending specific scrolls that you can loot everywhere (monsters, dungeons, etc.). The number of scrolls is not only limited, but they also make you spend an incredible amount of gold. In conclusion, rather than having a large group of an average level, focus on three or four characters (5 stars preferably) to start including your avatar.

Also try various characters n it helps with challenges

In Genshin Impact, elements and weapon types are important. The challenge will gradually increase and you will need variety in your adventures, especially with regard to the synergies between the elements. We, therefore, advise you to vary the profiles in your team. If that’s not possible right away, save your resources as much as possible by spending what you need to move forward.

Focus on attack and damage early in the game

Despite its wide variety of characters, it is highly recommended that you focus on damage at the start of your adventure. Don’t waste your time experimenting with MMO compositions by building your DPS, Tank, and Healer team.

Whether in character upgrades or equipment upgrades, prioritize damage like attack or critical hits. Subsequently, you will have a better understanding of the combat system to add supports that suit you.

use the synergy of the elements In battle as much as you can

It’s a reflex that you don’t take immediately, but constantly changing characters in combat to optimize your damage is essential in Genshin Impact. This not only helps you save time while exploring, but it will help you especially during more difficult challenges. We have a dedicated guide on these elements which explains all the possibilities.

increase your adventure level ASAP

This is one of the most important parameters of the game. A certain level of adventure will be required, for example, to access new main quests or for the cooperation mode between players. Since the subject is rather complex, we have also released a dedicated guide to earning Adventure EXP quickly.

When you see a Temple of the Seven or a teleport point on your map, unlock it immediately

When you are walking around to do your quests or to reach a dungeon and you see a teleportation point or a statue of the seven nearby (via an icon), go to the place indicated to unlock it. The more you have, the smoother your movements on the map will be because they act as “fast travel”.

The universe of Genshin Impact is quite huge, and it is often laborious to have to climb the same mountain fifty times to reach a specific location. So start building your network right away to get around efficiently and save time.

You are now ready to explore this colorful world full of surprises. Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, iOS, and Android. It will arrive later on Nintendo Switch and probably on PS5

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