Ghost of Tsushima Combat guide and tips

Ghost of Tsushima Combat guide

Jin Sakai’s character, in his embrace of the Path of the Ghost, opens Ghost of Tsushima to a playful dichotomy. On the one hand, we have sword fighting; on the other, a decided stealth streak, outlined by the weapons of the specter and the trusty lot.

Below you will find a list of useful tips to immediately get in tune with the spirit of adventure, and with the combat system of Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima Combat guide & Best 8 tips :

1- The first piece of advice we give you is to start right away at least at the normal difficulty level

The Ghost of Tsushima combat system hybridizes accessibility and technicality, using a formula that forges itself with parries, deflections, and dodges at the right moment to inflict damage and crucial thrusts on the enemy. 

On easy difficulty, enemies will tend to succumb in a handful of hits, even the toughest ones, as well as avoid parrying your katana slashes and cornering you with aggressive blows. The fights lose noticeably of bite, leaving you dry of the challenge.

2- Alternate playstyles, especially if you tackle the adventure at the maximum difficulty level. 

Adapt to situations as much as possible, varying gadgets and objects used. 

You will soon realize that there will be enemies that are worth eliminating by stealth, perhaps attracting them to an isolated place with the help of bells, rather than other situations, instead, in which it will be more profitable to face the enemy looking him in the eye, starting the clash with a nice sequence of comparisons. 

Of course, you will have fewer options at first, but as the adventure progresses the compass will open more and more.

3- In fact, take advantage of the mechanics of comparison. As we have already seen in the gameplay sections shown even before launch when the enemies are unaware of your presence you can start the fight by inviting an enemy to face you. 

By holding down and releasing the triangle button at the moment of the enemy hit, you will perform a spectacular instant kill, which can lead to a long sequence, if you are skilled and timely. This approach is particularly useful in areas dense with enemies, as it will allow you to easily eliminate even 4 or 5.

You can also increase the sequence of enemies that can be eliminated by wearing the armor of the Sakai clan, but for details, we refer you to the section dedicated to all armor in the game.

4- hassle hard, the first hours of play and the first frontal clashes could give you some thread. 

Make the most of the stealth approach in the early stages. The enemies, in fact, will have many shots that you will not be able to dodge or parry initially, before having learned the relative skills. 

Take advantage of the roofs, the crevices under the buildings, and the pampas, and try to isolate the enemies.

5- Always spend a few minutes, after clearing an area or camp of enemies, to explore and collect as many resources as possible

The materials will be essential for you to upgrade your trusty blades, armor, bows and to create arrows and weapons of the spectrum.

6- There is an entry in the game menu, in the video section, which allows you to almost completely eliminate the icons and the game interface, both during exploration and during clashes. 

Here, after taking the measurements with the title, do it. Ghost of Tsushima’s cinematic cut is strong, and involvement is a cornerstone of the whole experience. 

Keep in mind that, in this way, you will only see the circles of concentration on the screen, while the health bar will appear for a few moments only after taking a hit. 

For more details on health and concentration, and to know how to increase them, you can also find the appropriate dedicated sections here.

7- Devote yourself to mythical tales. If you see blue icons on the game map, you will find the bard Yamato nearby, ready to sing you legends related to the folklore of feudal Japan. 

These missions, in addition to being among the most inspired and fascinating of the title, offer the player excellent rewards, such as special armor, gadgets, and a handful of special shots. 

Again, you will find more details in the other sections of the Epic Game guide.

8- The most important tip: take it easy

Sucker Punch’s Tsushima is teeming with magnetic places, breathtaking views, and characters who will require the services of your blade. 

Live the adventure at your own pace, and with the attention it deserves.

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