GTA Vice City is now celebrating its 18th birthday!

Tommy Vercetti still can’t swim lol

Know that the famous video game GTA Vice City celebrated its 18th birthday on October 27! 

Eh yes ! It has been 18 years since we first discovered the famous video game GTA Vice City . Just that.

It was in 2004. We were running after school to turn on our console to play GTA Vice City. We thus found our favorite character on the song of the 80s of the group Ocean Drive.

It must be said that a whole generation grew up with the video game GTA Vice City. And it must be said that today the game is still very successful. And how !

Besides, even if we have the impression of having discovered the game only yesterday , it has been around for 18 years! Just that.

Did you suddenly feel old too? We understand !

GTA Vice City 18th birthday!


We must admit that we still had a lot of fun playing GTA MODS Vice City for hours! Although the game was not recommended for those under the age of 18, it is almost certain that most of the players were much younger. 

Remember that the game follows the adventures of Tommy Vercetti. He has to complete a number of missions after a drug deal went awry at the start of the game.

From there, the whole point of GTA Vice City was to make your character become known in the crime scene. While escaping the police who are constantly looking for him. 

The missions were also sometimes quite complicated . Moreover, this complexity is the beauty of the game!

We are sure that some players still have nightmares because of the Demolition Man mission. Besides, the game is also very fun, even when you do not succeed in your missions.

In short, this video game will remain one of the most iconic games of its generation.  GG little Tommy , you’ve done well .

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