How To Get More Storage On PS5 (Best Tips & Tricks)

How To Get More Storage On PS5

Today at Joingames we explain How To Get More Storage On PS5 for a better storage capacity, with USB hard drives for PS4 games, and with NVMe M2 SSD for next-gen games.

One of the key issues surrounding any new console is How To Get More Storage. And the procedure on PS5 is really easy &simple, both internally and through the USB ports.

How To Get More Storage On PS5

The idea is to use the internal hard drive to play PS5 games, which benefit from the ultra-fast SSD, data compression, and other exclusive functions, while we can store PS4 games on an external hard drive, via USB and play ps5 games from there.

For PS4 USB hard drives, the process is very simple. Simply connect any hard drive, and from the options menu, in the storage tab, we have the ability to format as expanded storage. The console also allows us to directly use the hard drives that we are using as expanded storage on PS4. 

The second option, if we want to expand the internal memory of the console (from 825 GB that remains at 667 gigabytes usable for the user) is to expand the hard drive through the expansion bay, inside the console. And it must be emphasized that it is about expanding and not replacing because the original hard drive is soldered and cannot be removed.

PS5 mounts an M2 interface with support for PCIe 4.0. That is, the console is compatible with all NVMe SSD hard drive models. To access the expansion slot, simply remove the upper white cover (a process that can be done without tools and without fear of losing the warranty ).

Then we will need a screwdriver, to remove a metal plate that covers the expansion ports, and that is located next to the console fan. Once we have removed this protector, we can access the ports to connect a new hard drive. 

Keep in mind that external hard drives can only be used for PS4 games. PS5 games can only be run either on the internal SSD or on the NVMe M2 SSDs that we connect. Nor can we store PS5 games on a hard drive, to save them and then transfer them to the console, as is the case with Xbox Series X. USB hard drives on PS5 are exclusively for PS4 games.

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