Little Hope Review : When Until Dawn meets Silent Hill!

The Dark Pictures Anthology returns with its second episode, Little Hope, on PS4, PC and Xbox One. We’ve been traveling through the hostile regions of the ghost town that gives the game its name for some time. And we were finally looking forward to having the end of this whole story …

Supermassive Games is really starting to make its small hole in the field of narrative play, to the point of competing with Quantic Dreams on its own ground. Except that they specialize in horror. 

After a first popular Until Dawn saga , with one game and two VR spin-offs, The Dark Pictures Anthology has taken over, and this collection should contain 7 games. 

Today we are on the second, which is therefore the 5th to apply this formula that we owe to the English studio. Is it still worth it, or are we starting to go around in circles? This is what we will see …


And it is with a known face that the adventure begins: Pip Torrens and his disturbing features resume his role as narrator, and he will intervene at regular intervals to comment on the progress of the plot. this didn’t stop like a game review , but like a lucid dream .

This time around, no more teenagers on vacation in the mountains, no more teenagers on vacation on a haunted boat: The formula grows a bit, and the themes move away from the teenage slasher movie to get into pure horror, with a ghost town a la Silent Hill , inhabited by the old ghosts of ” Salem ” type witches . 

little hope review

The atmosphere is still a bit, but it’s clearly less nanardesque than the previous episodes, which will be rather a good point for the credulity of the story.

The team of five protagonists who will be at your disposal will also clash with the rest of the Supermassive Games: Of course, there are always three young students, the sportsman, the rebel and the good guy, but this time they are accompanied by their teacher, looking a bit like Dr Raymond Stanz, and another fellow student, but of a much older age. 

Frankly, this small team works quite well, and will make it easier for mature players to identify with heroes. A welcome opening in view of the multiplayer possibilities of the film …

Little Hope & Popcorn ?

Uh, the game, ideal for sofa evenings with the family or with his dear and tender, even if you are reminded of the presence of a nice PEGI 18 on the box.

So I was talking about a ghost town. Little Hope . Our heroes are forced to go there after seeing their bus hijacked following an accident. 

And on the road, surprise, a little girl in a red dress. The driver swerves, and here is the bus lying on its side, and our 5 heroes, sounding good. We cannot leave this town: A mist prevents you from doing so and makes you retrace your steps …

You will have to seek help by going deeper into Little Hope, while facing disturbing phenomena: Ghosts and monsters seem to roam the area, and at regular intervals, they are victims of collective hallucinations and teleported in the past, to become witnesses of a witch hunt whose the main protagonists are clones of themselves, 300 years earlier … The epic, shorter than Until Dawn but sold at a more affordable introductory price, can be completed in five hours. 

Here again, a format more suited to evenings with friends with the multiplayer mode.

We clearly did not see the time pass, the pace is rather efficient, the revelations and the questions arrive at a regular rate, and above all, our heroes have already seen a lot of horror films. We therefore miss some very annoying clichés of the genre, and the dialogues are teeming with small references to horror cinema, very often rather acidic and irreverent: A pleasure! The jumpscares abound here and there, and clearly, it was a scare rather regularly. References to Silent Hillare legion. We could easily count more than 10, obvious. 

The multiple branching scenarios due to your choices may bring a dire destiny – or not – to your heroes, and several endings are available. But the replayability remains despite everything rather limited: We are not in Steins; Gate or Virtue’s Last Reward : The story always remains essentially the same in its stakes.

Little Hope & Big Chilly sensation

In addition, the whole thing is supported by rather high-end graphics, and on PS4 PRO, much less jerkiness compared to Until Dawn and Man of Medan., who suffered a lot. The faces are always so realistic, and this even if the facial animations are sometimes over-played. 

The French version is pretty good, with good acting and familiar vocals, but it’s plagued by a bunch of bugs. 

little hope game review

And in addition to the over-play mentioned above, lip synchronization is not the craziest. Nevertheless, the rest of the sound track remains of very good quality, and contributes to the general atmosphere.

In terms of staging, it’s pretty convincing. The cutscenes and the “playable” moments are linked without transitions, with some very cinematographic camera angles, very scary, and this even if the game allows itself some small facilities which would not pass in a film. 

To get you out of your spectator torpor, on the program, choices of binary dialogues based on heart or reason, very frequent, and which influence the relationship between the hero in the adventure with a basic social system, represented by a gauge, but also on their character traits, which may or may not reveal themselves according to your actions. In multiplayer, the experience is different in solo, online and in “sofa” mode, up to 5 players. Some ellipses,

In addition to the choices, you will often have to direct one of the heroes in the settings in search of clues or visions of the future, which can help us in our choices, if we know how to recognize the right moment, but also between two buildings, with passages of “forced march” punctuated by conversations between the unfortunate members of our team. 

Wild QTEs appear regularly here and there, and can sometimes be quite unfair with the fate of one of the heroes. 

Be careful not to make mistakes in the most tense times! The formula does not evolve one iota, taking all the components of the original Until Dawn , and it still works. You will understand, Little Hope is perhaps the most successful game from Supermassive Games, and perhaps even the most creepy!

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