Pokémon Go Guide : November Community Day 2021

Pokémon Go Guide : November Community Day 2021

The Community Day of Pokémon Go is a monthly event to highlight a specific Pokémon that invites users to play together.

At each event, a Pokémon will appear more often than usual, and they will have an exclusive Community Day move for their latest evolution. 

There are also other bonuses that you can take advantage of during the event itself.

Community Day lasts three hours and occurs on a weekend day of each month. 

In addition to higher amounts of featured Pokémon appearing, there are certain bonuses during that time period, such as double XP, Stardust, or Lure Modules, as well as additional incentives to play.

You may find other Pokémon Go players to coordinate with to complete Raids or Trade, so keep that in mind.

Pokémon Go – Next Community Day: November 2021 Date and Time

In November, you can take part in two Pokémon Go Community Days. Here’s what you need to know about both Community Days, starting with the first:

Featured Pokémon: Electabuzz

Date: Sunday, November 15

Time: 11am to 5pm (local time)

Exclusive Move: Flamethrower (Electivire)

Bonus 1: Reduced distance 1/4 for Eggs in the incubator during the event

Bonus 2: 3-hour incense

Bonus 3: Elekid hatches 2km eggs

Is Electabuzz useful?

Electabuzz’s usefulness depends entirely on its final evolution Electivire, which to this day is one of the best attackers in Pokémon Go.

Electivire is a great option for fighting in any form of Pokémon Go, from gym defense to raids, but it is especially useful in the Combat Go League. There you can get the most out of Electivire.

This Community Day is an excellent opportunity to add a powerful Electivire to your team, as well as giving you the chance to capture a three-star Electabuzz, which is often difficult to come by. 

You can also train a powerful Electivire from Elekid, as he will appear from 2km Eggs during the event.

Finally, thanks to a series of limited Investigations, you will be able to get a Sinnoh Stone, which is necessary to evolve an Electivire.

This Community Day will give you what you need (Sinnoh Stones and Electabuzz Candies) to get a great Electivire, so don’t miss out.

Electrical Special Research Task for Electabuzz

During Electabuzz Community Day you can get the Electrical Special Research for Electabuzz. 

It will cost you approximately € 1 and tickets cannot be returned. This Special Research task will not give you an in-game medal.

This is everything you need to know about the second Community Day that will take place in November 2020:

Featured Pokémon: Magmar

Date: Saturday, November 21

Time: 11am to 5pm (local time)

Exclusive Move: Lightning (Magmortar)

1st Bonus: Reduced distance 1/4 for Eggs in the incubator during the event

2nd Bonus: 3-hour incense

3rd Bonus: Magby appears in 2km Eggs

Is Magmar useful?

Compared to Electabuzz, Magmar is considered a less useful Pokémon. Although its final evolution Magmortar can hit some good hits, it is not one of the best Fire-types in Pokémon Go. 

Of course, the Lightning ability that you can teach him during this Community Day allows you to diversify his movements a bit, giving you a slight advantage over the Water-types, Magmortar’s main weakness.

Still, if you’re looking for a powerful Fuel type for your Combat Go League, we suggest you go for Darmanitan, Entei, Charizard, or Alola Marowak.

This Community Day is great, yes, to complete all the Magmar evolutions in your Pokédex.

Not only will you be able to easily capture Magmars during the event, but you will also be able to get Magby from the 2km Eggs collected during this event. 

If you complete the Research for a limited time, you can even get a Sinnoh Stone, a requirement to evolve Magmar in Magmortar.

As with Electabuzz Community Day, this event will give you the opportunity to meet all the requirements to obtain a Magmortar, so if you need one, take the opportunity!

Magmar Special Investigation

During the Magmar Community Day, you can buy the Magmar Special Research, which will cost 1 euro and whose tickets cannot be returned. 

This Special Investigation does not include an in-game medal.

How to prepare for Pokémon Go Community Day

First of all, it should be noted that one of the incentives to participate in Community Day is the introduction of the shiny version of the featured Pokémon, which will also appear more often during the event. 

Coupled with the higher spawn rate of the Pokémon in question, this is clearly the ideal opportunity to collect multiple Shiny Pokémon during those three hours.

Remember, unlike Pokémon with high IVs, Shiny Pokémon do not appear in the same place for all players. There is a random chance that each encounter is shiny. 

You can always check if it is shiny by entering the combat and exiting without throwing Pokéball until you find the one you are looking for.

The second thing is that there are bonus Field Investigations. During Community Days there are always Field Research tasks absorbed on the specific Pokémon of that day. 

Usually, the rewards are consumable items like berries, but it is something else that you may be interested in obtaining.

Pokemon Go Community Day

The third, during the Community Day there are Incense and Baits of 3 hours

It is the perfect day to catch as many Pokémon as possible, and with the increase in spawns, you are more likely to find a shiny.

The best way to take advantage of that is to find PokéStops that are close to each other on foot. 

You can place a Lure Module in one (or several) and walk between PokéStops, taking advantage of the Lure and making sure you don’t run out of Pokéballs or Berries.

It’s also the ideal time to experiment with special Bait Modules, which attract specific types of Pokémon and cost 200 Pokécoins from the in-game store.

There are also specific bonuses for each Community Day, from a shorter distance to open eggs to higher Stardust and XP. 

Even without the bonuses, remember that Community Day is a great opportunity to capture a lot of creatures in a very short time, especially useful if you want to get rid of Eggs in your storage, or if you want to use a Lucky Egg or Piece of Star to get the most out of it.

Remember, if there is less distance for eggs, you will only have the bonuses in which you put in incubators during the bonus hours of Community Day. 

Even if you can’t open them before the event ends, the reduced distance will remain until you finish, so it’s worth making the most of it.

Before the event itself, you should accumulate Pinia Berries and Super or Ultra balls. 

Pine Berries increase the candy you earn, useful to evolve after the end of the event, and the truth is that you will spend a lot of Pokéballs during the event. If you run out, spin PokéStops or complete any Field Research that appears.

Lastly, be sure to evolve the featured Pokémon to its third form for an exclusive move. 

We explain more in the next section …

Pokémon Go Community Day: List of Exclusive Moves and How They Work

All Pokémon featured during a Community Day weekend will have an exclusive move when they evolve into their final form.

Not only are they exclusive to these weekends, but they are often the best moves that third evolution has to offer, so they can change Pokémon battles.

You have an hour after the end of Community Day to evolve the Pokémon to get that move, so don’t worry about having to clean up your collection during the three-hour window.

If you miss the opportunity to evolve the Pokémon after Community Day, nothing happens: to date, every December there has been the possibility of getting the move during a special Community Day weekend, including movements from previous years.

List of exclusive Pokémon Go Community Day moves:

Community Day PokémonExclusive Community Day MovementPokémon ImageDebut
PikachuSurfpikachu_surfJanuary 2018
DratiniDraco comet3February 2018
BulbasaurWild plant4March 2018
MareepDragon pulse5April 2018
CharmanderIgneous RingcharmanderMay 2018
LarvitarAntiaircraftlarvitateJune 2018
SquirtleHydro cannonsquirtleJuly 2018
EeveeLast TrickeeveeAug 2018
ChikoritaWild plantchikoritaSeptember 2018
BeldumMeteor FistBeldumOctober 2018
CyndaquilIgneous RingCyndaquilNovember 2018
TotodileHydro cannonpokemon_go_community_day_totodileJanuary 2019
SwinubPast Powerpokemon_go_swinubFebruary 2019
TreekoWild plantpokemon_go_community_day_treecko_1March 2019
BagonAngerpokemon_go_community_day_bagon_1April 2019
TorchicIgneous Ringpokemon_go_community_day_torchic_1May 2019
SlakothBody blowpokemon_go_community_day_slakoth_1June 2019
MudkipHydro cannonPokemon_Go_Mudkip_Community_DayJuly 2019
RaltsSynchro noisePokemon_Go_RaltsAugust 2019
TurtwigWild plantPokemon_Go_TurtwigSeptember 2019
TrapinchAlive earthpokemon_go_community_day_trapinch_1October 2019
ChimcharIgneous RingPokemon_Go_ChimcharNovember 2019
PiplupHydro cannonpokemon_go_community_day_piplipJanuary 2020
RhyhornRockbreakerpokemon_go_community_day_february_vote_3February 2020
OpenCounterattack (Alakazam)Pokemon_OpenApril 2020
SeedotRecurring (Shiftry)Pokemon_SeedotMay 2020
WeedleDrill (Beedrill)Pokemon_WeedleJune 2020
GastlyShadow Fist (Gengar)Pokemon_GastlyJuly 2020
MagikarpAqua Cola (Gyarados)Pokemon_MagikarpAugust 2020
PorygonTriack (Porygon-Z)pokemon_go_community_day_porygonSeptember 2020
CharmanderDragon Breath (Charizard)charmanderOctober 2020

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