PlayStation 5 Guide : 8 Tips And Tricks

PlayStation 5 Guide

It was on November 19, 2020, that the new Sony PS5 has arrived in a standard version with a disk drive and in a digital version for those who swear by everything dematerialized. 

In addition to being a new game console with much better performance than the PS4 or even the PS4 Pro, the PlayStation 5 comes with a brand new controller (the DualSense)which rethinks the way of playing video games by offering its users new sensations in the palm of their hands. 

If you have just purchased the console or are planning to add this new gaming bike to your living room soon, we suggest you discover some tips and tricks that will help you understand how it works and use your PlayStation 5 well.

We have had it in our hands for several days now, which allows us to offer you some tips and tricks on how to use the new ps5 and to reveal some of the features that we have found interesting to know and therefore that we are sharing with you here.

Ps5 Tips And Tricks For Using Your it Properly

ps5 tips and tricks

Today At Joingames we share with you the best 8 PS5 tips and tricks in order to get the most out of the new Sony console and show youth proper use for most of the ps5 features. so here we go :

Tip 1 – Make sure you exit your games properly

To exit your games cleanly on PS5, there are two methods available to you. It differs little from the PS4 in reality, but you can quickly forget to leave a game by returning to the console reception especially since nothing indicates for the time that the latter is in operation when you switch back to your interface user…

To quit a game on PS5, briefly press the button with the “PlayStation” logo on your DualSense gamepad to open the control center at the bottom of the screen. 

You will then see the “Chooser” with the icon of the game running on your PS5. Select the icon to open the selector and on the “activated” box select the game icon to be able to end it and return to the console interface.

when using the ps5 Make sure you exit your games properly

For the second method, long-press the button with the “PlayStation” logo on your DualSense gamepad to return completely to the PS5 reception without first going through the control center. 

Go to the icon of the game currently in operation and press the “option” key on your controller (the one to the right of the touchpad) which will open a sub-menu which will allow you to quit your game.

Tip 2 – You can see the number of hours you have spent on your games

A new interesting feature often requested by players on PS4, that of being able to consult the hours spent on a game directly from the console interface without going directly to check the save file of a particular game. 

Now, you can find your number of hours on your PS4 / PS5 games directly in your player profile. When you are on the main menu, select the icon representing your avatar at the top right of the screen to open a submenu then select the “profile” line. On the window that opens, go to the “games” line and you will be able to see all the games you have played so far with a summary of the number of hours spent on each of them!

You can see the number of hours you have spent on your ps5 games

Tip 3 – Select the correct version of your game (PS4 / PS5) :

Some games that come out at the launch of the PS5 are cross-generation (that is, they come out on both PS4 and PS5) , whether you have a PS4 disc or have the digital PS4 version of a game. , but there is a free PS5 update available, make sure you choose the right version of your game before launching it from your PS5 home. 

Indeed, take for example the new Spider-Man Miles Morales, it is very likely that your console will download both versions the first time, which will mean that you will have both the PS5 version and the PS4 version on your storage space … 

Therefore, it is possible to launch either version from the console user interface. To be sure to use the PS5 version, go to your game (Spider-Man Miles Morales in the example) then press the “option” key on your controller (the one to the right of the touchpad) to open a sub- menu. Here, choose “game version”and make sure the PS5 version is checked. 

In our opinion, there is no point in keeping both versions of the same game if your console accidentally downloaded both the PS5 and PS4 versions. You can easily delete a version by going to storage in the console settings. Take a look at the games installed and remove the PS4 version if you feel it is unnecessary to keep both versions.

Tip 4 – You can easily see the contents of a hidden ps5 trophy

When you briefly press the button with the “PlayStation” icon on your controller when you are at the console home or in the middle of a game, you can display the “control center” which serves as a “quick menu” to be able to access certain features of the console. 

Here you can check your current downloads, see the battery level of your controller or even put your console in rest mode or simply turn it off. 

This control center can be customized to add certain functions or remove functions that are not of interest to you. When the control center is open, press the “option” key on your DualSense controller and check/uncheck the boxes as needed.

You can easily see the contents of a hidden ps5 trophy

Tip 6 – Make sure to set up the capture system correctly according to your use:

More than ever, when you proceed to the configuration of your PS5, take a tour in the system settings of the console. At the bottom of the list of options, select “captures and broadcasts” then make a few changes to make it easier to take screenshots from the dedicated “share” button on your controller or to change the video processing of your future broadcasts. But above all, it is interesting to take a look at the “trophies” line and deactivate the option “save trophy videos” which automatically saves a video clip when you win a trophy. 

These mini clips which retrace the few seconds preceding obtaining a trophy still weigh almost 35 Mo… Imagine if the console makes a clip each time you win a trophy… Your storage will quickly fill up making you lose a few gigabytes which can be a problem on a console that only offers 660 GB of basic free space… Of course, if you find this function useful for x reasons, you should leave it active!

Tip 7 – How To View Friends List On PS5 and friend requests or create a party:

When you take your first steps with the new interface of the PS5 and its welcome, you may be a little confused. If you are looking to find out how you can view your friend list, see what friend requests you have received, or how you can party with other players, you should definitely remember that everything goes through the center of control which you can open by simply pressing briefly on the PlayStation logo which is located in the center of your gamepad.

Here you will need to open the “Game Base” tab which will give you access to your friend’s list. You can then select the option “display all parties” to see your text communications, invite a specific player to join a game, or prepare a voice chat. You can also press the options button on your controller and choose the line “Game Base” which will open the center which gives you the management of your friends and friend requests.

Tip 8 – You can modify the controls of the PS5 controller (change the keys assignment) :

By taking a tour of the console settings and more particularly the accessibility functions, you will see that you can change the key assignment of your DualSense, that is to say totally change the controls on your controller.

play and reverse its operation. The “cross” key can become the “square” key, you can change the direction of the triggers or even swap the right and left analog joysticks if necessary. When you navigate in the accessibility settings of your console, select “controller” and activate the line “activate personalized key assignment” to be able to modify the game controls.

If you are not comfortable with the assignment of the keys of a game, you can simply make a modification via this menu if the game does not itself include the possibility of changing the controls!

You can modify the controls of the PS5 controller (change the keys assignment)

if you like video guides better, you can check this video about p5 tips & tricks made by a cool YouTuber called Jacob R

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