Cheating has always been a problem in PUBG. The developers are trying by all means to reduce these malicious users. The latest news, PUBG Shield, appeals to the community.

Since the launch of  PUBG in March 2017, gamers have faced a lot of cheaters, despite the features implemented by PUBG Corporation. It is not uncommon today to meet one, totally ruining your game resulting in a feeling of frustration. 

A multitude of players have abandoned this battle royale because of this recurring problem, which plagues the parties, whatever the level.

To fight against this scourge, and after having implemented many systems, we learn that the developers have launched PUBG Shield, a community anti-cheat system, aimed at helping this fight . 

Available for NA and EMEA regions, players will have the option to submit cheat reports via Discord, so that these can be studied by the community. 

Reports with a large number of votes indicating a suspicion of cheating will then be checked by the developers to ban the player if the cheat is proven.

We learn that 3,000 malware and behaving users have already been banned during the closed beta phase . In addition to using a cheat, here are the behaviors that can be sanctioned through PUBG Shield:

  • Team up with one or more players who are not part of the duo or the squad.
  • Discriminatory words or toxic behavior.
  • Exploitation of bugs.
  • Inappropriate nickname.
  • Teamkill.
  • Stream snipe.

To report a player in this way, you must specify the type of offense, the nickname in the game, the platform with an image or a video of what is accused. 

Of course, it is still possible to use in-game reporting. This is just a new alternative, to prevent some from abusing pubg hacks