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The 17 Best Discord Bots You Can Use On Any Server

The 17 Best Discord Bots You Can Use On Any Server

If you own or manage a Discord server, you are interested in finding The Best Discord Bots To Help You Manage it. If you participate more or less actively in large communities, it is quite likely that you are already using them. 

After all, Discord bots do much more than automate the work and responsibilities of those who act as moderators: they are the salt of any pioneering, expanding, or well-established community,

adding multimedia tools, moderation, rankings, and even internal challenges. Not to mention custom commands, memes, or the ability to integrate sounds and music. 

Because Discord has become one of the favorite meeting points among gamers (and beyond video games), but that does not mean that it only serves to chat and agree before taking a Mario Kart. Above all, with its game store peeking out when entering.

At JoinGames we recently explained what they are and how to take advantage of bots on your Discord servers. We show also how you can install them and even how to find the best discord bots that suit the community you manage. 

Now we are going to take the idea one step further by selecting the most interesting bots and, of course, the essential ones.

The 17 Best Discord Bots for you

Without further ado, here are the 17 best bots you can now use on your Discord server

Ayana Bot

Used daily by more than 27 million users, Ayana presents herself as a versatile bot with customizable features for your Discord server. Among its functions, we can find moderation tools, music, or fun. And beware, he speaks multiple languages.

Dank Memer Bot

When it came to recommending a bot for our tutorial, Dank Member was the first choice. A classic, yes, after all, it has been with us since January 2017. But it is also fair to admit that it has not stopped growing, already offering more than 260 commands.

Dyno Bot

Dyno is a sure bet. This Discord bot, present in more than a million and a half servers, offers more than 250 tools, an intuitive interface for moderators, and comprehensive service: moderation, anti-spam, role assignment, customizable commands, music … Practically whatever you want.


Do you remember the conversational adventures? EPIC RPG offers you a textual RPG in which the members of our server will be able to face enemies, go through dungeons with bosses (and rewards in the form of new commands), fight each other, and even pillage while leveling up and improving their armor.

FredBoat ♪♪

If your idea is to integrate music into your Discord channel, with this bot you will be very well served: FredBoat can play music from YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, direct links, and even Twitch. What’s more, it supports playlists and streaming broadcasts.  

Hangman Bot

Do you have to wait until your teammates get in line? Hangman recovers the classic game of hangman in which you will have to solve the word before there are lethal victims. It offers single-player and multiplayer game options, three levels of difficulty, and the possibility of creating your categories and challenges. 

Mirai Bot

Mirai has set out to become the favorite all-in-one tool through an intuitive system. From moderation services with the assignment of roles to reminders, extensions to Google, music player, and even community tools such as voting systems or daily messages. 


An especially interesting recommendation for most gamers if you are looking for the best discord bots.

PatchBot is in charge of gathering and offering to the community the information of the patches and the update notes of 46 games (and counting) including Fortnite, watchdogs legion, Overwatch, Apex Legends, World of Warcraft, Dota 2 or Hearthstone, among others. 

Pokecord Bot

Maybe Pokémon is exclusive to Nintendo, but Pikachu and the company have found a way to sneak into Discord in bot code: Pokecord allows Pokémon duels and has its capture system.

Rythm Bot

That Rythm is the most used music bot and that’s no coincidence: its key is to combine versatility (being able to play themes from YouTube, SoundCloud, or Twitch ), a simple interface, and the promise of stability. That is, the creators assure that there will never be a lag in the music or the discord bot itself.

ServerStats Bot

Numbers matter when promoting and establishing a community, and ServerStats proposes that you have them all in sight: the members of the channel, who are playing, what are their roles … Everything you need to know about the server.


Are Steam deals your downfall? Thinking of expanding your Steam library beyond the sale? Steamboat offers you, at a command, info on Steam games, personalized updates to its discounts, a game, item and player search engine, a division converter, and even a quick look at the main showcase of the Valve store. another thing to keep in mind is that Steamboat is voted one of the best discord bots in 2020

Tatsumaki bot

Tatsumaki’s strong point is its socializing character: on the one hand, it contributes to the activity on our servers through a system of experience, levels, and reputation. To which we must add its options for welcome messages, notifications, or an effective moderation system when using the permissions system. 


The best thing about TwitchBot is that you won’t have to go too crazy switching between the two platforms: from Discord, you can see trends, access statistics, listen to streams from voice chat, and even offer members who are broadcasting the possibility to promote their And yes, TwitchBot speaks Spanish & french


If your community is not too big, you do not expect it to grow too large and you only need a bot, TypicalBot meets the profile: commands, administration roles, music, and a compendium of utilities that go from throwing a virtual dice to announcements, punching, and hugs other members. And yes, there are also ban systems.

Waifu Bot

One more multipurpose bot For discord, yes, but from the same name, the cheeky anime touch is already perceived. We will see illustrations, reactions, and very, very Kawai memes and some alternatives for moderation, music, and automatic configurations that, without being as complete as other bots, do what is promised.

Wick Bot

Who better than the bot version of John Wick himself to protect your server? Wick’s promise focuses on security features, preventing spam, advertisements, NSFW content, sabotage, and monitoring any suspicious content. And his icon has the face of Keanu Reeves. 

that’s all for our list of The Best Discord bots, here at joingames we use a couple of these discord bots daily, don’t forget to let us know which one is your favorite Discord bot.

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