The PS5 Remote Play app is also available on PS4

Owners of PS5 and PS4 will be able to play the new console remotely thanks to this application that streams at 1080p resolution.

Sony will allow streaming from PS5 to PS4 thanks to the PS5 Remote Play application ,which is pre installed in the menu of the current console in certain regions – and is expected to reach all of them. 

This application would allow us to remotely play our PS5 from a PS4, in a similar way to the current remote PS4 game from a PS Vita, for example. The streaming resolution options are 1080p, 720p and 540p, which we can adjust according to our connection speed. 

At the moment Sony has not made the launch of the application official.

PS5 Remote Play

PS5 opens for sales in the next few days

PlayStation 5 launches this Thursday in the United States . It will do so with two models, a standard one with a disc reader (499 $) and the other exclusively digital (€ 399) without a disc reader; the rest of the technical characteristics are identical. 

In our PS5 test we reviewed the impressions with PS5 and its first games, the importance of the DualSense controller in the immersion, the backward compatibility with the PS4 catalog -and the graphic improvements- or the new features of its interface thanks to the activities.

We still have to test many more PS5 games to draw conclusions from their 3D audio, to see how other titles take advantage of the qualities of the new controller, and to know if more PS4 titles join the Boost Mode by incorporating improvements, among many others.

details of the console. But until today we have played and fiddled with it enough to be able to affirm that the PS5 generation jump is noticeable in all aspects, thanks to the enormous novelty that its ultra-fast SSD memory supposes, and the DualSense that it has enormous possibilities, that surely many games will take advantage of in the future.

We have experienced all the changes of generation since the first PlayStation,In the absence of trying many more games, we can safely say that this is one of the most impressive at the level of news and user experience, and that it is a console that inspires with great ease and that will not disappoint all of you who are waiting for it with open arms