The Witcher 3 Endings : Good, Bad, And Best Ending

The Witcher 3 Endings

Today at joingames we will talk about All The Witcher 3 endings. There are many of them in the game, although the main ones are 3, there are also have some different variations. but first here is a little intro about the witcher 3.

The third part of the adventures of the witcher Geralt of Rivia was released in 2015, but it still does not lose its popularity, even if the developer company stopped supporting the game. 

However, the witcher world is rich in quests and events and never ceases to attract the attention of new & veteran gamers. Some of them have long been familiar with the universe, while others have only recently begun to discover to all the charm of the White Wolf’s adventures.

The Witcher 3 Endings & How to get them

Back to the witcher 3 endings, the first thing players must know is that your actions will not affect the endings of the game, not until you find Cyrilla, only then you can start thinking about the consequences of your decisions, since in the end, they will affect not only the fate of the girl but also the lives of many other characters, including Geralt himself.

Like we mentioned before, there are 3 main endings for the witcher 3, the bad, the good & the best ending. so let’s get right to it

The Witcher 3 : Bad ending

So, Ciri intends to stop the White Cold to save the world from destruction. Before engaging in a fight, she recalls the time spent with Geralt, which does not give her strength but demotivates her. Subsequently, she dies.

The grief-stricken Witcher goes to the swamps, where he deals with the third witch, finds Vesemir’s medallion, and remains in the house, crushed by grief. A crowd of evil spirits begins to flock to the house, which is where the game ends. So, we can assume that Geralt did not survive.

To get the Witcher 3 bad ending, you should do the following:

  • Offer Ciri a booze instead of playing snowballs (Act II, quest “Landscape after the battle”)
  • Visit Emhyr with Ciri and ask for a payment for her (Act II, quest “Landscape after the battle”)
  • Go to the council of the Lodge of Sorceresses with Ciri (Act III, Final Preparations quest)
  • Refuse to go to Skjall’s grave (Act III, “Preparing for battle” quest)

As you can see, Geralt’s actions in this variation cannot be called correct and indicative for someone who wants to be a good mentor and father. 

He does not understand Ciri and often turns away from the girl where he needs to support her. The behavior of the witcher leads to the death of the girl

The Witcher 3 : Good ending

Ciri’s meeting with White Cold ends in the girl’s victory because her thoughts were full of good memories, which gave her enough strength.

After her return, she goes to Nilfgaard, where Emhyr prepares her to take the throne because do not forget that the blood of kings flows in Cyril. She will become an excellent ruler, for the Witcher raised her, first of all, as a good person.

To get The Witcher 3 good ending, you need to proceed as follows:

  • No alcohol! Let’s go have fun and play snowballs with Ciri (Second act, quest “Landscape after the battle”)
  • Don’t even think about taking money from Emhyr when you come to him (Second Act, quest “Landscape after the battle”)
  • Let Ciri attend the council of the Lodge of Sorceresses alone (Act III, Final Preparations quest)
  • When you’re in Avallac’h’s lab, you don’t need to comfort Cyril. Let her blow everything there and let off steam (Third act, quest “Prepare for battle”)
  • Visit Skjall’s grave with Ciri (Act III, “Prepare for Battle” quest)

However, this is not all. In addition, in Act II, you will need to visit Emhyr in Vizima during the “Landscape after the battle” quest. Also, in the Second Act, you need to go through quests that are related to the attempt on Radovid. In the Third Act, you need to complete the quest “Cases of State Importance”. After Radovid dies, take the side of Roche and Tyler. With this outcome, Nilfgaard will win.

In this ending, it turns out that Geralt is a good father and teacher who is attentive to his child. He was able to educate not only an honest and correct person but also a fair empress, because Ciri, in the end, took the throne, which is due to her by origin.

The Witcher 3 : Best ending

So, Ciri returns after a fight with White Frost but chooses a different path, the path of the witcher. Also, this ending has several variations.

To get The Witcher 3 Best ending, you must go directly to Bald Mountain after the Landscape After the Battle quest in Act II. You don’t need to go to Emhyr.

Regarding the rest, everything is the same here as in the previous ending. Play snowball fights with Ciri, let her go alone to the council of the Lodge of Sorceresses, let her smash Avallac’h’s laboratory, and visit Skjall’s grave with her.

So, after the events at the tower, in the game itself, you need to go to Emhyr and say that Ciri is dead. Then Geralt will go to a meeting with the master in the Nilfgaard camp, where he will take his gift for Ciri – an excellent silver sword. The swallow will be waiting for Geralt in the tavern, where he will give her a gift.

In this ending, Ciri will become a magnificent witcher, whose fame will spread throughout the world. Geralt is a wonderful father and a talented teacher who passed on to the girl all his knowledge and taught everything that he could himself. Geralt can safely go to rest, for he has brought up a worthy replacement for himself.

The swallow got the freedom to do what she wants. It does not bear the burden of government, even if it would provide an opportunity to change people’s lives for the better. 

However, she helps people differently. also this is our favorite of all the witcher 3 endings.

Additional witcher 3 endings :

It’s time to talk about side endings. Let’s start with the end of the war, which will be influenced by your decision in the “Matters of State Importance” quest in the Third Act.

  • Nilfgaard condition – if you support Vernon and Tyler, then Radovid will die. The entire North will be under the patronage of Em Gyr, and besides that, he will find and destroy traitors among his own.
  • Dijkstra’s Rule – This option is pretty neutral. You will support Dijkstra and he will become the ruler of the North, albeit with rather harsh methods, and Radovid dies.
  • United north – we leave Radovid alive. Subsequently, he will be able to fight off Nilfgaard, Em Gyr will die, and the North will be one.

that’s about it for our witcher 3 endings, if you are still yearning for more endings, check this video by our YouTuber friends Gaming Freaks

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