Twitch is starting to stop viewing content for those who use ad blocking tools

Twitch ads alert is a message that stops viewing every 10/20 minutes :/

Ads are as important on Twitch as they are for any website that relies on advertisers for revenue. 

So-called ad blockers keep websites ad-free, but this harms the sites themselves and even the content creators.

Especially as far as content creators are concerned, the lack of advertising could force them to stop offering any services.

Recently, The Verge reported that Twitch is taking action against those users who use tools to block ads on the platform.

Specifically, Twitch has started showing a message that stops watching every 10/20 minutes to users who use this type of tools. This particular message appears as if it were an advertisement and, according to a spokesperson for the platform, this measure was taken to counter those who use UBlock , a browser extension capable of manipulating the site’s code.

What do you think of Twitch’s move? we at joingames don’t really like it . kappa kappa kappa xD