Watch Dogs Legion Review: A top-Dog hack?

Watch Dogs Legion has been talked about many times , today we review watch dogs legion and see for ourselves if this new release sign the revival of the series?

Watch Dogs Legion Review

Let us summarize the story a bit, which therefore takes London as a frame. 

In the near future where an entity named ZeroDay unleashes a series of attacks to destabilize the established order while blaming the DeadSec hacker group. 

Watch Dogs Legion review

The latter are trapped, must reconstitute themselves, and continue to fight against ZeroDay but also a private militia named Albion, having taken power to the detriment of an erratic government. 

Fortunately, the collective is not totally offside and can count on its agents aided by Bagley, an AI who could be compared to Jarvis for Tony Stark – if you have that reference.

So much for the framework which, it must be said from the outset, is very anchored in reality. 

Even if the developers have indicated that there is nothing political, it must be recognized that this echoes the various societal events of recent months or even years. 

Troubling at times. The start of Watch Dogs Legion immerses the player very quickly and the story holds on throughout the adventure, maintaining its grip to push us to discover who is pulling the strings of the enigmatic Zeroday group.

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WDL gameplay !

WDL gameplay

Watch Dogs Legion’s gameplay  is interesting on several levels. First of all its mechanics allowing to play not a single character but a multitude, a legion of NPCs.

Right after the introduction, you will have a choice of several agents. Once you have made your decision, you enter the great sandbox that is the world city. 

Then it’s up to you to recruit the people you deem most relevant. By pressing L1 you activate your phone, allowing you to review the chosen person, to know their capacities. 

Some can help you in the event of an arrest, others are more resilient or can use vehicles, weapons or gadgets.

 Of course, you can’t recruit all the onlookers you come across. 

If someone hates DeadSec, no way to join your ranks. However, if it is not opposed to your group, then you start the recruiting sequence. This involves a single dialogue and then a help to this NPC before he integrates your group. 

This gameplay loop does not change much and the same goes for recruiting missions where in general this is limited to the search for information. 

watch dogs legion tips & tricks

Once the operator is recruited, you can step into their shoes. Depending on his skills, the gameplay will change more or less. If you are playing a senior, don’t expect to sprint. 

If you camp a spy, for example, you will have a silencer gun, spy car and increased health. However, be aware that at the launch of the game, you will have another choice of death concerning your agents. 

Indeed, the “Definitive Death” mode allows you to decide whether you want them to return to the field or not after passing the weapon to the left. If you activate it,

the agent dies permanently. Either way, the variety of approaches is great. If a propaganda station is located high up, for example, on a roof,

It is through this emerging gameplay that Watch Dogs Legion is illustrated and shown to be very interesting, in the sense that each action taken is considered according to the various capacities of our agents. 

watch dogs legion maps ?

watch dogs legion map

Although Ubisoft’s game tries to change the order established by its NPC mechanics, it is nonetheless subject to a set of specifications whose lines change little. 

Its structure remains known to the players. It works by zone and more precisely by freeing zones. But exit the radios or points of interest to activate to reveal others, which is not to displease us.

Of course as explained just above, the liberation involves small missions to accomplish, like putting an end to the propaganda conveyed by Albion. 

It’s up to you to raise the revolt rate to foment insurgencies. Because yes, we are not here to restore order but rather to thwart it and go against the government or at least the civilian militia having taken power and exercising shameless repression.

In addition to the areas, the missions do not innovate too much in terms of structure and like an Assassin’s Creed , the scope of the mission is predefined. 

Once you get into it, you choose how to get there. Either infiltration or then nag. In both cases, the AI ​​will be absent subscribers.

Absent because sometimes she tends not to see what is happening in front of her. Indeed, if you try to distract an enemy by ringing his phone, you can then walk past him without him noticing you. 

The latter being taken in his animation, he will not notice you in any case. 

Just as when you neutralize an enemy close to another, you will either be spotted or sometimes … nothing.

Gunfights also offer their share of surprises through artificial intelligence. Sometimes enemies will tend to react strangely by running around to take cover in areas of limited coverage. 

And the icing on the cake, or rather a medal of honor to opponents caught in walls and running without ever progressing. 

To come back to the mission zones, in addition to taking care of the enemies, you will have to hack the CtOS central thus allowing you to open various doors. 

You can roam the area as you see fit and progress in it as you wish. 

The game offers you many possibilities through your phone, whether it’s distracting your enemies, taking control of a drone to watch them or even using mechanical spiders to sneak in various places and thus offer a gameplay change that goes more towards platforming . 

watch dogs legion walkthrough

WDL is all about hacking , hacking & hacking

One of the flagship mechanics of the series is undoubtedly hacking. And this, always through the mobile phone. GSM as some would say. As usual, you can raise or lower poles to neutralize pursuing vehicles. 

Or attract the drones patrolling the city, Let us also take into account that in the near future most of the present vehicle fleet is autonomous and therefore can be hacked very easily.

It is thus possible to move forward, backward or flush in cars without drivers. 

In addition to vehicles, you can interact with the surrounding world through cameras or even people in London and more particularly your opponents, whether those of Albion or the Kelley clan – very powerful and having a stranglehold on many many illegal activities.

It is possible to distract or even neutralize an opponent for a short time. 

You can upgrade your skills and your equipment by collecting tech points everywhere during your missions. These allow you for example to expand your arsenal or your hack possibilities (defense turrets, interference …). And of course, each of these options can be improved to, for example, turn enemy weapons against them. 

Knowing that the CtOS will allow Bagley to increase his skills such as the possibility of having access to augmented reality.

Clearly with all these possibilities, Watch Dogs Legion presents itself as a fun game. 

In addition to its permissiveness in the missions, we find ourselves with a depth allowing to have fun combining all the hacks in order to turn a most banal mission into a totally crazy mess.

what about Watch Dogs Legion open world ?

Like the first two episodes, Watch Dogs Legion is an open world. 

An open world where you will have various activities such as the recruitment first mentioned above but also the liberation of territory, and especially activities such as various and varied deliveries or an arena allowing to fight with bare hands. 

Mini-games are also part of the game, such as darts or a juggling competition. But that’s clearly not what makes the gist of the experience.

This open world allows especially to go from one point to another for the missions, but does not however offer a great interest out of that. 

Because an open world, as beautiful as it is, if it does not offer interesting activities, things go round very quickly. 

The real interest lies in its characters, their recruitment as already mentioned above, but also their life. Indeed, some know each other or are part of the same family.

If you kill one of them with one of your agents, he can be identified and this will have repercussions on recruiting.

Even if the proposed open world quickly reaches its limits because apparently a little empty, it remains nonetheless alive with its different neighborhoods, rich as well as popular. 

You can take the metro and thus teleport to another stop on the map. You also have the possibility to scan your environment to see points of interest or even enemies. 

Ubisoft nevertheless offers a London crying with realism and a fairly credible future. Care has really been taken to the different neighborhoods and their populations to delimit them. In addition, clothing stores also carry different items depending on the area you are in. 

In short, we have fun in this futuristic London despite limited interest from the open world. And little advice, be careful with your actions.GTA , the more crimes you commit the more “stars” you will have under your belt. 

But as you know, AI isn’t the brightest you should get out of this mess. Finally, it also depends on the chosen difficulty mode ranging from easy to difficult. Note that everything is also sprinkled with bugs galore. 

Problems where you find yourself teleported after a cutscene, open doors where NPCs magically exit without being able to enter, blockages in the scenery without being able to move there.

Watch Dogs legion story graphics !

watch dogs legion graphics

The test was carried out on PS4 Pro and it must be said that the game is not ugly but is not beautiful either. 

We feel that we are at the end of the generation and clearly Watch Dogs Legion does not shine with its performance on the Sony console. 

The loads are long and numerous, the clipping is very present, the frame rate is sometimes yo yo and the overall rendering does not surprise much. Don’t expect a technically stunning game, at least on console.

Basic information

  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PC
  • Availability: 10/29/2020

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