Do you know Fortnite? What a question lol, you must have been on the moon for the last two years, otherwise it is impossible to explain that you have not heard of this game. It is a title that is above sales charts or analytics scores: it is the fittest online experience on planet Earth.

The Epic Games title has been with us since July 2017 and is currently the greatest exponent of the Battle Royale type of game, with millions of players anywhere on the globe. Even if we shorten it, its full name is Fortnite Battle Royale.

Why do so many people like it? What does it have to hook all kinds of audiences? There are too many ingredients at stake, so we are going to tell you in-depth what the game consists of, so it will be easier to understand the reasons for its success:

A Battle Royal with construction

Fortnite is the Battle Royal par excellence, where the action begins with a hundred players who fall on an island where the game is going to be developed, this island is getting smaller and smaller, bringing together the staff in a smaller game space, and The last one to survive wins the game.

Okay, this is something common to other Battle Royal-type games, the really differential comes with the ability to build. Our character has a pickaxe as standard, the basic tool to get construction materials throughout the island: picks, trees, houses, cars, everything.

What can I build? With ramps and shields, we can create a path to an inaccessible mountain and a privileged place to attack or place the platforms to stop enemy shots. Without mastering this game mechanism we cannot do anything serious in Fortnite.

The objects, essential to loot

The next essential ingredient in the game is the objects to collect, which are present in chests that are distributed throughout the island. We will find all kinds of weapons, healing elements, shields, etc.

The process of opening chests without control is known as looting, and it is that Fortnite has been introduced so powerfully in our society that it is even creating jargon: “opening chests” translates as “taking loot”.

Are you still alive To be, you have to have some life and a shield, each one is represented by a bar of one hundred units, the first one in green and the one with the shield in blue? Different elements raise the shield in different intensities, it is “vital” to carry some of them in the inventory.

Different strategies to be the last one standing

Following the jargon of the game, we have to know what farming is: some players manage to act quietly and calmly, eliminating an enemy without having lost anything that you have under your belt. Approaching this more relaxed style of play is known as a camper.

On the opposite side, we have crusher, which is doing many kills, or what is the same, killing many enemies during their stay on the island. In the process he spends a lot of building resources – we call them mats – and some life and shield.

One game, three phases

This Batte Royale always develops in the same way, in three phases, and although they have been baptized in English it is very easy to recognize them:

  • Early Game : the initial part of the game in which we have to loot as much as possible.
  • Mid Game : time to put into practice style of play to carry out eliminations, campeas or rusheas?
  • Late Game : we are in a Battle Royale in which the battlefield has been shrinking and a point is reached where the game takes place in a minimal space with frantic movements.

Get handsome, choose the best skin

The customization possibilities in the game are tremendous, and clearly, it is a way to get noticed in the game and to be known, beyond your skills in battle. The costumes are called skins and they can turn the character into really funny and bizarre things: humor is one of the strengths of the game.

In addition to your clothing, you can also change other basic objects in the daily Fortnite activity, such as backpacks, collection tools, umbrellas, or backpacks.

We cannot forget another fun and differential element of the characters: the dances, we press a button and the guy begins to dance in the middle of the stage.


Play as a family, Fortnite is for everyone

Fortnite is a game designed for everyone, it seeks not to leave out any level of player, there are modes to play alone, in duos, or groups of four. We also have an arena mode that is quite competitive since in it the opponents will be adjusted to our level.

It is also an action game in which violence is taken care of as much as possible, it does not show blood or unpleasant situations, there are only eliminations. Try playing with the whole family, they will know first hand that it is a fun experience.

Fortnite Is Free and everywhere

Although the game has items that can be purchased to make a difference, it is perfectly free to download and play. To buy? Yes, the game has its own money that is known as turkeys and its correspondence with the real currency is “1 turkey = 1 euro cent”.

Not only that, Fortnite is available in every imaginable place, from consoles to computers, through laptops and mobile phones. It is one of the secrets of its success: PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox, Switch, iOS, Android.

Written by JoinnGames

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