Where to find cracks in Fortnite Season 4

We tell you where all the cracks are on the Fortnite season 4 map so you can complete one of the challenges of week 1 of Xtravaganza.

We are going to have to use some old acquaintances from the Fortnite map again to overcome one of the Xtravaganza challenges of this week 11 of Fortnite season 4 challenges , and we will tell you where each of the cracks are.

We have a multiple challenge in week 1 of Xtravaganza of Fortnite season 4 where we are invited to use cracks in different ways and that is why we must know its exact location on the map to be able to overcome it without many difficulties.

And it is that although the challenges are quite simple, the most difficult thing is to know the location of all the cracks in Fortnite season 4 , and there are many more than you think.

Where are the cracks in Fortnite Season 4

First we offer you a map with all the rifts that are currently available in Fortnite season 4:

  • As you can see we have many crevasses around North New York, which is the huge floating island that houses Stark Industries.
  • On the other hand, we also find a couple of cracks north of Doom’s Domain
  • A rift northeast of Sacred Hedges
  • North of Alameda Afflicted
  • Equally east of afflicted Alameda
  • West of Campo Calígine
  • High on the mountain, east of Rincón spiteful

Remember that:

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  • In the first phase we have to use 10 cracks
  • In the second phase we must drive cars or trucks through cracks
  • In phase 3 use rifts in the same game, so try to focus on a single area of ​​the map

Now you know where all the cracks are in Fortnite season 4 so you can complete all the Xtravaganza challenges. 

If you need more help, you can check out our general Fortnite guide for season 4 .