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Will Fortnite stop being free? Rumors on switching to a subscription m0del

Will Fortnite stop being free? Rumors on switching to a subscription m0del

Many of us gamers woke up today faced with the one question: Will Fortnite stop being free?

Fortnite is one of the most famous and lucrative video games of recent years, the latest figures reported by Sensor Tower after Apple removed the game from its store were $ 1.2 billion in revenue since its launch, in fact, Fortnite was the game with the highest revenue in 2019 thanks to its 1.8 billion dollars generated by purchases of cosmetics, battle pass, and other elements since the game is currently available to download and play for free on all platforms where it is available.

And although Epic Games is fighting in court against Google and Apple at the same time and does not seem to care much that their game is not available in the two most important stores in the world for mobile devices, this does not mean that they are not thinking of a plan B for continue to generate income, and everything indicates that the next move of the company would be a subscription model for Fortnite.

Will Fortnite Stop Being Free ?

Through surveys of various users in the Fortnite community, EpicGames has hinted that it is studying the possibility of launching a subscription plan that would include several benefits, including V-Bucks, exclusive Skins, and the battle pass for each season.

Will Fortnite stop being free

This New Fortnite subscription would apparently bear the name of “Monthly Crew Pack“, which indicates that it would be a monthly subscription for those who are interested in purchasing it.

Regarding prices, it is not specifically mentioned how much the payment would be, as the company is asking users the amount they would be willing to pay in a range between 4.99 and 19.99 dollars per month, that is, between 100 and 400 pesos per month To the exchange rate.

It is normal for this type of survey to offer a varied price range to find out how much money users would be willing to pay for different types of service, but if it becomes a reality, it sounds crazy that the monthly price will be 400 pesos per month.

Yet, we cannot take anything for granted until we have official information from epic games, but it is really difficult to think that Fortnite will abandon its current F2P model that has given so much success.

the most logical thing would be to think that those who do not bet on the subscription will be able to continue buying cosmetics separately and they will also be able to purchase the Battle Pass each season. In fact, currently, it is not even mandatory to buy the battle pass to play with your friends.

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