Roblox Murder Mystery 2 Codes (April 2021)

Here Is An up-to-date list of Murder Mystery 2 Codes In Roblox March 2021

Today at JoinGames we’re gonna share with you a list of all the murder mystery 2 codes in Roblox, Available for April 2021 allowing you to collect knife skins

Murder Mystery 2 Codes

murder mystery 2 codes

Below is a list all the Murder Mystery 2 Codes available & Active , or which have been, classified according to their date of appearance on the game . 

These codes allow you most of the time to recover beautiful knives, which will not be used for much except to look pretty. keep in mind in order to aquire more stuff for your avatar , getting robux is a must .

However, if you are a lover of cosmetics, especially within the game, consider visiting this page regularly, Murder Mystery 2 codes have a particularly limited lifespan.

In the event that some of these roblox codes are not functional, it would be ideal if you let us know in the comment section so we can refresh the list.

Roblox Murder Mystery 2 Codes April 2021

Here is the list of new codes for X that are currently available. (January 2021)


  • Corl knife → C0RL
  • Denis knife → D3NIS
  • Sketchy knife → SK3TCH
  • Knife Sub → SUB0
  • Infected Knife → INF3CT3D
  • Goo knife → G003Y


  • Combat Knife II → COMB4T2
  • Prism knife → PR1SM
  • Alex knife → AL3X
  • Reptile Knife → R3PT1L3
  • Skool knife → SK00L
  • Patrick knife → PATR1CK
  • Knife 2015 → 2015
  • Gift Knife → G1FT3D
  • TNL knife → TH3N3XTL3V3L
  • Neon Knife → N30N
  • Animal Pumpkin → HW2017


If you want to activate codes on Murder Mystery 2 , in order to collect some nice cosmetics, including knives, you will only have to click on the inventory button, located on the left of your screen .


Once you have clicked on the box with the wording “ Inventory ”, a new window will appear in which you will find your inventory and, consequently, the items that you can equip. 

However, it is on the field, located at the bottom right of this window, where is written ” EnterCode “, that you will have to focus your attention, since it is in this one that you will have to enter the one of the many codes present in the list above , before clicking on the “Redeem” button. 

Obviously, you can only enter one unique code at a time and repeat this action as many times as necessary and collect the various cosmetics available which will allow you to be in possession of a particularly stylish character.


Murder Mystery 2 , developed by a North American named Nikilis, is an indie horror game largely inspired by Murder mode on Garry’s Mod . 

Created on January 18, 2014, Murder Mystery 2 is one of the most popular titles on the Roblox platform with an average of 50,000 players connected simultaneously and more than 3.3 billion visits. 

The principle of Murder Mystery 2 is relatively simple, since twelve players embodying different roles, namely Sheriff, Murderer or Innocent are present in an enclosed space. 

Of course, the Murderer will have to kill all of the Innocents without the Sheriff discovering the latter’s true identity. 

Only the Sheriff is in possession of a firearm, which will be able to overcome the Murderer, if the various clues and information shared and given by the Innocents prove to be interesting.

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PS : We will keep updating this list and will add new roblox codes whenever they got released, so make sure to bookmark this page.

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