Don’t Starve Together Console Commands And Cheats

Don’t Starve Together is a game that will test your ability to adapt to the current situation better than any survival game out there. With simple controls and a straightforward concept, you’ll be continually thrown into tough, unforeseeable situations, in which every decision will have a direct effect on determining whether you survive and die for another day.

Don’t Starve Together follows the gameplay loop of loot, sleep, and repeat as the nightmarish world keeps players engaged throughout the game.

Players go through the gateway in one of several modes such as Survival, Endless and Wilderness, each of them featuring options such as Permadeath and much more!

However, Don’t Starve Together console commands and cheats could help you navigate the game better and make your survival experience a little bit less rough.

Don’t Starve Together Console Commands

Don’t Starve Together console commands and cheats are a few tweaks and game modifications that come in handy if you skip a step or two and make your game grind process easier.

Server Commands:

  • Resurrect a player: AllPlayers[number of player]:PushEvent(‘respawnfromghost’)
  • Reveal Map – Self: for x=-1600,1600,35 do for y=-1600,1600,35 do ThePlayer.player_classified.MapExplorer:RevealArea(x,0,y) end end
  • Teleport to a player: c_goto (AllPlayers[number of player])
  • Teleport another player to you: c_move(AllPlayers[number of player])
  • Reveal Map – All Players: for k,v in pairs(AllPlayers) do for x=-1600,1600,35 do for y=-1600,1600,35 do v.player_classified.MapExplorer:RevealArea(x,0,y) end end end

Resources Commands:

  • Pig Skin x 40: c_give(“pigskin”,40)
  • Log x 20: c_give(“log”,20)
  • Petals (Flower) x 20: c_give(“petals”,20)
  • Seeds x 10: c_give(“seeds”,10)
  • Charcoal x 40: c_give(“charcoal”,40)
  • Rocks x 40: c_give(“rocks”,40)
  • Silk (Spider web) x 20: c_give(“silk”,20)
  • Gears x 5: c_spawn(“gears”,5)
  • Flint x 40: c_give(“flint”,40)
  • Cut Reeds x 20: c_give(“cutreeds”,20)
  • Manure (Poop) x 20: c_give(“poop”,20)
  • Cut Grass x 40: c_give(“cutgrass”,40)
  • Twigs x 40: c_give(“twigs”,40)

Most Used Raw Foods

  • Honey x 10: c_give(“honey”,10)
  • Watermelon x 10: c_give(“watermelon”,10)
  • Berries x 20: c_give(“berries”,20)
  • Carrot x 10: c_give(“carrot”,10)
  • Mandrake x 5: c_give(“mandrake”,5)
  • Dragon Fruit x 10: c_give(“dragonfruit”,10)
  • Meat x 10: c_give(“meat”,10)
  • Butter x 10: c_give(“butter”,10)
  • Monster Meat x 10: c_give(“monstermeat”,10)
  • Pumpkin x 10: c_give(“pumpkin”,10)

Farming Commands:

  • Bee: c_give(“bee”)
  • Steel Wool: c_give(“steelwool”)
  • Bunny Puff x 5: c_give(“manrabbit_tail”,5)
  • Spider Eggs: c_give(“spidereggsack”)
  • Butterfly Wings x 10: c_give(“butterflywings”,10)
  • Beefalo Horn: c_give(“horn”)
  • Walrus Tusk: c_give(“walrus_tusk”)
  • Honeycomb: c_give(“honeycomb”)

Weapon and Magic Crafting

  • Crow Feather x 10: c_give(“feather_crow”,10)
  • Saffron Feather x 10: c_give(“feather_canary”,10)
  • Azure Feather x 10: c_give(“feather_robin_winter”,10)
  • Rotten Egg x 10: c_give(“rottenegg”,10)
  • Crimson Feather x 10: c_give(“feather_robin”,10)
  • Hound’s Tooth x 10: c_give(“houndstooth”,10)
  • Red Gem x 10: c_give(“redgem”,10)
  • Living Log x 20: c_give(“livinglog”,20)
  • Rabbit: c_give(“rabbit”)
  • Blue Gem x 10: c_give(“bluegem”,10)
  • Batilisk Wing x 5: c_give(“batwing”,5)
  • Nightmare Fuel x 20 : c_give(“nightmarefuel”,20)
  • Dark Petals x 10: c_give(“petals_evil”,10)

Special Items for Combat and Exploration Commands

  • Thulecite Club: c_give(“ruins_bat”)
  • Night Armor: c_give(“armor_sanity”)
  • The Lazy Explorer: c_give(“orangestaff”)
  • Krampus Sack: c_give(“krampus_sack”)
  • Thulecite Suit: c_give(“armorruins”)
  • Ice Staff: c_give(“icestaff”)
  • Fire Staff: c_give(“firestaff”)
  • Dark Sword: c_give(“nightsword”)

Random Fun Commands

  • Summon Deerclops: c_spawn(“deerclops”)
  • Summon Toadstool: c_spawn(“toadstool”)
  • Summon Ancient Fuelweaver: c_spawn(“stalker_atrium”)
  • Summon Moose/Goose: c_spawn(“moose”)
  • Summon Bearger: c_spawn(“bearger”)
  • Summon Klaus: c_spawn(“klaus”)
  • Summon Antlion: c_spawn(“antlion”)
  • Summon Ancient Guardian: c_spawn(“minotaur”)
  • Summon Malbatross: c_spawn(“malbatross”)
  • Summon Spider Queen: c_spawn(“spiderqueen”)
  • Summon Bee Queen: c_spawn(“beequeen”)
  • Summon Dragonfly: c_spawn(“dragonfly”)
  • Summon Treeguard: c_spawn(“leif”)

Don’t Starve Together Cheats

Don’t Starve Together cheats are commands that are set to give you a slight advantage in the game, nothing too special but just enough to make the game more fun and interesting.

 Get maximum individual stats:

  • GetPlayer()
  • c_sethealth(percent)
  • c_sanity(percent)
  • c_hunger(percent)
  • c_speed(percent)

Turn on God mode

  • c_godmode()
  • c_supergodmode()
  • ThePlayer.components.builder:GiveAllRecipes()

Change seasons flow

  • TheWorld:PushEvent(“ms_nextcycle”)
  • TheWorld:PushEvent(“ms_setseason”, “summer”)

Change the weather

  • c_settemperature(degrees)
  • TheWorld:PushEvent(“ms_forceprecipitation”)
  • TheWorld:PushEvent(“ms_forceprecipitation”, false)
  • TheWorld:PushEvent(“ms_sendlightningstrike”, ConsoleWorldPosition())
  • c_spawn(“shadowmeteor”, 1)

Clear the Morgue

  • ErasePersistentString(“morgue”)
  • GetPlayer().components.beaverness:SetPercent(.01)

Don’t Starve Together is a fun but somewhat punishing survival game, these console commands and cheats are only meant to spice up your gameplay and help you a bit, you can use them to your liking,

However, it’s advised to take things slow and not burn all the fun but hard and exciting challenges that come with playing this game. After all, it’s meant to be a survival game.

This wraps our today’s guide on JoinGames about Dont Starve Together console commands and cheats, we hope it serves you well and helps you enjoy this fun game even more.

If you have any suggestions or remarks about commands that we might forget to put on out list, please free to share them with us in the comment section below.

JoinGames Staff