If you have arrived here it is because you very possibly want to discover the Nintendo Switch Hack to play everything for free and yes, we are going to tell you some options available on the Internet so that you can value them under your responsibility.

knowing that Hacking a Nintendo Switch is not legal, because it infringes the rules of copyright, and is not advisable because you can damage your console and because sooner or later Nintendo will catch you and ban you. Yourself.

Piracy is almost as old as video games themselves: from Nintendo clone cartridges with a huge number of games to PC emulators to PlayStation modified to read pirated games. 

Piracy has accompanied the world of video games as a kind of evil twin. And it is that all the different pirates or hacks have one thing in common: they are not legal and the penalties fall for everyone, from the one who steals the content to the one who distributes it and the one who consumes it.

But not a few people, to save costs and reach as many video games as possible, have resorted to piracy. 

And for this, there has been no lack of people who put their grain of sand when it comes to unraveling the mysteries of a console, in such a way that it could be desecrated.

Virtually every generation of consoles has seen their circuitry hacked, and the last one (before the PS5 and Xbox Series X make an appearance) is no exception. 

The Nintendo Switch, which has been a worldwide bestseller, has indeed been hacked as well.

But hacking or hacking a console is not a decision that should be taken lightly, and it involves significant risks that must be taken into account. 

You could be banned by Nintendo services and even the console could be rendered useless, with no other use than that of a nice and expensive ornament. 

Here we will show you how to hack a Nintendo Switch, which version of Nintendo Switch can be hacked, and the risks that this entails so that you are clear before making that decision.

Oh, and one last thing: remember that the Nintendo Switch is the product of the work of many people, as well as their games that, in turn, also give work to those who sell them in physical stores and online. 

When you consume piracy, you damage the economy of the sector in general and the source of income of many people in particular. Are you sure you feel good knowing this and perceive that hacking a console is worth it?

Why do people prefer the Nintendo Switch Hack

If someone wants to hack their Nintendo Switch, it is because they want to have at their disposal the games that they can download from the network, upload applications, or emulate other old Nintendo consoles, such as the Nintendo 64, the Super Nintendo, or the GameBoy. 

All this without going through the box or the eShop.

And, if it does, it is because it does not mind forgetting about the online game: if you play connected to its servers with the firmware hacked, you run the risk that, most likely, Nintendo can ban your console.

“Lower the price of games if you don’t want pirates to find them for me”

It is true that for many people the price of original video games is high and very difficult to assume according to their current economy

However, there are some important things to point out to dispel the myth that people who pirate things do it because the manufacturer “asked for it”.

The prices of Nintendo games aren’t that cheap !

When a company like Nintendo launches a product with a retail price (RRP), they have likely spent months of work by many people asking the target audience how much they would be willing to pay for such material.

Normally, in this type of market research, there will be people who say they would pay a ridiculous amount or even want to have free games, others who offer an intermediate figure, and those who say a high figure.

With all this information, the manufacturer decides an RRP that is in the middle of what the audience said and allowing a profit margin after what it has cost to create the content as such.

The hackneyed law of supply and demand also comes into play – never better said. So the best we can do to influence the PVP of anything, that is, a reasonable figure when someone asks us how much we would pay for it, and not buy those things whose cost seems excessive.

Nintendo offers free content and special promotions in its e-Shop

If you do not want to leave a fortune in video games, before falling into the consumption of stolen content, you can walk through the Nintendo e-Shop and discover its catalog of demos, exclusive content for online, and promotions so that your gaming experience is amplified.

There are real bargains and complementary content to hang out without being left with a zero bank account.

Squeeze your games to the fullest, but for real

Many times the anxiety can and we sing victory of having “passed the game” in a week or a day! But have we had it all?

Most of the games have a ton of unlockable levels and relics that you can get only if you play patiently and with your eyes wide open. It will sound like a self-help phrase but … The important thing is not the end but the path …

Take a little memory of the video games you have played since the world is the world, did you find all the relics of the Tomb Raider maps, all the energy moons of Mario Odyssey, or all the favors of the gods in Age of Mythology?

Perhaps you are “wasting” games by wanting to pass screens to you, without really going through them …

Exchange between friends and second hand market

We are aware that you may want to play many more video games than those you can buy at once and that is why we want to talk to you about the exchange of video games between friends and the second-hand market.

Buying used video games will deprive you of the pleasure of unboxing, but it will still serve you well and will keep you fit to play online to add more excitement to your gaming experience.

The certainty of not being banned is sure to be a good incentive to encourage you to let go of those titles that you don’t want to revisit and in return get new games to be surprised by.

Not all Nintendo Switches are vulnerable to hacks

First of all, you have to know which version of Nintendo Switch is supposed to be hacked, since, depending on the version you have, it will be vulnerable or not to the process. 

All Nintendo consoles purchased before June 2018 are believed to be free from the so-called exploit.

On the contrary, if you bought the console later, you will have to check the serial number to be sure. This is because Nintendo found the bug that allowed the hack and fixed it using hardware.

However, nothing guarantees that a particular console is vulnerable, as Nintendo’s efforts to maintain a secure ecosystem are constantly improving. 

Buying a vulnerable Nintendo Switch is a business that can turn out for you, no matter how much serial number you see.

So it is obvious that nothing guarantees that this process will go well. Relying on the serial number has a fairly high risk, which makes you wonder whether or not you are interested in the “benefit” it brings you.

This serial number can be seen on a white label under the console, within the menu (settings> console> serial numbers) and even on the box, at the bottom. 

You will have to know what the serial number of your console is and check which models can be hacked and which cannot. Everything will depend on whether or not the model is patched with Nintendo’s solution.

If your console falls into the group that allows the exploit, the console firmware version is irrelevant, because even the latest version, 8.1.0., Is hackable.

How to hack a Nintendo Switch

Hacking the Nintendo console is relatively simple, as long as you have basic computer skills. In case you are still in your thirteen, you know that hacking the Nintendo is a step-by-step process that could not be done by someone who has no idea of downloading files, decompressing them from formats such as ZIP or RAR, or inserting them on a microSD card. 

Nothing from the other Thursday, but you have to know how to do it.

Disclaimer : (We are going to tell you many, but not all the steps because we do not believe that it is correct to encourage this practice and we hate piracy. We will simply tell you the basics of what it means to hack a Nintendo console so that you know it for purely educational purposes and you can know, for example, if a Nintendo Switch has been hacked and/or banned when you go to buy it second hand).

The role of the Nintendo Switch micro SD card

It will be essential to have a microSD card from which to load the hack’s operating system, the games, and the applications you want to use. In this way, the greater the storage capacity of the card, the better, especially taking into account the size of the Switch games, which ranges between 2 and 15 GB, although the normal thing is that they go from 9 to all 15.

It will have to be formatted in exFAT. A card reader will also be required to load the game files onto the microSD from the PC.

Warning at this point: you are going to make your console run an operating system that has nothing to do with its initial content. 

This has the risk of not working and that you finally won’t be able to hack it. Worse still, it runs the risk of rendering your console useless.

(Considering that there are many cheap – sometimes free – games and extensions on the Nintendo eShop, it’s very, very likely that you don’t need to risk messing up your console and committing a copyright offense.)

Team Xecuter, one of the best known options

There are several options to hack the Nintendo Switch, and one of the best known is to use Team Xecuter with its SX OS operating system.

To do this, it will be necessary to spend some time searching the web to compare prices and see where it is better to buy the Xecuter, whose price can range between 40 and 60 euros.

(Beware, this investment can be a waste of money if you finally discover that your Nintendo Switch is not vulnerable: another reason not to hack it).

The Xecuter contains a small backpack called a dongle, which will go at the bottom of the console connected to the charger port until the pirate operating system starts, as well as a tool that will have to be inserted in the place where the right control is located, and that serves to enable the boot in the recovery mode.

Xecuter also includes a small USB to micro USB cable to charge the dongle’s power before hacking. This takes just a couple of minutes.

The game formats supported by the Team Xecuter operating system are XCI and NSP, the former being the most recommended since the latter occupies much more storage space on the microSD.

This is because the XCI format opens directly as if the game were already installed, while the NSP acts as the installer, and must be left on the card since the Switch believes that the file is the cartridge of the console and otherwise it will ask for this to be inserted. In this way, an NSP game will occupy twice the size of an XCI game.

Recovery mode: turn on your Nintendo Switch at the risk of leaving it unusable

If you decide to try to hack your Nintendo Switch with the Xecuter, you should know that as part of the procedure the console will boot into recovery mode and launch the content of the dongle, where the Xecuter’s operating system is located.

All this alters the original configuration of your console, risking that it is useless and continues without hacking or that it may even damage it.

The only thing left to do is load the games downloaded from the network onto the microSD card, which can be games as such and not give you greater headaches than incurring in piracy, which is against intellectual property … or they can be content malicious that damage your console or violate your privacy.

From JoinGames we advise against hacking your Nintendo Switch

In this article, we have left out some details of how to hack a Nintendo Switch,

with the expectation that you will give up doing it. The decision is solely yours and we are going to tell you the reasons why we would not do it.

Hacking a Nintendo is a crime against intellectual property

Hacking a console is illegal and playing pirated games is illegal. Increasingly, the authorities’ controls against piracy are strict and the law is clear. Although today the law goes to the creator of pirated software and not to the user, it is also true that laws can change and that piracy destroys many jobs, among which at some point could be yours.

It may not work and you lose money or the entire console

Proponents of hacking the Nintendo Switch claim that the console can’t become useless if you are caught and banned.

They may be correct as to the fact that Nintendo can currently only remove your online access and not totally and permanently brick your console. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t screw it up yourself in the process.

This procedure is never completely safe since you run the risk of breaking it and ruining your operating system. 

After all, you are forcing it to do something it was not designed to do, and the hardware and software could be rendered useless. In the most frequent of cases, you will not spoil it, but you will not be able to violate it, so you will have lost the money of the gadgets that you acquired for that purpose.

You will lose the warranty

In addition, it must be borne in mind that the guarantee is not certain, since the hack is, obviously, outside the legal terms of Nintendo

Therefore, you will no longer be able to send it in for repair or exchange for another.

Goodbye to the social game & nintendo multiplayer 

On the other hand, as we mentioned before, you will not be able to connect the console to play online in online multiplayer, so you will have to settle for the local mode. 

This is because, if you connect to the network with the Switch’s hacking firmware, Nintendo will detect it and ban your console from playing online games anymore. Do you want to miss out on the experience of playing with other people?

Nintendo has not given it a second thought in its fight against piracy and is banning hacked systems it finds for life. 

If the Big N detects that this is an illegitimate game, it will generate an impossible token. This will prevent the console from connecting to the Internet.

The process that Nintendo follows is as follows: when logging into the Nintendo account, it is verified that the token, which is an identification that each cartridge has, that is used, matches the original, with what it should be. 

Otherwise, it hangs and you cannot continue. With this, Nintendo wants to solve problems of the past like with the 3DS, that anyone could hack and include games.

What to do with a banned Nintendo Switch

You love to play online, but you have hacked your Switch and you have been caught … What to do to reverse the situation? Little can be done since the ban is permanent and you will only have – if you want to play online – buy another Switch and make another account. 

Therefore, if you decide to hack it, you will have to be very careful not to connect to the network and that it does not automatically connect in search of updates.

Another important question is how to know if a Nintendo Switch is banned: if you restore it to factory settings and it does not even let you connect to the eShop, it is most likely that it has been banned, although it could also be the case that there is not been detected and will be later. 

On the other hand, if you intend to buy a second-hand Switch, it will be important to take this into account and make sure that it is not banned, as they could try to sneak it in.

And the Switch Lite?

Recently, Nintendo released the Lite version, smaller and even more portable than the original, but with the same power and practically the same game catalog (only one of them resists due to the need to use the Joy-Con).

Can the Nintendo Switch Lite be hacked? The answer is yes, and only two months after its launch they had already confirmed it with Team Xecuter and its SX OS operating system, in this case, version 3.0.

It is important to note that this version is not yet available and will be in the future, and with the versions that currently exist, the Switch Lite cannot be hacked, so whoever wants to hack their Nintendo laptop will have to be patient. Await that, as you have already seen, might not be worth it.

In short, hacking a Nintendo console has to be a personal decision, knowing all the pros and cons well, knowing perfectly what you can do with your console and whatnot

And, if you decide to do it, know well how to hack a Nintendo Switch and the steps to follow, as well as the negative impact you generate in the video game industry, from its conceptualization to retail.

Before you go, we’d love to let you know that in case you play Fortnite, then you’re welcome to check our free V bucks guide to help you get all the in-game accessories for free.

JoinGames Staff