Fate Grand Order Codes [October 2022] Free Servants, QP, 5 Star Tickets & More

Looking for the latest active Fate Grand Order Codes? With which you can get a bunch of free QP, servants, 5-star tickets, and a whole lot more? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Made by Lasengle & Delightworks, Fate Grand Order is an epic role-playing video game, and visual novel.

In this game, you take on the role of a master and will get to have one or more servants to fight in your behalf in an epic war of legendary historical and fantasy warriors, which you can obtained through the game’s Gacha mechanic.

Although most of the content is free in Fate Grand Order, there are some in-game tweaks and features, that when unlocked early, can give you a slight edge over other opponents, be it, more QP to buy more equipment, new servants, 5-star tickets and other cool in-game rewards.

That’s why today on JoinGames, we are going to show you exactly how you can obtain the most recent and active Fate Grand Order codes, which are gonna make your game easier to grind and more fun to play.

Just keep on reading and you’ll learn where you can get the latest and ever-active codes and how you could successfully redeem them in exchange for more QP, servants, weapons, and other exciting in-game gifts.

How To Redeem Fate Grand Order Codes 2022

Through the use of these codes, you will be able to redeem multiple rewards and even get free coins, skins, and more.

Follow these simple steps to redeem your Fate Grand Order codes:

  • Launch Fate Grand Order through whatever platform you use.
  • Copy one of the Fate Grand Order codes listed below, and paste it into the redemption field.
  • To finish, press the Enter key to apply the code and enjoy your in-game rewards.

Fate Grand Order Codes List [October 2022]

As you will see below, we have listed all of the available and active free promo codes for Fate Grand Order. They can be easily redeemed using the steps we mentioned before for you.

Active Fate Grand Order of Heroes codes:

  • F93T-9G0A-B7FQ-DWNC Redeem this code for a chance to get free Servants
  • QB6A-JIHS-735R-0J6C Redeem this code for a chance to get 5 Star Tickets
  • SXFP-43YK-ONI6-S89U Redeem this code for a chance to get 600 QP
  • KNSS-LS9W-3N4U-9XTJ Redeem this code for a chance to get a random in-game reward

Expired Fate Grand Order Codes:

  • 6̶L6̶6̶-̶C̶T̶A̶-̶8̶V7̶9̶
  • ̶3̶C2̶8̶-̶L̶P̶P̶-̶2̶5̶8̶
  • 3̶7̶L2̶-̶J̶H̶Y̶-̶4̶A8̶2̶
  • 5̶GY5̶5̶-̶H̶K̶Q̶-̶5̶4D4̶
  • 8̶6̶Z8̶-̶S̶F̶U̶-̶8̶9̶Z3̶
  • 6̶Z7̶2̶-̶N̶X̶Z̶-̶8̶8̶7̶
  • 9̶E2̶8̶-̶Z̶V̶K̶-̶3̶8̶E4̶

As with all previously released codes, Fate Grand Order codes are only exchangeable for a very short period of time and will expire on a certain date, so you may want to hurry up and redeem them as soon as possible.

Also, please note that the codes listed above are case-sensitive. This means that you must input them in the same way as you see them, including any extra characters or upper and lower case letters, otherwise, they might not work.

Should any of the codes we listed today stop working, then do not hesitate to let us know immediately through the comment box below, as it will help us to maintain our list of codes up to date and functional.

Game Information

  • Title  Fate/Grand Order
  • Publisher – Lasengle, Delightworks
  • Genre – Role-playing Video Game, Visual novel
  • Platforms –  iOS 9.0 or later, Android™ OS 4.4 or later, IPadOS.

And there you have it, the most up-to-date and active Fate Grand Order codes list for this month. So, go ahead, redeem them and enjoy your free rewards, and while you’re at it, you can share them with your friends so you can all enjoy the game.

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JoinGames Staff