Kahoot Pin Codes List & Game Codes Today [October 2022]

Are you looking for the latest Kahoot pin codes right now to join and access your favorite games, and much more? You’ve come to the right place! Launched back in March 2013, Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform,  which serves as educational e-learning solution in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions.

With over 50 million monthly active users, the Kahoot! the platform is by far one of the biggest and most visited educational and teaching hubs in the world.

While it may seem confusing at first, Kahoot game pins are nothing more than time-limited codes that are used to identify which game you wish to add to Kahoot and join.

Follow along with this post to learn how to acquire and activate the latest and currently available Kahoot game Pins which are needed to make it possible for you to access your favorite games, quizzes, and other educational activities on the platform.

How to enter a Kahoot code and join a game?

If you need a little help redeeming your Kahoot Pin codes follow these simple steps:

  • Head over to Kahoot, or access the mobile app and then press “Enter PIN”.
  • Copy one of our Kahoot pins and game codes and paste it into the “Enter PIN”. box.
  • Should the host have the “Player ID” enabled, then provide the requested ID. If not then move to the next step.
  • The last step is to tap on the ” Spin” button to pick a random nickname or create your own desired one.

The Latest Active Kahoot Pin Codes Right Now [October 2022]

for the time being, we have compiled a list of all the available and active Kahoot Pins and game codes, this list is being updated on daily basis so make sure to Bookmark this page and revisit every day to get the latest working pins.

Here is a list of all the active Kahoot Pin codes right now:

  • 579000: Kahoot Pin Code
  • 637408: Kahoot Pin Code
  • 864866: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 960646: Kahoot Pin Code
  • 211268: Kahoot Pin Code
  • 462963: Kahoot Pin Code
  • 486356: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 299178: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 446448: Kahoot Pin Code
  • 436194: Kahoot Pin Code
  • 322970: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 853042: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 141004: Kahoot Pin Codes
  • 95011: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 633520: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 118802: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 890474: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 333638: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 988171: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 634016: Kahoot Pin Code
  • 666914: Kahoot Pin Code
  • 967386: Kahoot Pin Code
  • 298279: Create Game Pin
  • 548293: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 344365: Kahoot Pin Code
  • 366080: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 954043: Create Game Pin
  • 140370: Kahoot Pin Code
  • 934293: Create Game Pin
  • 536595: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 576250: Kahoot Pin Code
  • 807194: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 909661: Kahoot Pin Codes
  • 724329: Create Game Pin
  • 533157: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 446305: Create Game Pin
  • 678512: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 418046: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 311697: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 373137: Create Game Pin
  • 137424: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 521275: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 246780: Create Game Pin
  • 384482: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 844401: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 582196: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 675334: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 605400: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 787065: Create Game Pin
  • 326013: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 15045: Create Game Pin
  • 819569: Create Game Pin
  • 681676: Kahoot Pin Codes
  • 372152: Create Game Pin
  • 755570: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 697013: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 716388: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 262106: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 315706: Create Game Pin
  • 509911: Create Game Pin
  • 768908: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 91429: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 377022: Create Game Pin
  • 814250: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 276790: Kahoot Pin Codes
  • 838908: Create Game Pin
  • 375563: Create Game Pin
  • 365822: New Kahoot Game Pin
  • 460109: Create Game Pin
  • 211364: Live Kahoot Join Pin
  • 39625: Kahoot Pin Code

Be aware that Kahoot codes are only valid for a limited duration of time, so be quick to redeem them within the platform.

If one or more of the codes listed here no longer function, then please let us know immediately in the comments, as this allows us to update our pin codes list.


There you have it, our list of today’s active Kahoot codes. We hope you found it useful.

Furthermore, we keep checking for new codes EVERY DAY, so we encourage you to bookmark this page and visit it regularly.

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