Idle Champions Codes & Combinations [October 2022]

Today at JoinGames we’re gonna share with you a list of all the Idle Champions Codes & Combinations Available for the current month allowing you to collect many bonuses in Idle Champions of the Forgotten.

Follow along with this post to learn how to activate the latest and currently available Idle Champions codes which can be redeemed for gold and warden’s chests, cash rewards, and various other exciting goodies.

Idle Champions Codes List [October 2022]

Below is a list of all the Idle Champions codes available, or which have been, classified according to their date of appearance on Idle Champions of the Forgotten.

These Idle Champions Codes & Combinations allow you to recover various bonuses such as Gold & Silver Chest and also help you obtain Blessings and different Terms.

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If some of these Idle Champions Codes are not working, please let us know in the comment section so we can refresh the list.

How To Redeem Idle Champions Codes?

If you want to Redeem Idle Champions Codes in the Game, to collect many bonuses, chests, or even gold, you will only have to click on the Shop or press “S” to get into the shop as shown in the picture below.

Then search “unlocked a Locked Chest” and click on it, now the last step is to click on the “Redeem” button in the left corner & paste your Idle Champions Code and it should be activated instantly.

idle champions of the forgotten realms chest codes [October 2022]

Idle Champions Code  :RewardActive since :Expires :
KYND-PAWL-AFRO3 Gold Chest2021-12-01N/A
PICK-APART-RON!1 Gold Chest2021 -12-01N/A
BENI-TETH-ORFS1 Gold Chest2021-12-01N/A
HIPS-TERB-EHOL-DER!1 Gold Chest2021 -11-30N/A
3GOD-INTR-EACH-COAT1 Gold Chest2021 -11-302022 -12-07
ROKE-MIRI-PIKE1 Gold Chest2021 -11-302022 -12-07
HAKA-DEWY-MARD1 Gold Chest2021 -11-30N/A
WORT-AGIN-JARL1 Gold Chest2021 -11-302022 -12-14
PUBE-ANIS-SIGH1 Gold Chest2021 -11-30N/A
AZAK-AFAR-MING1 Gold Chest2021 -11-282022 -12-05
MARG-LADS-AND-MEAT5 Gold Warden Chests2021 -11-282022-12-24
EXPO-SHAY-1 Gold Chest2021 -11-27N/A
HOWS–HOURS1 Gold Chest2021 -11-272021 -12-04
WERE-BACK-BABY1 Gold Chest2021 -11-272021 -12-04
MARG-ARET-AND-HAWN1 Gold Supply Chest2021 -11-262021 -12-03
NAME-THAT-SHOW1 Gold Supply Chest2021 -11-262020-12-03
PIM-SCAT-HYPO1 Gold Chest2021 -11-252020-12-02
SIMPLY-MODE-EPIC1 Gold Chest2021 -11-252020-12-02
1IST-HELO-NELI-EST#1 Gold Chest2021 -11-252020-12-02
BRAW-SHOG-HOOP1 Gold Chest2021 -11-25N/A
ELDER-REVI-LPAT-RONS2 Gold Warden Chests2021 -11-242020-12-01
WADY-CRED-GREE1 Gold Chest2021 -11-24N/A
SIBIR-IEXI-SSON-ASTY1 Gold Chest2020-11-23N/A
NOTS-IDME-IERS1 Gold Chest2020-11-232020-11-30
PULY-DOPE-ZUPA1 Gold Chest2020-11-232020-11-30
ALLY-KNAR-THIS1 Gold Chest2020-11-23N/A
ANGA-LARS-OOHS1 Gold Chest2020-11-222020-11-29
PRIS-MATI-CDRA-GON!1 Gold Chest2020-11-20N/A
PAWN-ARBS-FITT1 Gold Chest2020-11-20N/A
LAUD-QUID-WIEL1 Gold Chest2020-11-20N/A
NOIL-GUYS-GAWS1 Gold Chest2020-11-182020-11-28
LONE-LYMO-OSES1 Gold Chest2020-11-162020-11-23
DEWY-ILLS-PUJA1 Gold Chest2020-11-162020-11-23
FAVE-HERE-BRAK1 Gold Chest2020-11-16N/A
VILD-OMER-ZINC1 Gold Chest2020-11-15N/A
WINN-LITS-HAKE1 Gold Chest2020-11-15N/A
FINI-SHE-RDWA-LRUS1 Gold Mirt Patron Chest2020-11-142020-11-20
SNEE-OLDY-LEPT1 Gold Chest2020-11-132020-11-19
PENE-LOPE-HALF-PINT1 Gold Penelope Chest2020-11-13N/A
BEST-MOOL-PAIK1 Gold Chest2020-11-112020-11-17
YUTZ-SUNK-SICK1 Gold Chest2020-11-11N/A
MATT-ROTI-VELE1 Gold Chest2020-11-11N/A
GORI-CZAR-FEWS1 Gold Chest2020-11-112020-11-21
HALF-PINT-SONG1 Gold Chest2020-11-102020-11-17
HOOF-ZEKS-PYRE1 Gold Chest2020-11-10N/A
YUNG-WALL-ZARF1 Gold Chest2020-11-10N/A
AHAL-FIRE-ANT!1 Gold Chest2020-11-09N/A
TREX-MITT-ENS!1 Gold Chest2020-11-09N/A
AURI-LPEL-LETS1 Gold Chest2020-11-09N/A
EGR-EENW-OOD!1 Gold Chest2020-11-09N/A
RATH-ALGA-RITT1 Gold Chest2020-11-092020-11-16
DUEL-SOHO-FONS1 Gold Chest2020-11-09N/A
WAIT-MIRS-VERB1 Gold Chest2020-11-06N/A
PROP-VOAR-HAUF1 Gold Chest2020-11-05N/A
BORM-SICS-VIER1 Gold Chest2020-11-03N/A
NAAN-LARI-OPAH1 Gold Chest2020-11-03N/A
UDAL-LOST-WHAP1 Gold Chest2020-11-03N/A
RAHS-ZARI-THEM1 Gold Chest2020-11-02N/A
HUMA-MOLY-HIED1 Gold Chest2020-11-022020-11-16
PEER-ISBA-OAKS1 Gold Chest2020-10-30N/A
BOOK-TYND-AMMO1 Gold Chest2020-10-30N/A
!!!!-!!!!-!!!!-!!!!1 Gold Evil Chest2020-09-112021-01-01
INSA-TIAB-LEPA-TRON2 Silver Warden Chests2020-07-232021-01-01
SHEN-STAT-ESAU-RIAL2 Gold Chests2020-07-022021-01-01
SRI-XSGR-AMMA2 Silver Rosie Chests2020-06-262021-01-01
ASPI-KYHU-GINGER2 Silver Pwent Chests2020-06-202021-01-01
ALWA-YSBE-BRAN-DING2 Silver Binwin Chests2020-06-122021-01-01
COLD-BLOO-DECK-ORTH2 Silver Korth Chests2020-06-092021-01-01
BAND-MANA-GERS-IREN2x Silver Vlahnya Chests2020-05-262021-01-01
IRIS-BEHO-LEADER2 Silver Chests2020-04-282021-01-01
ESVE-LESA-LIAS2 Silver Black Viper Chests2020-04-172021-01-01
FANS-YBIR-DBOY2 Silver Qillek Chests2020-03-252021-01-01
REBO-RNRU-QI2 Silver Cattie Chests2020-02-292021-01-01
KARM-ICMA-DJINGClick Damage Green Flame Skin2020-02-29N/A
DEAD-INVENTOR2 Silver Spurt Chests2020-02-122021-01-01
HEAVEN-YMET-ALTO-RTLE2 Silver Krull Chests2020-02-122021-01-01
SAGE-OF-ADOW-DALE2 Gold Supply Chests2020-02-122021-01-01
HAVI-LARS-TWIN2 Silver Farideh Chests2020-01-282021-01-01
CLER-ICOF-KELE-MVOR2 Silver Nerys Chests2020-01-27No duration
PRAI-SELA-THAN-DER!2 Evelyn Silver Chests2020-01-212021-01-01
AUTO-RMHE-RALD2 Aila Silver Chests2020-01-202021-01-01
BRAH-MALU-TIER2 Walnut Silver Chests2020-01-202021-01-01
SLOB-BERC-HOPS2 Silver Chests2020-01-192021-01-01
MORD-ENKA-INEN2 Gold Chests2020-01-192021-01-01
DEEK-INCH-ESTS2 Silver Deekin CHests2020-01-162021-01-01
RING-OF-NTER2 Silver Chests2020-01-142021-01-01
GITH-ZERA-ISUP-PORT2 Nrakk Silver Chests2020-01-132021-01-01
TWEN-TYTW-ENTY2 Silver Chests2020-01-132021-01-01
WARF-ORGE-DPAL-ADIN2 Silver Sentry Chests2020-01-112021-01-01
MIKE-KRAH-ULIK2 Silver Jim Chests2020-01-112021-01-01
CURS-EDFA-RMER2 Silver Chests2020-01-112021-01-01
COOO-OOOO-LOUT2 Silver Donaar Chests2020-01-112021-01-01
LAER-ALSI-LVER-HAND2 Gold Chests2020-01-112021-01-01
VOIC-EOFA-UTHO-RITY2 Silver Turiel Chests2020-01-112021-01-01
TETR-ATHA-NOTI-CKEY2 Silver K’Thriss Chests2020-01-112021-01-01
SOUL-MATE-NECK-LACE2 Silver Paultin Chests2020-01-112021-01-01
KRAK-ENLO-CKET2 Silver Avren Chests2020-01-112021-01-01
IDAL-IASF-LUTE2 Silver Artemis Chests2020-01-112021-01-01
BOOT-SOFS-PEED2 Silver Shandie Chests2020-01-112021-01-01
ORNA-TEDA-GGER2 Silver Xander Chests2020-01-112021-01-01
MAGI-CMIS-SILE2 Silver Chests2020-01-112021-01-01
SPIR-ITUA-LWEA-PONS2 Silver Nerys Chests2020-01-112021-01-01
MORA-DINS-WILL2 Silver Wulfgar Chests2020-01-112021-01-01
FRIE-NDTO-TALL-FOLK2 Silver Ishi Chests2020-01-112021-01-01
WAKA-NDA4-EVER1 Gold Chest2019-12-19N/A
MAXD-UNBA-RFTW1 Gold Chest2019-09-27N/A
THEY-AWNI-NGPO-RTAL1 Gold Chest2019-06-21N/A
AGOL-DCHE-ST4U1 Gold Chest2019-06-05N/A
TAKE-THIS-LOOT-CODE1 Gold Strix Chest2018-08-09N/A
IDLE-CHAM-PION-SNOW1 Gold Chest2017-09-07N/A

PS: We will keep updating this list every day and will add new Idle Champions Codes once they got released, so make sure to bookmark this page.

What Is Idle Champions of the Forgotten ?

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is a Dungeons and Dragons Clicker game produced by Codename Entertainment, which was released free for mobile phones on September 7, 2017, and on December 14, 2018, it came to Xbox for free only in the United States and Canada. 

The game consists of getting champions and improving them to be able to defeat your enemies which will be increasingly difficult.

Each character is purchased (except the first, which is free) and enhanced with the gold obtained from defeating enemies, these improvements will provide attack increases and special abilities. 

The improvements at the beginning like any Clicker game are cheap but each time they are more demanding and ask for more money to improve your champion. 

The duration of Idle Champions of the Forgotten is incalculable, Idle Champions do not put limits on you and you can carry out all the adventures you want, depending on the time you spend on each one it can vary.

JoinGames Staff