This lists show all the roblox: arsenal codes (March 2021)

These ROBLOX ARSENAL CODES will allow you to recover different skins , currency or even announcers which, for the latter, are voices that can be activated at the start of a game, when you perform a headshot or during a victory. 

However, note that roblox promo codes are case sensitive, so be sure to respect the upper and lower case letters correctly.

If some of the proposed roblox codes are no longer functional, please let us know in the comments so that we can update the list.

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Roblox Arsenal Codes

Roblox Arsenal Codes (This Month 2021)

  • Collect 1200 B $ → POG (new)
  • Announcer Koneko, based on YouTuber KonekoKitten →  KITTEN
  • Announcer John, based on the exclusive Roblox avatar of the same name →  JOHN
  • Skin Phoenix, based on a faction of Counter Blox →  CBROX
  • Announcer Flamingo, based on YouTuber Flamingo →  FLAMINGO
  • Announcer Eprika, based on YouTuber Epikrika →  EPRIKA
  • Skin Poke, whixh is for YouTuber Paradox Poke →  POKE
  • Announcer PetrifyTV, based on YouTuber PetrifyTV →  PET
  • Skin Anna, from the Arsenal x Adopt Me  →  ANNA crossover
  • Announcer Bandites, based on YouTuber Bandites →  Bandites
  • Skin Jackeryz, based on YouTuber Jackeryz →  F00LISH
  • Withdraw 10 B $ from your bank account (to avoid) →  TROLLFACE

Roblox Arsenal Codes (Expired)

  • Fanboy Skin → ROLVE
  • Collect 600 B $ → Soggy
  • Collect 80 B $ → JulyDays!
  • Collect 1200 B $ → birth
  • Collect B $ 1800 → Spooky-Season
  • Collect B $ 3600 → BLOXY
  • Collect B $ 4800 → buckbuck
  • Death Effect Portal → CAKEBELIE
  • Skin Delinquent with No Brim → nobrimdelinquent
  • Pack including a Bloxy Delinquent skin, the Bloxy knife and the Bloxy effect → TheBloxies


If you want to activate codes on Arsenal , in order to recover some skins, virtual currencies or announcers of the game, you will only have to click on the Twitter icon, located at the bottom left of the main menu.

This action should allow you to access the ” Promocodes ” part in which you will only have to fill in the field where it says ” Enter your code here!” »  One of the roblox arsenal codes present in the list above  before clicking on the green button« Redeem ». Obviously, you can only enter one and unique code at a time and repeat this action as many times as necessary and collect the coins and skins that will help you make your character much classier in Arsenal.


Arsenal is a game belonging to the ROLVe studio, created in 2013, which brings together several developers from around the world. 

Created on August 18, 2015, Arsenal is one of the most popular titles on the Roblox platform. 

The game, which is inspired by licenses such as Counter-Strike, offers modes where several teams compete in closed cards on which players must eliminate their direct enemies in order to change weapons, like the Race to arming on CS, to the ultimate golden knife.

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