Roblox Bloxburg Houses ( Bloxburg House Ideas 2021 )

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Today at Joingames we’re taking a look at some great Bloxburg Houses Designs and share with you the best Bloxburg House Ideas for 2021 to help you build your dream Crib .

We’ll also share ideas for Roblox modern house bloxburg & ideas for Mansion, cheap , and bloxburg one story house ideas to help you think about what you might want to build in the future. so keep reading ….

Bloxburg House Ideas

We’ve rounded up a ton of great Roblox Bloxburg Houses Desings that we hope will help you with your next build!

If you’ve seen some great things online that aren’t featured in this post, let us know in the comments so we can add them to the list!

Here is our list of Bloxburg House ideas :

10k Cheap Modern House – A One Story House (No Game Pass)

If you want to build a modern single story house that has a modern look and is cheap, this is a great option! You have a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom that you can create for just 10k! If you have friends at home, there is a very nice area to sit with them and watch TV.

The Bloxburg house idea in the video above provides everything you need to build a 10K Modern House including Bedrooms, Kitchen, big windows, living area, stylish bathroom, etc.

Modern 2 story family Bloxburg house

This is a modern two story home with a dining room, kitchen, living room, garage, laundry room, and a bathroom with a tub on the first floor! 

There is a bathtub right next to a large window on the first floor, so be sure to put curtains up before using it. 

You have four different bedrooms upstairs and an interior balcony that allows you to see the first floor.

Bloxburg Blush Modern Mansion

If you are a huge fan of pink, then this blush mansion is a great option for someone with a lot of money. 

If you don’t like pink, you can always change the color to whatever you want! This construction has many interior details and great decorations that give it a special touch. 

The many windows and the sharp lines will make it particularly attractive to people who really like a modern look.

Cheap Modern Family House | Bloxburg Build

If you’re not a big fan of modern then this is a more traditional / contemporary build that’s light on the purse if you don’t have a lot of money! 

You have a couple of garage areas, as well as a ton of different rooms and everything you need for a two-story family home including foyer, living room, kitchen, dining room, office, laundry room, 2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms (including nursery), walk-in closet and a garage!

Bloxburg Build value is around 55k & Game passes needed are advanced placing & multiple floors .

Bloxburg Small Family House (No Game Pass)

This small family Bloxburg house has a homey feel to it, it is more traditional and has a distinct masculine appeal with the darker woods and brown tones. 

The interior design of this one is particularly well done, it really comes together and all the colors and styles used match very well. Stay tuned to the details of this, you can learn to furnish your future constructions with some of the options of this bloxburg house ideas.

Mid-century Bloxburg modern house

One of my favorite design styles is mid-century modern, and this little house represents it quite well. There are…

About this build infos , it goes like this : Multiple floors (used) 2 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms 53K

we are not done yet , let’s share with you the steps to follow in order to build Bloxburg Houses for anew players .

Bloxburg Houses : Step By Step Building Guide

This little house is going to cost you 30k , and the gamepasses you are going to need are the following

Bloxburg house ideas
Bloxburg house

First things first, we are starting with the exterior .

These are the structures this cool Bloxburg house, then the decorations come. We start with this: a 6×9 rectangle, and some 3×1 protrusions shown below

bloxburg houses

Then on the 2nd Floor, we gonna do the same step from before

2nd Floor bloxburg house ideas

With a gable roof, we roof the left rectangle . And with a Mansard Roof, we roof the entire roof, even below the Gable Roof, in such a way that it looks like the pics below :

Now down, we do use some cheap fences, to create a space like that

bloxburg house designs

First we add pots, and then tables, be careful: the pots must first go, in such a way that the pots look like plants, and the tables look like earth, and also add some windows

Roblox houses ideas

Then on the other side of our bloxburg house, we also put tables, with some wooden fences like a sidewalk, etc ….

how to make a house in bloxburg

And by adding some tables we make as if they were stairs , like shown in the photo below

roblox bloxburg houses

Then we put a window, making it as a door, and other windows as decoration, and some pillars .

best bloxburg houses decembre 2020

Then on the second floor, we put a little soil, for the balcony, and some cheaper pillars in the corners of the walls, for decoration, we paint a little, and we put some fences to the balcony like shown below :


last step to finish the outside look of our bloxburg house is to put a door on the balcony

bloxburg balcony door designs how to

Now we switch to the interior design for our cool bloxburg house . which will look something like this :

bloxburg house inside design

below are some pics showing how we decorated our house :

The living room bloxburg
The living room
bloxburg The kitchen
The kitchen

The dining room might look very small, but remembre this is a house of 2, plus also a part of the stairs, the one on the right is the dining room 🙂

cute bloxburg houses

Now we go to the second floor of our bloxburg build

Well, here the little house, I hope it helps you starting build cool bloxburg houses too .

we will be updating this guide more with latest Bloxburg house ideas. Re-visit us every week .