Roblox Jailbreak Codes – Updated List (2021)

Here is the latest & working Roblox Jailbreak Codes for March 2021 .

Hello there robloxers , if you’re reading this , then that could mean only one thing . You are searching for some jailbreak codes .

lucky for you joingames community if full with roblox players hence we always share with you the newest roblox promo codes & for today it’s gonna a list of the latest & newest working roblox jailbreak codes .

These cool codes shall allow you to get many rewards in jailbreak game , such as massive amount of cash , ATMs & some tokens too .

Roblox Jailbreak Codes 2021

Jailbreak Codes :Reward :StatusRelease
January5,000 CashActive11/30/20
BILLYBOUNCE5,000 CashActive10/23/20
M4DC1TY5,000 CashActive9/6/20
0MGC0D37,500 CashActive7/5/20
Ryguy7,500 CashActive6/7/20
Royale10,000 CashActive7/22/20
MovieMint5,000 CashExpired5/15/20
jailbreaktwoyears5,000 CashExpired4/15/20
RealKreek25,000 CashExpired6/10/20
Napkin10,000 CashExpired8/10/20
5K37CH$10,000 CashExpired4/10/20
SickDaySickDay1,000 CashExpired3/10/20
minimustangminimustang5,000 CashExpired2/27/20
DISCO2,500 CashExpired9/24/19
TH1NKP1NK5,000 CashExpired6/25/19
reachforthesky1 Royale TokenExpired5/28/19
STR33TL1N35,000 CashExpired4/23/19
S33Z4N27,000 CashExpired5/9/19
WEWILLTAKEOVERCArmor VehicleTextureExpired5/23/19
B3M1N32,000 CashExpired2/14/19
T4L3N5,000 CashExpired2/9/19
W33K3NDHYP315,000 CashExpired2/2/19

Pleae note that the jailbreak codes colored in green are working , while the ones in red are expired .

how to enter codes in jailbreak ?

To redeem jailbreak codes correctly in the game , please follow the steps below :

  • Search for a cash machine (ATM) nearby ,which can be found at bank , police offices , gas & train stations
  • Once you are at the ATM , a redeem field will pop up , in which you can enter your jailbreak codes , once at a time .
  • Final step is to check your inventory & you’ll see your rewars there .

Please note that roblox jailbreak codes are are case sensitive , hence can just enter them the way you see fit .

On the off chance some of the codes mentioned above are not redeemable or expired , please let us know in the comments section so we keep our codes table fresh & up to date .

you can play jailbreak here

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