Blox Fruits Tier List: Best Devil Fruits In Blox Fruits [October 2022]

Are you looking for the most up-to-date and accurate Blox Fruits tier list? Or maybe you’re looking to discover the best devil fruits in Blox Fruits? Well, that’s precisely what you’ll be able to determine in today’s guide.

Blox Fruits is another anime-based game heavily driven by the well-known One Piece anime and manga series. As of this year, the game climbed to the top in popularity among Roblox players.

Fruits, also called devil fruits, play a crucial role in determining which abilities and power-ups your character will benefit from within the game.

Therefore, knowing which Fruit to equip is crucial when it comes to enhancing your strength and handling dangerous bosses and other rival pirates.

With more than 30 devil fruits featured in the game, it may prove challenging to identify what Fruit is the most suitable for you. That’s why today on Joingames, we have done most of the heavy lifting for you and have compiled what we think is the best Blox Fruits tier list out there.

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Blox Fruits Tier List September 2022: Best Devil Fruits Ranked

Below you can find our rankings for each Blox Fruits devil fruit, along with the type of Fruit, icon, and rank according to our findings.

As you would expect, some of the more powerful devil fruits cost a fortune.

However, there are a couple of them that you are more likely to get at a reasonable price, such as the Flame Flame fruit.

Blox fruits buddha devil fruitBuddhaSBeast
Blox Fruits Dark devil fruitDarkSElemental
Blox Fruits Dough devil fruitDoughSNatural
Blox Fruits Dragon devil fruitDragonSBeast
Blox Fruits Ice devil fruitIceSElemental
Blox fruits Phoenix devil fruitPhoenixSBeast
Blox fruits Rumble devil fruitRumbleSElemental
Blox fruits Soul devil fruitSoulSNatural
Blox Fruits Venom devil fruitVenomSNatural
Blox Fruits Control devil fruitControlANatural
Blox Fruits Flame devil fruitFlameAElemental
Blox Fruits Light devil fruitLightAElemental
Blox Fruits Magma devil fruitMagmaAElemental
Blox Fruits Paw devil fruitPawANatural
Blox Fruits Quake devil fruitQuakeANatural
Blox Fruits Sand devil fruitSandAElemental
Blox Fruits String devil fruitStringANatural
Blox Fruits Barrier devil fruitBarrierBNatural
Blox Fruits Diamond devil fruitDiamondBNatural
Blox Fruits Door devil fruitDoorBNatural
Blox Fruits Gravity devil fruitGravityBNatural
Blox Fruits Love devil fruitLoveBNatural
Blox Fruits Revive devil fruitReviveBNatural
Blox Fruits Shadow devil fruitShadowBNatural
Blox Fruits Rubber devil fruitRubberCNatural
Blox Fruits Smoke devil fruitSmokeCElemental
Blox Fruits Chop devil fruitChopDNatural
Blox Fruits Falcon devil fruitFalconDBeast
Blox Fruits Bomb devil fruitBombFNatural
Blox Fruits Kilo devil fruitKiloFNatural
Blox Fruits Spike devil fruitSpikeFNatural
Blox Fruits Spin devil fruitSpinFNatural
Blox Fruits Spring devil fruitSpringFNatural

As you will notice from the table above, devil fruits have different types in Blox Fruits, with each kind affecting the power level and usefulness your character will receive.

Nonetheless, what matters most is the rank of each devil fruit, and that’s we highly recommend you keep your focus now.


There you have it, an exhaustive guide to the best devil fruits with our Blox Fruits tier list. Remember that this tier list is based on our personal opinion and experience playing the game.

It was not made to be a perfect guide but rather an outline to help new players get started with their adventure on the right foot. If you disagree with our choices or think we missed something, please feel free to leave me a comment below.

JoinGames Staff