GTA 5 Guide : The 10 most insane Easter Eggs in GTA 5

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Grand Theft Auto 5 is without a doubt a milestone in the world of video games. The game was released in 2013 and is still regularly in the weekly top ten best-selling games worldwide. More than 90 million copies have already been sold.

These astronomical numbers show the power of Rockstar’s game. But what secrets are in the game, and what purpose do they serve? There is a myriad of Easter eggs hiding in Los Santos, but these are the 10 most insane secrets in GTA 5.

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10. Bermuda Triangle

Fans have found a bizarre bug in GTA Online that reminds us of the Bermuda Triangle. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, the Bermuda Triangle is an area in the Atlantic Ocean connecting the coasts of Florida, Puerto Rico, and the island of Bermuda.

That area is notorious for the fact that planes and ships disappear under mysterious circumstances. Conspiracy theorists blame everything from aliens and magic spells to interdimensional portals and even Atlantis.

In the game, you will find a similar triangular area, formed by the Paleto Bay Bunker, the Series A hunting ship, and the north side of Paleto Bay.

As soon as you arrive in this area by boat or low by plane, you will be teleported straight back – without a vehicle! Try it out yourself.

One of the side missions will take you through this area while you are transporting goods. So pay attention, because in that case you will not only lose your vehicle, but also your belongings!

9. Kanye West’ NPC ?

One of the most notable NPCs is the one that closely resembles the controversial musician, Kanye West.

Rockstar has not officially admitted that the NPC is made in the image of the rapper, and it is also very difficult to find him. The NPC appears randomly and sporadically in the world, so if you want to find it you will have to keep looking carefully.

Take a look at the image: Do you have any idea where he is?

8. The ghost of Jolene Cranely

Mount Gordo is the smallest mountain in Grand Theft Auto 5 and can be found in northeastern Blaine County. There you can find the ghost of Jolene Cranley.

The history:

In 1978 Jolene Cranely and her husband Jock took a walk along the cliff of Mount Gordo, near the lighthouse. The couple had marital problems. Jock wanted to leave Blaine County to pursue his dream career. Jolene wanted to stay on, as she had to take care of her parents and her successful hotel. Jock therefore pushed her off the cliff, killing her. Police concluded that she accidentally fell and Jock went free, even though he was covered in blood.

Location and details:

You can see Jolene’s ghost every night between 11am and midnight, at the top of Mount Gordo. If you get close enough, she will disappear. In the rock the name ‘Jock’ is written in blood. You can see the exact location in the image below.

7. Flying Aliens / UFOs

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the first game in the series with a UFO. To unlock this easter egg you must have completed the game 100 percent or it will not appear.

You can find the UFO in three different places – Beam Me Up, Fort Zancudo and Mount Chiliad.

However, one more UFO can be found, on the north coast of San Andreas and north of Procopio Beach. This is the only UFO you can view before you have finished the game.

Pretty freaky, right?

6. Jessie Pinkman

This is arguably the strangest Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto 5 as it is totally unrelated to the story or characters in the game. Near the cable car in the north of Mount Chiliad, players of the PS3 or Xbox 360 version can find graffiti of a face.

That face doesn’t look like any of the characters in the game, but a lot of people believe it looks like Jessie Pinkman (Walter White’s henchman in Breaking Bad). Others are more likely to think it is an image of one of the producers.

If you play the PS4, Xbox One or PC version, you will find an image of a p*nis in the appropriate place. Either way, the caravan used to cook meth in the series can also be found in the game!

Yeah, easter eggs, b*tch!

5. Goatman

It wouldn’t be a Grand Theft Auto game if it didn’t contain a mythical creature’s Easter egg. Only this time it is not Bigfoot, but a creature named Goatman. It walks on two legs, is covered with hair from head to toe, and has two large horns on its head. Goatman is hiding at the Catfish View bridge.

Goatman is likely based on a legend from southern Texas, which emerges at the Old Alton Bridge. As if that wasn’t weird enough, that real bridge looks like the bridge in the game like two drops of water. Legend has it that when you approach the bridge at night in a car with the headlights off, Goatman shows himself. That’s exactly how the creature behaves in the game!

An encounter with Goatman is very rare and only one player managed to get a picture. Another player has posted a video on YouTube, where you can see Goatman standing next to some bushes.

Not everyone believes in this Easter egg, but we can say with certainty that you don’t want to run into Goatman in the middle of the night, whether he’s real or not!

4. Thelma and Louise in GTA5 ?

The Grand Theft Auto series is full of references to movies and TV series, it is only natural to find multiple easter eggs of that caliber. This refers to the 1991 classic Thelma and Louise. The easter egg can be found in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, near Raton Canyon between 7 pm and 8 pm.

If you are not familiar with the film, the story is about two women who decide out of boredom to take a short ride in the car. In a bar, they murder a rapist, after which they flee from the police. The most iconic scene where they drive straight for the Grand Canyon is recreated in the game.

This is the original scene:

And this is the version from GTA 5 :

3. Aliens

This is the very first Easter egg you can find during the first mission in the game. You may have already seen it, but we still want to mention it.

After Michael and Trevor rob the bank, you end up on a snowy road. When you have to turn right towards the bridge, you have to leave the road and head towards the river.

Under the bridge, you will find a Xenomorph egg, frozen in the river. You have to be quick, because you run the risk of the mission failing. You can enjoy the view for about 5 seconds, but it is worth it!

2. Mysterious giant bones

Another easter egg in the ‘strange creatures’ category: are these the bones of the ancient Megalodon, at the bottom of the ocean?

Players will have the opportunity to explore the ocean, using diving equipment. Rumors soon surfaced of two giant skeletons on the seafloor, one in the east and one in the west. The community has now decided that these are two sperm whales, as they are common in the coast of California.

It is an interesting easter egg anyway, as it takes quite a bit of effort to obtain diving equipment. A true reward for anyone who really wants to get the most out of the game.

1. gta 5 Underwater Hatch

Deep below sea level east of San Andreas, players will find a circular hatch at the bottom of the ocean. The shutter has a small rectangular window, from which a light shines when you get closer. This is a direct reference to the part from the TV series Lost.

The purpose of the build is unclear as it is not part of the game’s story. You can’t get too close either, as the pressure underwater is too strong. However, if you get close enough, you can hear something similar to Morse code.

The sound has been recognized by the community as Tap Code and deciphered. The message reads: “Hey, you never call me, do you want to go bowling?” That refers to Roman Bellic, Niko Bellic’s nephew from Grand Theft Auto 4.

What did you think of this list? Do you know more easter eggs? Let us know!

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