We will share with you the best Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition cheats & tricks so that you can take over the world and make your civilization the one that prospers at the end of the game. Dominating the world is neither more nor less the ultimate and primary objective of any game in Age of Empires 2 DE.

If you have already played, surely you know it and, if you are starting now, it will not take long to verify it. But, of course, the path to dominating the rest of the players and civilizations is not easy.

There are many ways to win a game. Each of the 35 civilizations the game offers you has its characteristics, and, of course, the strategies you choose to develop your game can be decisive.

Choose a civilization, an essential detail.

Saracens, English, Byzantines, Celts, Chinese… How is it possible to choose a civilization when you start playing for the first time?

The question you should ask yourself is not this, but which civilization offers you the statistics that best fit the type of game you want to carry out.

In many other video games, choosing civilization would probably be part of the tips to win games or the tricks to become the best player.

Things are not going like this here because Age Of Empires II DE offers you a completely different game experience depending on the game’s civilization and environment.

Due to this peculiarity, the best cheats in Age Of Empires II Definitive Edition will be of two types: general and specific, completely different depending on the civilization and environment you select in each game.

Which Age Of Empires II DE Civilization Is Better: A Not Trivial Question

Choosing this detail well is essential for everything that will come next, which is nothing less than 1000 years of history in which you have to make the world fall at your feet with the people you defend.

If the question were simply aesthetic, we would not give it importance. However, each civilization has several weak points and other strengths.

And its villagers respond to you differently; Age of Empires veterans are considered polyglots because of this.

For example, some are very strong in the game’s early stages but lose steam as technologies become more complex.

As we do not have the time or material space to give you a detailed explanation of the 35 civilizations without leaving many other things behind us, we will share some of the most classic and exciting if you want to win the game in its first bars.

Age Of Empires II DE tips to win a game quickly regardless of civilization and environment

It may seem a truism, but we will tell you anyway: don’t choose your civilization haphazardly. Instead, study the 35 available and think about which one is more like your strategist’s mind because it is not the same as taking over the world feeling like Napoleon as doing it as the most ferocious Jacobite warriors.

Of course, the ones we will show you are not the best in absolute terms, but they are excellent to start the game with an extra force that will decisively guide you towards victory.

Choose a strong point and take it to the extreme from the beginning

Think of the quality of each civilization and consider squeezing it as if your life depended on it – not you, but your puppets are going to make things difficult if you do not put the batteries – so that your first minutes of play are almost entirely oriented towards that virtue serving as a shield for all that is to come.

We will highlight some of those qualities of the most chosen civilizations to give you an idea …

English, for ranged attack by archers.

Without going any further, English is very popular in AoE 2 DE online games. This is partly because they feature long-range archers, a unit that can make a difference early in the game by allowing you to shoot safely from great distances.

Celts, if you want to take over the world in no time

Celts are also interesting, but only if you have the strategy to win the game as soon as possible.

The reason is that they move fast and attack even faster, but their technologies lag behind other civilizations as the game progresses.

China, as numerous as in real life

China is another empire that will give you extra power in the game’s early stages.

The power of the Chinese is based on numbers, as they grow dizzily, making it difficult for you to lack villagers and other units necessary to get the best out of each game.

We also speculate that they are especially good at building walls, although this will have to be verified for you.

Huns, warriors without fear of the weather

Another one that you should note on your list is that of the Huns. The reason is that they are the only ones who do not need houses to house the villagers.

In this way, you will be able to create a large number of them at the beginning of the game to collect materials and build other buildings, while the rest of the players must make houses and more houses to catch up with your civilization.

Empires to choose from for long games

The thing changes if you are not to wage blitzkrieg and try to take victory as fast as possible.

As we pointed out before, some civilizations start a little weak but grow in strength and power as the years go by.

Typically these are the ones chosen the most by seasoned players trying to figure out how to fast-forward in AOE 2 DE to get these empires to their best as soon as possible.

Spaniards, saved by gunpowder

An example of this type of civilization you have in the Spanish. They start the game a bit vulnerable, but everything changes when gunpowder appears.

At this time, you will have a series of units that, well used, can give you victory. In addition, the Spanish villagers are produced at an incredible speed, another virtue that must not be lost sight of.

Aztecs, possibly the fiercest civilization.

The Aztecs are a balanced people, yes, but they also have some of the deadliest units of all that you will find in AOE 2.

This means you can take advantage of the opening bars of the game to gather resources and create a fearsome army. Then, when the game is advanced, you can show the world your military might by spreading panic wherever you go.

Here we could bring the English back. Yes, we already know that we had recommended them above, but the truth is that they form one of the most balanced empires in the entire game.

So if you choose this civilization, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting more than one victory, thanks to its characteristics that adapt to all game moments.

Beware of the map

This is the last aspect we will refer to when choosing one civilization or another.

It is not the same to play on a flatter and broader land map than Castile, on one with the sea, or an archipelago of islands. As night and day change, things change between one situation and another, so you must choose accordingly.

Archipelagos, a luxury for Japanese

For archipelago maps where navigation is essential, any skilled player knows that the Japanese are the best.

They are because their galleys see 50% more than those of the enemies, because their fishing boats are the ones that collect the most and because they have fearsome warships.

Valhalla as a goal: the determination of the Vikings

If some other player takes the Japanese from you in an online game on islands, then you have hope of catching the Vikings.

With them, your ports will be 33% cheaper, the warships will need 20% fewer resources to build, and the maritime warfare force will be able to destroy anyone unlucky enough to come across you in the middle of the sea.

, But since in AOE 2 DE, not everything is water, there are also very practical civilizations to play on land.

Mongolian explorers: masters of the terrain

The Mongols, because of the speed of their cavalry, are a great choice in this regard, although they end up lagging a bit behind with the development of the games.

Gothic infantry: one of the most effective

The Goths are also interesting for ground combat, as they have infantry units that can be some of the most effective in all AOE 2 DE.

What’s more, one of the tricks you can do first is to choose the Goths and start creating foot soldiers like crazy.

So you could reach old age with an almost impossible army to defeat by number.

Eagle Eye for the Franks

The last ones that stand out on the ground are the Franks, especially on large maps, because they have a great range of vision and move very fast.

In addition, his cavalry is fast and has a lot of health, something essential for the great battles in which you can find yourself involved from one moment to another.

Some of the best Age of Empires 2 DE strategies in 2020

Once you know more or less the civilizations and their strengths, it is time to develop a game strategy that gives you more chances to win.

These are common in many cases to all empires, although you must always combine the most powerful aspects of these with the game mode you have, and here it is not worth doing the car trick (you know what we are talking about).

Know the map as your own home

It is essential, and you will not achieve it except with practice. Each map of AOE 2 DE has a series of peculiarities and points you must know to get hold of them as soon as possible.

Rivers difficult to cross

For example, on the map of the Highlands, there are very few points to cross the river.

If you control them from the beginning, more than half a game will be yours since you can be safe in your territory to be able to develop your civilization without fear caused by being the result of a sudden attack.

The same thing happens in the Black Forest scene. Here it would be best if you explored as soon as the game begins to find out where the attacks can come from.

The steps in this scenario are narrow, so it will be enough to build a wall and some defensive tower so that the enemy cannot enter your land just like that since the trees themselves will act as a natural barrier.

On the other hand, each map has different resources.

Wealth in Yucatan

The Yucatan is rich in food (and what food!), So you can delay the construction of farms and focus on collecting berries, so you don’t waste time or resources on something that nature is giving you.

On island maps, maritime force is essential, but not just war.

A solid fishing fleet can fill your food pantries so that you can develop with greater ease and tranquility.

Offense or defense?

No matter the map or the civilization with which you have decided to play, you must be clear if you are going to want a game in which to go on the attack or one in which to defend yourself.

This is a strategy that you should be clear about from the beginning and that, in addition, you should not change for anything in the world once you have begun to develop it since staying halfway through something in AOE 2 DE is synonymous with inevitable defeat.

Safe Urban Center: ramparts for victory

To defend yourself, the best thing is that you give great importance to your urban center. It is much easier to create impregnable cities than to have an empire open to all kinds of attacks because this is where the town festivals are organized (just kidding).

As is evident, walls and artillery towers are infallible elements for defense. But combining them is your job.

For example, creating a double wall with a good number of towers is something that will take time and will consume many of the resources of your empire, but, in return, it will give you the security to dedicate yourself to the economic aspects of the game that they can also provide you with victory.

Remember that one of the ways to achieve success in AOE 2 DE is to build one of the wonders in the game.

If you bet on this, you better start its construction in a well-defended space because it will be a long process, and some enemy could ruin it when it has little left to finish.

Military to cascoporro for an offensive conquest

If, on the other hand, you are going to attack, the walls of your cities will be less critical, and you will have to focus the consumption of your resources on creating balanced military units.

Follow the history a bit and design armies that combine archers, cavalry, and infantry, all followed by some artillery pieces in case you run into a wall or tower.

With forces of this type spread throughout the map, your name will resonate even in the cabin of the last of the villagers of the other empires, and it is that your armies will sow chaos wherever they pass.

Of course, always watch your rear. Nothing is worse in AOE 2 DE than being in the middle of an attack and seeing how you run out of your main settlement for not having defended it properly.

Ultimately, the best tricks in Age of Empires 2 DE are based on being clear about your strategy, choosing a civilization that fits what you want from the game, and getting the game onto the game maps.

With that, becoming the king of the world shouldn’t cost you too much.

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