How To Play GTA 5 Roleplay on PS5 In 2022

Can you play GTA 5 Roleplay on a PS5? The short answer would be a big YES. GTA 5 RP is so fun and brings a new flavor to your gameplay; not only are you able to join the GTA V RP server on PC, but also a console. Wanna know how? Then keep reading.

To join a GTA 5 roleplay server on PS5, you must create a Discord account and use an identical name in your Gamertag. Once you do that, join a reputable GTA 5 Discord server, such as the united Roleplay server, where you can apply for roles.

Now, let’s take you all the steps needed to play GTA V RP on PS5, starting with creating your Discord account, joining a server, and finally getting to the fun part, which is playing.

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How To Play GTA 5 Roleplay on PS5

Presuming you already own the game, Let’s jump right into the steps you need to follow to successfully play GTA V roleplay on PS5.

STEP 1: Create a Discord account

To play GTA V roleplay on PS5 you’ll have to have the game first, but also a Discord account is needed. On the off chance you don’t currently have a Discord account, here is how to create one:

Creating a Discord account on Desktop:

  • Head to the Discord website, and click on “Sign In” (top right).
  • Click on “Register” under the login button.
  • Enter your email address, username, password, and date of birth.
  • Accept the terms of use and click Next.
  • Confirm via the captcha that you are not a robot.
  • You will receive an email verifying your data; confirm it by clicking on the link in the email.

Creating a Discord account on Mobile:

  • Install and open the Discord mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Click on “Sign Up”.
  • Choose to sign up by cell phone number or email address and enter one of them. You will then receive a confirmation code by SMS or a link by email.
  • Enter the code or click on the link.
  • Enter the username and password, then your date of birth in the next step, and finally accept the terms of use.
  • Close the Discord account creation by clicking on the “Next” button.

Also, make sure your username matches your PS5 username, for this will help with your Discord Roleplay interview later on.

Now that you’ve got your Discord account setup and ready, let’s move on to the next step.

STEP 2: Find & Join a Discord GTA V RP server

Now, finding a reputable Discord server where the Roleplay option is enabled can be hard, and getting accepeted into one is even harder.

Thankfully, we at Joingamaes did all the searching on your behalf and found the best GTA 5 RP Discord server to join, and it is called “United Roleplay”. Simply click here to join it. However, we’re just getting started, joining a server isn’t the last step, there are others to follow, so keep reading on.

STEP 3: Apply for your desired role

Now that you’re on the Discord server, you’ll need to go through an interview, where you’ll need to answer a couple of simple answers to ensure you’re allowed access to the GTA 5 RP server.

Here are some tips & tricks to make sure you ace that interview and get to playing GTA 5 roleplay on your PS5 in no time.

First things first, navigate to the “Role Assign” tab and pick your departments and your console, in this case, it will be PS5.

This is crucial and will help the server recruiter know which role you have in mind, you have a bunch of roles to pick from such as CIV, LEO, SAFD, COM, and so on.

Also, getting familiar with the server’s rules is very important, this way you know what is allowed and what’s not, and can evade any risk of getting banned later on.

Now, the last thing to do is wait for the administrator to look into your application and he’ll get to decide whether to accept it or deny it.

Nine of ten, you’ll get accepted automatically if your application has enough Info, and there won’t be any need to go through an interview.

However, if you’re contacted by the recruiter, don’t panic. You’ll be asked a couple of simple questions such as how did you find the server? how active are you planning on being on the server? and so on.

As a bonus, make sure to mention you found out about the server through, for this, will help you get accepted in no time, since some of our staff are also mods on the United Roleplay server.

STEP 4: Start playing GTA 5 RP on PS5

Once you’re accepted into the server, you should if you’ve followed the steps outlined above.

You’ll be invited to the main PS5 roleplay server and get to playing in no time. Make sure to add as many friends as possible from the discord server and also be nice to the mods, for this will help you look like an authentic player and lower your chances of getting banned.


Well, this was all there is to know about playing GTA5 roleplay on PS5. Should your application to join the discord server get denied, please leave a comment below with your PS5 Gamertag and we’ll look into it.

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