Minecraft Enchantments | How To enchant In Minecraft

A key part of enjoying Your Minecraft Gameplay is building cool houses & Crafting items but also knowing how to make the most of Minecraft Enchantments mechanics. 

Keep in mind that if you play in Minecraft Adventure Mode you will have to advance a lot to be able to obtain materials such as diamonds and obsidian to have enough resources to enchant our tools

In addition, we must also take into account the luck factor that plays a role in Minecraft enchantments and does not depend on us, so patience is key if we want to achieve the best qualities in our picks, swords, and other utensils. 

Here we have listed the best and worst Minecraft enchantments and how to get them.

Minecraft Enchantments : How To enchant Items

in order to execute our enchantments, we will need to have  15 libraries. For this, we must have previously obtained  45 books, 90 units of wood, 45 skins, and 22.5 logs. 

In addition, our character will have to be level 30 or higher if we want to reach the maximum level of probability when it comes to enchanting. 

Once we have placed our table of enchantments in the middle of the bookstores, we can begin to enchant.

Minecraft Enchantments guide

The best Minecraft enchantments

  • Review clothing (or Mending)  is one of the best enchantments of the title, since it causes that  as we gain experience our objects are repaired . It is called as a treasure enchantment, so we can not  obtain it  through the enchantment table but by  buying it ,  in a loot chest, fishing, looting or trading with villagers.  Of course, if we have an object enchanted with  Infinity,  we will not be able to add this improvement.
  • Unbreaking III : it is another of the best enchantments that we can get used to  increase the maximum level of durability of our objects . In this way we can get the most out of our diamond tools or with good enchantments. Of course, we have to bear in mind that despite its name, the duration of the objects will never be infinite, although it will be considerably longer.
  • Fortune III : Finally, this enchantment is very useful if we plan to dedicate ourselves to obtaining all the possible diamonds based on mining. With this enchantment, each time we chop a resource we will have a  percentage of probability that we will obtain more units of it . That is, by mincing a diamond we can get three. If we  combine this enchantment with Efficiency , we can  accelerate our progress  exponentially.

The worst Minecraft enchantments

Of course, enchantments also have their downside. Some may be curious but not very useful.

For example, ” Bane of the Arthropods”  will grant us attack damage against spiders, which is positive but only in very circumstantial moments. 

The same goes for  Smash, which gives us extra attack damage against enemies but has no palpable impact on combat. Another example of an enchantment that doesn’t make up for our efforts is  Curse of Binding, which prevents you from removing your armor.

In case you like video tutorials better, here is a Minecraft enchantments short guide to follow :

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