How To Build Minecraft Houses (2022 Minecraft Tutorial)

If You are a Minecraft player, then you might wanna learn how to build your first couple of Minecraft houses. Minecraft is one of the most popular video games right now, while its aesthetics and graphics are quite simple (both the map and the characters are square-like pixels) but its playability and the possibilities it offers are almost endless.

One of the strengths of Minecraft is that the map is customizable, which means you can collect materials to build things, from dungeons to unbreaking or building houses.

This Minecraft Guide is all about how to build houses and if you have ever played Minecraft you will know everything that can be built, if not let us show you some examples to see all the architectural potential that the game has.

There are different game modes and depending on which one you play it might be more difficult or easy to get materials, but let’s focus on what interests us which is Minecraft veins

As if it were real life, we have to carefully choose the materials that we are going to use in the construction of our house. 

There are three types of building materials in the game and each has its own characteristics. Let’s see what they are:

  • Wood : It is the most abundant in the game and can be obtained as real loggers do.
  • Crystal : As in the real world, crystal is obtained by smelting silica, which we find in the game arena.
  • Iron : This material is available between levels 1 and 63 and is obtained from the smelting of iron and coal.

Once we have the materials, we must choose the location of our house, this is really important and will determine the final result of your Minecraft house building. 

How To Build Minecraft Houses (Step By Step Guide)

As an initiation test in the construction world, we will make a 5×5 modern mini house, that is, one that occupies 5 squares in width and length. 

Let’s see the steps to follow for building Minecraft houses :

The first step we have to put in is the staircase, which will serve as an entrance to the house and to set a starting point on which to build, and two blocks adjoining the squares of the staircase.

Starting from the initial block, we place another three to fill five squares. Then from that last block, you have to add four, in both directions until you reach the height of the stairs.

Now you have to place other stairs in the opposite direction to the initials and a concrete block. Then a door is added and decorative wood is placed for the interior. It should look like this

Now it is the turn of the windows. To do this, you have to place five wooden blocks up and one to the right, as if we were building an ‘L’. Once this is done, you have to place three concrete blocks one square later at the other end and close them with wood so that it looks like this

Glass panels are added

Then we add some concrete blocks to leave the facade of the house closed in half and we leave a hole for a small window

We repeat the same process and put another window on the second floor

The next step is to go to the other side of the facade and put concrete pieces with spaces for two square windows and wooden supports so that it looks like this

We do the same again, but this time we leave space for three square windows and place all the glass

Now we are going to close with concrete the side that remains open of the house and we place three strips of unclosed wood and we are closing the roof. 

Now it’s time to close the main window.

Then you have to place the stairs. You have to put one normal and another upside down until it hits the cement. Add a wooden square and a door and it should look like this: 

Inside you have to place the between floors and leave space for stairs (ladders) and that’s it. You already have your small modern house in Minecraft, you just need to decorate it as you want.

In case it is easier for you, here is a video from YouTuber WinderDude explaining the process for how to build Minecraft houses:

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