Aura Kingdom Codes List [October 2022] Free Silver, Gold, Ruby Coins, Loyalty Points & More.

Are you on the hunt for the latest active Aura Kingdom Codes? Which you can redeem to obtain a bunch of free gold, silver, ruby coins, costumes, and a whole lot more? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Released in 2013, Aura Kingdom is an adventurous MMO RPG game developed and published by X Legend Entertainment Co Ltd. The game can be played on multiple platforms, including Android, IOS, and PC.

In this game, you embark on a journey to explore the world and summon the Eidolons located within. Harness their incredible strengths to raid dungeons and defeat other players worldwide.

Although Aura Kingdom is a completely free-to-play game, there are some in-game features and perks that, when obtained early, can give you a slight advantage in your quests, be it more Ruby coins, Silver, Gold, and more.

That’s why today, on JoinGames, being a fan of this game ourselves; we will be sharing with you the latest Aura Kingdom, which you can collect and redeem to get exciting rewards like Ruby Coins, Silver, Gold, and multiple more exclusive in-game prizes.

Just continue reading, and you will be able to learn precisely where to get the latest active promo codes and find out how to redeem them successfully.

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Aura Kingdom

Game Information

  • Title – Aura Kingdom
  • Publisher – X Legend Entertainment Co Ltd
  • Initial release date: December 23, 2013
  • Genre – MMO, RPG, Adventure
  • Platforms – Android, iOS, PC

How To Redeem Aura Kingdom Codes 2022

Using these codes, you can redeem multiple rewards and even get free Ruby Coins, LP, Gold, and lots of equipment. Just follow these simple steps to redeem Aura Kingdom codes:

  • First, tap the X widget displayed in the top left corner of the game screen.
  • Next, tap the gift box.
  • Copy one of the Aura Kingdom codes listed below, and paste it into the redemption field.
  • Finally, tap the apply button to redeem. And receive your reward.

Aura Kingdom Codes List [October 2022]

As you will shortly find out, we have listed all the available and active free promo codes you can use in Aura Kingdom. To redeem them, you can follow the step we mentioned earlier.

Active Aura Kingdom codes:

  • GR-GKAD-1L4R-8TQ9-H9KD
  • GR-J25Y-JSPH-5G5F-N1BF
  • GR-S2A8-SQ0K-TY69-M1FV
  • GR-9X91-18H4-BLN8-7280
  • GR-1D6N-8PHL-DXRP-09GA
  • GR-P2RX-9CH7-8RT7-E5PE
  • GR-4HJ1-FJ8P-3Z29-1N1W
  • GR-QR00-55YT-F6XL-B79F
  • GR-ABDV-LY04-JD07-R5CE
  • GR-4NBW-P723-628B-CRK2
  • GR-2AAQ-QR3Y-J8LH-20YC
  • GR-ZG0W-YC25-CZC8-3AM9

Expired Aura Kingdom Codes:

  • G̶R̶-̶4̶X̶C̶D̶-̶9̶P̶C̶L̶-̶P̶G̶1̶U̶-̶Q̶G̶U̶8̶
  • G̶R̶-̶Z̶R̶4̶A̶-̶Y̶F̶7̶6̶-̶2̶H̶H̶0̶-̶F̶4̶8̶3̶
  • G̶R̶-̶5̶4̶D̶P̶-̶P̶K̶0̶H̶-̶V̶W̶C̶N̶-̶2̶Q̶N̶E̶
  • G̶R̶-̶Y̶L̶E̶F̶-̶T̶C̶3̶L̶-̶Q̶A̶S̶M̶-̶4̶7̶8̶E̶
  • G̶R̶-̶G̶E̶J̶D̶-̶1̶S̶D̶7̶-̶C̶F̶N̶B̶-̶G̶8̶4̶5̶
  • G̶R̶-̶4̶5̶2̶2̶-̶N̶1̶F̶2̶-̶R̶D̶1̶V̶-̶2̶T̶Z̶N̶
  • G̶R̶-̶M̶Y̶S̶Y̶-̶K̶B̶H̶C̶-̶U̶G̶1̶7̶-̶V̶X̶F̶M̶
  • G̶R̶-̶E̶9̶Z̶F̶-̶L̶N̶7̶N̶-̶V̶Z̶C̶R̶-̶L̶P̶S̶W̶
  • G̶R̶-̶R̶J̶2̶P̶-̶2̶8̶Z̶J̶-̶F̶2̶E̶7̶-̶Z̶2̶J̶S̶
  • G̶R̶-̶X̶T̶4̶N̶-̶1̶H̶1̶G̶-̶K̶N̶Z̶7̶-̶L̶F̶A̶H̶
  • G̶R̶-̶J̶D̶2̶E̶-̶9̶2̶4̶6̶-̶W̶R̶D̶C̶-̶S̶5̶1̶M̶
  • G̶R̶-̶N̶L̶R̶7̶-̶H̶A̶K̶0̶-̶L̶V̶4̶C̶-̶E̶Q̶G̶U̶
  • G̶R̶-̶J̶7̶6̶C̶-̶Z̶U̶5̶5̶-̶B̶E̶U̶D̶-̶6̶X̶K̶8̶
  • G̶R̶-̶Y̶Y̶S̶Z̶-̶Q̶S̶8̶N̶-̶A̶D̶F̶N̶-̶W̶H̶U̶X̶

Aura Kingdom codes are only redeemable for a very short window. Thus, you should hurry and redeem them as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that the codes listed above are case-sensitive. That means they must be entered exactly as shown above, including any additional upper and lower case characters or letters.

If any of the codes in this list are no longer valid, please do not hesitate to inform us immediately via the comments section below, as doing so will help us ensure that our list of codes is active and up-to-date.


And there you have it; the most recent and active Aura Kingdom codes list for this month. You can go ahead and redeem them and enjoy your free rewards; you can also share them with your friends to enjoy the game together.

While you’re at, you may want to add this page to your bookmarks so you can drop by another time and collect some newly released promo codes.

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