[TOP 7] Best Gorilla Tag Mods To Try Right Now

So you wanna know about the best Gorilla Tag mods! Gorilla Tag is a very exciting and enjoyable game and it’s not hard to see why, after all, it was nominated for the hottest VR game of the year back in 2021. Gorilla tag proved that it was worth all the huge hype and popularity, as it offers players one of the best multiplayer VR experiences that they could ever get.

In Gorilla Tag, you are transformed into a free-flying monkey as you chase and tag other players around a maze of jungle playgrounds. Even though it’s still considered a newcomer to the VR gaming scene, Gorilla Tag has already managed to attract a strong modding community of interested and curious people around it, which in turn has led the game to be flourished with new and exciting mods coming out now and then.

So today on JoinGames, we’ll be taking you on a journey to discover everything you need to know about the best Gorilla Tag mods, including where you can find them and also how to install them correctly.

These are the Best Gorilla Tag Mods:

  • Monke Mod Manager
  • No More Gravity
  • Monke Music
  • Gorilla Signs
  • Gorilla Cosmetics
  • Stats Board
  • Monke Map Loader
  • Smooth Camera
  • Spider Monke
  • Gorilla Pistol
  • Monke Mod Menu
  • Holdable Banana


Before even thinking about modding Gorilla Tag, you should certainly consider a mod manager. Monke Mod Manager is the best there is when it comes to organizing and keeping things in order.

Developed by Deadly Kitten, this cool utility mod will help you install, update and manage all your custom mods in Gorilla Tag automatically. Furthermore, it also notifies you of any required updates at startup to keep your mods up-to-date and bug-free.


As the name suggests, No More Gravity is a mod that removes gravity from your Gorilla Tag game. Now you can roam the map freely without being held down by gravity. This mod is aimed at modded lobbies, but can also be used in normal lobbies.

As an alternative to this mod, if you don’t want your game to be overpowered, you can opt for the GravMonke mod instead. It’s similar to No Gravity, but with a slight twist, it only allows you to gravitate towards surfaces you touch, so you can run along walls as if they were floors.


If you’ve ever wanted to blast some of your favorite hype music while you run, scramble, and climb in Gorrila Tag, now’s your chance. Monke Music is a mod you can use pretty much anywhere in Publics, Privates, Utila Modded Lobbies, etc. It allows you to listen to your very own music, as it supports both .OGG and .WAV file formats.

This mod comes packed with some very useful options, for instance, on your left palm, there will be some text indicating what you’re listening to and how far you’ve gotten. You can either use your left controller’s analog stick to switch songs or press X to pause/replay your song.


Gorilla Cosmetic is a must-have mod if you want to look cool, stylish, and trendy while playing Gorilla Tag. It allows you to customize the looks of gorillas by adding cool outfits, shiny accessories, and cool hats.

This mod is quite easy to set up, you can either install it manually or use the previously mentioned Monke Mod Manager. Keep in mind that you’ll need to install the latest Utilla release in order for this mod to function properly.


This is a simple but very useful Gorilla Tag mod, If you ever wanted to show off how good you are at Gorilla Tag in front of everyone! Now is your chance.

Stats Board is a mod that keeps track of a lot of in-game stats for you and displays them for everyone to see. It shows how many tags you got, how many times you tagged and got tagged, how many Hunt matches you won, and much more!

And there you have it, these were our favorite Gorilla Tag mods. We sincerely hope that you will have the opportunity to review them and choose to implement some of them in your next Gorilla Tag gaming session.

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