20 Best Kenshi Mods [Best & Free Kenshi Mods 2022]

Kenshi Mods

Today at Joingames we share with you the best Kenshi Mods, these mods will help you manage the game easier & more creative for sure. but first here is a small intro about Kenshi

Kenshi is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game with elements of management strategy and survival. Kenshi was released worldwide on December 6, 2018.

You’ll have to explore a large open world where you can trade, steal, rebel, form a gang, farm, be enslaved, or be on an ogre’s table.

This game will make you lose sleep for a couple of nights for sure. for good & bad reasons lol, you can create your own empire and control every game aspect.

Top 20 Best & Free Kenshi Mods [2022]

Kenshi is harsh but fair. some players might say the game’s Management is difficult, to begin with, but once you learn the basics, you can easily play.

without further ado here is a list of Kenshi mods that will 100% help you conquer the game.

Neeko Mod from League of Legends

With this mod, Neeko will appear in Kenshi straight from League of Legends, while her characteristic debuffs on abilities and bonuses are present.

Crafting research and books

The mod allows you to turn one type of research into another – (in a chain) book-ancient book-engineering research-AI core.

New animations Mod

This mod adds new unique animations to the game. 8 types for heavy weapons, 8 types for sabers, 7 types for blunt weapons, 5 types for axes, and others. New animations will become available as you develop your weapon skill.

Expanded storage

The Kenshi mod expands the storage capacity at the mines of iron, copper, and stone – now they contain 100 units of resources.

Colorful ReShade

The mod significantly improves the color scheme of Kenshi – now the game will show itself in all its glory thanks to the bright colors. Please note that this is only a preset for ReShade, the mod itself must be downloaded separately.

luxury items Crafter

The mod adds two crafting stations – for creating luxurious items and carpets. On the first one you can make statues and other expensive items, and on the second one – simple and expensive carpets.

A new Kenshi beginning

This mod adds a new start, a new character, a stronger weapon that is not available in the game. The starting weapon (Hellblade) is one of a kind, if you lose it, it will disappear forever. Adds a slightly tricky backpack, it is larger than usual, with better stack and small buffs. Adds powerful armor.

dialogue for recruiting prisoners

This mod is allows you to hire prisoners. Basically, the modification corrects grammatical errors and other inaccuracies. Naturally, the original mod from the Steam Workshop is required to work.

Improved rain Mod

This little mod changes the look of rain, making it more attractive and less annoying.

Kenshi Pedestrian Bridge Mod

This mod adds a large Number of Bridges and stairs to access the riches on the west bank of the river estuary at Wend (near Blister Hill). There are many very fertile little terraces (maybe about 8 or 9) plus three very rich, 3 people, iron knots. 

Pizza production

This mod adds a new level of agricultural research called Pizza Making, which allows the player to craft, eat, and potentially mass-produce pizza: compound foods with high nutritional content.

Realistic Kenshi barges

This mod will convert standard barges to realistic sizes according to the NPC. They are not decorated, but you can do a lot with the in-game editor. They are available in the Miscellaneous category in the buildings menu (shift-f12).

Star Wars Kenshi

In this mod, the author only edited the skills, placed descriptions, and improved the beginning of the game. Instructions: Just unzip the file and place the Star Wars folder in the Mods folder, activate the mod, and configure the game so that Darth Vader appears in the Black Desert City.

Shrieking Bandits Mod

This mod adds new characters to the screaming bandit’s faction with their unique armor and weapons, also some screaming bandits may have such weapons as me to with them, although this quality is called differently in fashion

That sums it up for our Kenshi Mods List. If you seek more mods, here is a video tutorial for more mods :

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