The Best Minecraft Mods & How To Install Them On PC

Best Minecraft Mods

Today at Joingames we share with you the best Minecraft mods for PC and how to install them in order to open a range of possibilities in your Minecraft gameplay.

Minecraft is a title that has been around for years and that has more and more players. Thanks to a recent trend in which a good number of YouTubers and streamers have played it, young audiences have been able to rediscover this timeless creative game.

So even with the passing of time, we can become bored of the content found in the game, so in this part of our complete guide of Minecraft will share with you the best Minecraft mods for the PC version of the game.

Best Minecraft Mods 2021

Below we recommend a list of Minecraft mods that we are the best so far & worthy of listing, keep in mind that these are not the same as Minecraft commands.

In addition, on the mods list itself, we find a useful description of each mod and install it on PC in a simple and step-by-step way.

Reflection of rays and beautiful lighting (Minecraft shader)

A well-known Minecraft shader, which added ray reflection to the game, similar to ray tracing, but which is based on a different algorithm. The shader requires a powerful computer, but an RTX graphics card is optional, although highly encouraged.

Sonic Ether’s Unbeliveable Shaders – Cinematic Shaders

Shaders from the author of ray tracing in Minecraft not only improve lighting but also transform the picture as a whole – they add a beautiful effect on blocks in the rain, change the clouds to new procedurally generated ones. In general, shaders give the game a cinematic look: the perfect thing for beautiful screenshots.

GLSL Shaders – Minecraft shader support

This file by itself does not change the game in any way – it serves only as a sublayer for shaders and graphics mods, and therefore some shaders require it.

Optifine Minecraft

This cool Minecraft mod adds support for high-resolution textures to Minecraft, as well as many additional graphical effects.

Photorealistic Minecraft Shaders

The pack of shaders based on the SEUS mod makes the game even more colorful – now the effects and the overall picture are almost photorealistic – a colorful sky, improved shadows, clearly dependent on the sun and wonderful clouds will delight the eye, but will make the hardware suffer: the modification is very demanding on the computer.

KUDA Shader – DoF and Enhanced Sun Rays

This shader is best suited specifically for screenshots – offering colorful sunbeams, the mod also adds the ability to adjust the depth of field, which will be very useful for beautiful landscapes, for example.

Carpenter’s Blocks – Minecraft mods for Blocks

The Carpenter’s Blocks mod includes many detailed objects that are great for decorating your home. Chairs, tables, clocks, roof slopes, plates, cutlery, bottles, dishes, a chandelier with candles, even a stuffed pig – there is everything you could wish for.

Shaders for weak PCs

This mod took care of people with not the most powerful computers and managed to optimize their shaders so that they provide the player with all the basic details (water reflections, improved dynamic lighting, and high-quality shadows, as well as a number of other effects), but at the same time did not consume too many resources.

FastCraft – performance improvements Mod

This is one of the best Minecraft mods on this list, for it noticeably improves the performance of the game on weak hardware, and also optimizes Minecraft to work with a large number of mods.

JourneyMap – handy Minecraft world map

The Journeyman mod adds a handy and beautiful map to the game with many cool features. By default, the map is displayed in a separate menu, but if you wish, you can enable the minimap mode, which will be displayed over the interface.

Minecraft lag free shaders

Despite the fact that shaders usually require very powerful computers, ShadowMiner09 has managed to create a beautiful shader that, although it embellishes Minecraft, can work without a huge FPS loss on medium devices.

New Swords (75+) [1.15.2] [Forge]

The mod will replenish your arsenal with more than 75 different swords, which will have bright textures and beautiful animation, and some of them will even have special enhancements and effects.

Plants and foliage sway [1.7.10]

With these Minecraft mods, any vegetation – grass, tree leaves – will sway, resembling living ones. Such a small but very important detail will give the whole world more life – the shader does not improve any effects, but it will definitely increase the atmosphere due to shaking. GLSL is required to work.

VM Computers – a computer you can play

New mod of a fully working personal computer (works similarly to virtual machines). The video shows the Windows installation process, painting in Microsoft Paint, and even Doom gameplay.

Using a tablet, the player ordered components and then assembled a full-fledged PC from them.

You can read the installation instructions by clicking the Download button.

Super Shaders – Contrast Minecraft World

This pack of Minecraft mods for shaders brings contrast and vivid attractive colors to the game – the picture becomes more colorful and pleasant. The clouds in this shader are also created new, but thinner than in other modes, which makes them look much more realistic than in other mods.

Inventory Tweaks – automate Minecraft inventory

This Minecraft Inventory Tweaks mod allows you to automate many of the routine moments in Minecraft. For example, it automatically replaces a broken tool with a new one from the inventory, combines blocks of the same type into piles, and sorts the contents of the backpack in one click. And these are only the most useful features, there are many others on the menu!

Ultimate Car Mod – mod for cars, fuel, roads [1.15.2] [Forge]

This Modis is mainly for cars, it will allow you to create cards of different sizes, colors, and capacities, the characteristics will depend on the parts that you will use. Each car will need refueling and repair, so you will have to get fuel and periodically call in a car service. In addition to the cars themselves, you will have access to asphalt blocks for creating roads and brushes for applying markings on them.

TerraFirmaCraft [1.7.10] – hardcore survival mode

TerraFirmaCraft turns it upside down and reveals every bit of the original Minecraft’s survival mode, transforming it from a sandbox into a realistic simulation. TFC divides development into three eras – stone, bronze, and iron, and now players will have to obey all the laws of physics during any of their activities – be it going into the mine or building. 

For example, now, in order to cut down a tree, you need to find branches and stones, collect an ax from them, and only then you can get several logs. To get boards from a log, you need a saw that is cast from metal. 

It needs to be extracted from nuggets in the ground. Stone, earth, and sand are now 23 types, minerals – 20 types, and metals – 22, including 10 alloys. Consider that you need Minecraft 1.7.10 to work. The player does not need the later versions – TerraFirmaCraft completely changes the whole game without them.

Pam’s Harvestcraft – Minecraft Food and Hunger Processing

Tired of eating the same foods? You can diversify your diet with Pam’s Harvestcraft mod. He adds over a thousand new products and items to the game, including several dozen new seeds, almost twenty new fish, more than three dozen new fruits, and even vegetarian dishes.

At the same time, all food is balanced in terms of the difficulty of obtaining and the resulting saturation, so the modification can be safely turned on during the game in survival mode.

Decocraft 2 – detailed Minecraft objects

Some Minecraft mods add a huge number of new items, including interactive ones. Also, a big advantage of Decocraft 2 is compatibility with Carpenter’s Blocks, so you won’t have to choose between the two modifications. However, on slower computers, the abundance of objects can reduce performance.

Working NES Minecraft emulator

The mod adds a working Nintendo Entertainment System to the game. You can load any games on the console into it and run: in the form of discs, games will be available in creative mode.

Forge is required to work. To install games, you need to launch Minecraft with the mod – the ROMs folder will appear in the game folder, where you then need to drop the images of the games.

Biomes O’Plenty – 50 new biomes

This mod was created for those who do not have enough of the biomes from the original Minecraft. The Biomes O’Plenty mod adds 50 new biomes to Minecraft, including alpine mountains and even a radioactive wasteland. 

Also included with this main component are new items – tools, armor, food, as well as blocks of new biomes. By the way, the mod is compatible with LotsOMobs, the main thing is to install it correctly.

What Am I Looking At – displays the name of the Minecraft items

Not so much a mod as a handy tool for the hapless mod maker. What Am I Looking At is installed on top of the Not Enough Items modification mentioned above. It has only one, but very useful function: to show the name of the item the player is looking at, as well as display the mod that this item has added. What Am I Looking At supports many mods, so some of the blocks have additional information? For example, a battery charge or a full water tank.

Genetic Animals Mod – realistic animals, genetics [1.15.2] [Forge]

Genetic Animals Mod – will change some game mobs making them much more realistic and beautiful. Now many animals will have many colors, new, realistic models that, along with the coloring, will change depending on the biome.

Mod functions:

  • The appearance of many mobs – many mobs have a model replaced with a more realistic one, for example, rabbits can be of different sizes, depending on the biome, the model and coloring of animals can change.
  • Genetics system – the mod will add a genetics system to the game, that is, by crossing animals with certain characteristics, their offspring will also have certain traits, coloring, size, coat color. This way you can have herds of animals of different breeds.
  • Hunger system – animals must eat, if they are hungry, then they will not reproduce, they will give less milk, eggs, or even stop giving, for example, wool. Mobs now have a more extensive diet, for example pigs (boars) dig the ground in search of a game.

Minecraft Summer Shader

To preserve the feeling and atmosphere of a carefree summer in Minecraft, modder TenthRelentless created a shader that brings bright summer colors to the game. Of course, the shader focuses on light and yellow colors, enhancing and enhancing the lighting.

Minecraft rope bridges

The mountain biome in Minecraft is not easy to handle. To navigate them, you have to constantly jump, which takes up valuable time. Rope Bridge mod will help speed up navigation. As the name suggests, this mod adds rope bridges to Minecraft that are set up with a grappling hook. To get over the next ravine, it is enough to throw a bridge over it and run.

Minecraft Acid Shader

Let most shaders pump graphics, Minecraft Acid Shader works differently. It does not improve lighting or water reflections. But with it, the horizon in front of the player will curl into a spiral, gradually swaying. It begins to seem that the main character is under the effect of drugs. 

At the same time, in fact, the mod does not change the terrain – what it was before, it will remain so when the player approaches it. But navigating with this mod is still not so easy: can you find your way home when everything is spinning?

That’s about it for our Minecraft Mods List, want some more ?? check this video

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