[TOP 7] Best SWTOR Mods In 2022

Are you looking for the best SWTOR mods? Well, look no further! Star Wars: The Old Republic, SWTOR for shorts is a beautifully crafted MMO. There’s no shortage of characters to play, and the vocal execution is superb, also its PvP battles feature some really clever twists and turns.

In addition, the game has a huge amount of content that will draw you in for a long time, and most importantly, it doesn’t drift away too far from the standard MMO mechanics.

The game is not free from flaws, but it’s definitely not something that makes the game anything less than a highly desirable MMO title with substantial and satisfying pieces of content.

On its own Star Wars: The Old Republic delivers an intense amount of fun and adventures for all RPG and MMO fans alike! But, another perk of this game is that it’s mods-friendly, and has a large passionate and innovative modding communing, which led to it having dozens of fun and exciting mods.

So today on JoinGames, we’ve decided to take you on a journey to discover the best SWTOR mods that exist so far, and that every enthusiast of this game should try.

Here are the best Star Wars: The Old Republic mods:

  • Mouse Always On
  • Bounty Hunter GUI
  • Alien Heads Mod
  • Z’s ReShade Preset
  • Clan List
  • Kobalt’s sleek Reshade

Mouse Always On

Are you annoyed by having to keep pressing the damn mouse button each time you check around? The Mouse Always On mod will save you all that needless pain of having to hold a Mouse button for 80% of your gameplay.

Using this mod you’ll also be able to easily ramp up the influence level of your companions without having to click a few thousand times on a stack of gifts. Keep in mind that this mod only does the clicking for you! You still need the stacks.

Alien Heads Mod

Star Wars is all about uncharted space, aliens, and advanced weapons. The Alien Replacement Mod allows you to have a taste of that, it provides a wide variety of Alien heads that you can use as in-game heads for your playable character.

Basically, it adds the male and female faces of Kel Dor, Beat, Mon Kala, Kalesh, Rakata, Duros, Daichur, Gand, Devaronian, Rodian Nobody, and the legendary Selkat as an in-game head skin option that you can use while building your character.

Z’s ReShade Preset

Star Wars: The Old Republic already has stunning visuals and breathtaking graphics. However, as time passes and between each update, some of these elements begin to fade or break.

To prevent this from happening, you can get the Z’s ReShade Preset mod that not only gives your game deeper and more vibrant colors but also upholds them. If you want to bring more life into your SWTOR gameplay, this mod is a must-have.

Clan List

The Clan list mod does exactly what it says, it enables you to track all of the clan members you have in a clan. It basically comes as an Excel Sheet, where you are able to list all members of your guild with all their associated information such as:

  • Name of the character
  • Legacy name of the player
  • Character’s class and combat class
  • The guild rank
  • The real-life name of the player
  • A note

It’s a straightforward mod, easy to use, and very simple to set up. For the graphs to be updated, you just need to close the sheet and open it again, and you’ll be all set.

Kobalt’s sleek Reshade

Kobalt’s Sleek Reshade is an in-game texture overhaul that will make your game look sharper and more outlined, it also fixes and tweaks textures to improve performance with little to no loss in quality.

This wraps our list of the best SWTOR mods that we could dig up, we highly recommend you give them a try in your next playthrough.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page and swing by from time to time so you don’t miss any upcoming mods.

JoinGames Staff