[TOP 12] Best Rune Factory 5 Mods In 2022

Looking for the best Rune Factory 5 mods? Well, look no further! Rune Factory 5 has a bit of everything for absolutely everyone, there’s a lot of fun to be had while playing this game. With its final release on PC, the game became more mod-friendly and opened the door for players to have a ton of fun activities and more places to explore, as well as create their narrative and playstyle.

Rune Factory 5 on the PC is far superior to its console counterpart. There are quite a few graphical options and full keyboard and mouse compatibility so that you can farm, fight and perform all your daily tasks with much more ease.

As one of the most widely popular and highly anticipated releases in the Rune Factory series for PC, Rune Factory 5 quickly managed to get a large and active modding community behind it, leading to the game having a fair amount of mods already covering all aspects of the game, from UI improvement, skins, QOL, combat difficulty tweaking and more.

However, with the sheer number of mods out there, choosing the most suitable ones for you can turn out to be quite challenging and oftentimes time-consuming. Therefore, today at JoinGames, we thought we’d spare you all the hassle and create this compact list of the best Rune Factory 5 mods currently available on the modding scene.

Best Rune Factory 5 Mods (RF5 Mods Pc)

Here are the best Rune Factory 5 PC Mods:

  • Joew’s Skip Intro
  • Prevent accidental damage to crops
  • Tame Everything
  • Simone Sprite and 3D Texture Edit
  • Catch Always Succeeds
  • No Head Accessories
  • Longer/Shorter Days
  • Insect Sounds
  • Shop in Peace
  • Difficulty Changes
  • Auto Pickup Changes

Joew’s Skip Intro

Okay, if you are like me, and want to jump to playing the game as quickly as possible and skip the heavy into, then this mod is a must. Joew’s Skip Intro is a mod that will help you skip the intro and go directly to the main menu.

This mod is small and straight to the point; it will skip all logos, movies, and notifications and take you quickly to the main menu. The mod, however, does require BepInEx to function properly, so make sure to have that installed.

Tame Everything

Wild monsters are everywhere in Rune Factory 5, and while not everyone can be tamed in-game, there are a few that can be domesticated to become your friend. Want to tame Umbradea? Now is your chance! Tame Everything is a mod that should allow you to now tame the rest of the monsters, bosses, and Wooly King.

The mod is still in its beta testing phase, so you use it with precaution. However, it offers players the possibility to expand their gameplay, have more fun, and engage with more creatures.

Catch Always Succeeds

If you think catching a nine-tailed fox seems impossible, then you need to try this mod. Catch Always Succeeds does exactly what it implies. This mod up your chances of successfully capturing and catching your desired monster.

Whether you’re new to the game and don’t want to get stuck learning how to capture a monster or just want to save some time, this mod will come in handy for you if you want a companion or complete objectives quicker.

Longer/Shorter Days

Not feeling like you have enough time during the day to complete your tasks and do everything you wish to? Or perhaps you have too much time and want the day to be over; this simple mod will help you solve that.

By using the Longer/Shorter Days mod, you can alter the length of days quickly and with ease. You can either choose to extend the length of the day and make it longer, or you can op to reduce it and make it shorter. It will entirely depend on what kind of day you wanna have.

Insect Sounds

Here is a Quality-of-life RF5 mod that will eliminate all the annoying insect sounds for you. Insect Sounds is a very useful mod that will eliminate the sound that the cicadas make during the summer. If you are like most of us out there who can’t withstand that buzzing noise, then this is the mod for you.

Difficulty Changes

As the name suggests, the Difficulty Changes mod aims to change the overall combat difficulty system of the game. By changing the difficulty of the battles, your game experience will get better as you progress.

However, a few game tasks may not be quite as difficult as you anticipate, so you can use this mod to tip the scales a little bit. This is by far one of the best Rune Factory 5 Mods that you can try.

Auto Pickup Changes

Last but not least, we have the Auto Pickup Changes mod, which is a must-have mod for every player who wanna take their farming seriously as it immensely fastens and simplifies the process of picking all the colored grasses, medicine, herb, antidote, and weeds by making them follow the auto pickup rules.

So there you have it, our list of the best Rune Factory 5 mods we could have found. We highly suggest you try a few out; whether you’re seeking more challenging gameplay or just want to kick back and enjoy the game, these mods will serve you well.

If you have any other suggestions for new mods that we haven’t included in this list, please don’t hesitate to share them via the comments section below, as this will help us ensure that our list of mods is more diverse and enjoyable.

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