[TOP 15] Best Tales Of Arise Mods In 2022

Looking for the best Tales of Arise mods? With its incredibly over-the-top engaging and fluid combat, fantastic story, and ever-charming characters, Tales of Arise is without a doubt a big step forward for the Tales franchise. This game not only takes the crown as the best Tales game ever but also as one of the absolute greatest JRPG games ever made.

While it’s still considered the new kid on the block, Tales of Arise has already had a large modding community behind it since the very first day it was released for PC, which has resulted in it already boasting over a dozen of a hundred mods.

So whether you’re new to the game and want to tweak the experience a bit, or you have years of experience with the Tales series and are looking for a new challenge you’ll definitely find something that suits your taste.

That’s why today on JoinGames we’ll be sharing our top picks for Tales of Arise mods, ranging from complete overhauls to minor changes that contribute to the overall game experience.

Here are the best Tales of Arise Mods:

  • Berserk Armor for Alphen
  • Dragon Slayer Weapon for Alphen
  • Battle Shionne
  • Difficulty Rebalanced
  • Resentful Enemies
  • Arise SDK
  • Increase Overall Quality
  • Arte Canceler Mod
  • Tweaks of Arise


Arte Canceller Mod is one of the most popular Tales of Arise combat mods, it will significantly enhance and optimize your combat gameplay in a crazy way. Basically, this mod allows you to cancel Artes onto other Artes. As a result, you’ll be able to jump or dodge at any given moment without having to wait for the animation to finish.

While this could potentially be an overpowered feature, it certainly makes fights feel highly responsive and inherently more entertaining, as it gives players the chance to invent new combos that aren’t typically made possible.


The protagonist of Tales of Arise, Alphen, might be a man who can’t feel pain, but he could use some armor every now and then, plus some style points. This mod exchanges the Ocean Blue Battle Garb outfit with the Berserk Armor for Alphen.

Berserker Armor is a suit of highly durable body armor with cape physics plus a version without the cape. Wearers of such armor are appropriately titled Berserker, Say hello to Berserker Alphen!


Now that you got the armor, you’ll need a proper blade to go with it, and what other blade suits the Berserker’s armor best other than Berserker’s mythical blade the Dragon Slayer.

Thanks to this mod that replaces the Dull Sword with a greater one, Alphen will now be wielding the strength of the legendary Dragon Slayer blade from Berseker.


Everyone’s favorite Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion fighter makes his entrance into the Tales of Arise universe. Well, it’s just her outfit, but it still looks cool.

Made by ConsSilver, Battle Shionne is one of the most trending Tales of Arise costume mods, which portrays Alisa Bosconovitch’s outfit over to Shionne and gives her the appearance of a character from the Tekken franchise.


Difficulty Rebalanced is another gameplay mod aiming at adjusting the Tales Of Arise difficulty a little bit so you don’t exhaust your energy fighting enemies. It also balances the difficulty by decreasing enemy HP, enemy attacks, and enemy endurance, and removes the Grade penalties that were linked to the level of difficulty. Additionally, it increases your EXP rate.

While it does not impact Very Easy or Unknown difficulty levels, there will still be distinctions between Easy, Normal, Hard, and Chaos for players who are looking for either easier or harder adventures.


If you’re a veteran player and want your next Tales of Arise playthrough to be a bit more challenging, then Resentful Enemies is the right mod for you. Once installed, it will increase the enemy’s HP and aggression anywhere from 25% to 75% to make New Game+ mode way more challenging for players who are looking for more excitement and action.

However, there are also over versions that contain multiple versions that boost player movement speed by 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. Players have reported facing a couple of bugs while using this mod, which is nothing out of the ordinary since it is still a work in progress.


Last but not least, we have the Arise SDK Mod which gives players more control over the game and allows them to make adjustments on their own without compromising their performance.

In addition, the Arise SDK mod does make some in-game enhancements of its own. Some of these include the skit/cutscene render resolution and refresh rate, increasing NPC and enemy draw distance, unlocking the dev console, and helping modders unlock the engine internals!

This rounds up our list of the best Tales of Arise mods. We strongly recommend that you check them out and at least try some of them in your next playthrough.

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