Farming Simulator 2019 Mods ( mods for Trucks & Locations)

Farming Simulator 2019 Mods

The most popular farming game Farming Simulator 2020 has more modifications than one can count. In today’s article, we decided to share with you 15 of the best Farming Simulator 2019 Mods for new tractors, trucks, and locations. 

Farming Simulator 2019 Mods

we know you’re not here for the long introduction, but for the list of the best fs20 mods, that we hope will make your gameplay more fun.

Kaminki Map

Let’s start with Kaminski Map which is one of the best fs20 mods that adds a small map to the game, as the creators assure, “with a Polish atmosphere”.

On it, players will be able to discover four farms (pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens), more than 70 fields, four points of sale of goods, and (surprisingly) car traffic. 

From more global changes, new textures of objects, including water, as well as a changing environment can be distinguished. There aren’t many changes, but quantity doesn’t always mean quality, right?

ZIL 130 – ride a Soviet classic

And the next Farming Simulator 2019 Mods will surely appeal to all lovers of Russian classics. Mod ZIL 130, as it is not difficult to guess from the name, brings iconic Soviet trucks to the game. 

The detailed study of the transport should be noted separately. Firstly, it is possible to choose the type of body and engine. 

Secondly, the trucks are equipped with an animated dashboard. Thirdly, the lighting devices of the machines also function, so you can work in the fields even at night. 

For those who prefer full customization, the ability to choose the color of the cab, wheels, body, and more have been added.

MAZ-5516A2 + Trailer MAZ-856101

This mod is by far one of our favorite Farming Simulator 2019 Mods & it is from the same author. This mod adds the MAZ-5516A2 truck and the MAZ-856101 trailer to the game. 

There is nothing special to tell. Customizing the truck to suit your tastes and needs is the same as in the previous add-on: the choice of cab color, body-color, several wheel options, and so on. 

The trailer also got animated suspension, mud flaps, and lighting equipment. Fans of realism will love the fact that trucks can get dirty and should be washed periodically. 

The only thing is, the in-game economy seems strange. For example, a truck costs 20 thousand in-game euros & half the price in the real world. The same goes for the trailer – a mess!

STAROWIES : A Huge fs19 Location Mod

Moving from content modifications to global ones. The STAROWIES addon offers gamers a new location, which is notable for 90

Fields, a new farm, new species of animals, changed the lighting, and changing seasons. It is also worth noting the replacement of almost all familiar models and redesigned map borders. 

It looks nice and fresh – if you are tired of the original FS 2019, then it’s definitely worth playing.

FS19 Contracts Mod

Those who are tired of the familiar contract system should pay attention to the Better Contracts modification. The addon significantly develops this aspect in both single-player and multiplayer games. 

The maximum number of tasks and the number of generated missions has increased, new missions now appear by clicking the “Refresh” button. 

And for those who are used to taking on all tasks at the same time, there is an opportunity to activate more than one contract per session. There are not many changes, but they all change the gameplay noticeably.

Lawfolds Mod

The prototype of this location was the surroundings of a real farm in the fertile hills of Scotland. Let’s briefly go over all the innovations: three operating farms, three forest zones, four points of sale of grain crops. 

It is also worth noting the presence of working workshops and a more convenient system for selling cars.

Belarus 821 – Fs19 tractor Mod

Well, it’s time to return to technology from the former USSR. The Belarus 821 fs19 mod adds to the game the Belarus tractor, cult for residents of post-Soviet countries. 

The detail of the technique is amazing. In addition to the usual animation of the lighting devices and the pollution system, the authors even screwed on the working mirrors and power windows. 

If you have always dreamed of sitting behind the wheel of a legendary tractor, then you will definitely like this mod.

Bergisch Land Mod

“We all love Bergisch with its beautiful landscape, lots of small dirt roads and tons of amazing details,” the developers of the mod Bergisch Land said in their welcome letter.

This cool fs19 mod will be of interest to those who cannot cope with driving on narrow roads, each of which promises a real test for the driver. 

Players know that many suburban roads are surrounded by wicker fences, so big truck lovers often have a hard time. That is why the mod offers the AutoDrive course, with the help of which anyone will learn how to manage heavyweights.

Scania XT 8 × 8 Flat Bed – FS19 Truck Mod

If you are doing well with truck management, but the trucks themselves are sorely lacking to harvest the entire crop, then the Scania XT 8 × 8 Flat Bed truck mod will come to the rescue. 

The tractor allows you to transport huge loads, accelerating to 80 km /h. The model can be customized to suit your tastes by changing the engine or platform color. 

The creators did not forget about lovers of realism. So, the tractor can get dirty, and when driving over rough terrain, dust flies from under the wheels.

Artsway 6812D Mod

If we figured out the delivery of goods, then the question of harvesting remains open. The Artsway 6812D harvester is intended to help in this difficult task, which can be added to the game using the mod of the same name. 

Let’s go through its characteristics: working width – 6.7 meters, working speed – 10 km / h, the required tractor power for this handsome man – 280 hp. The harvester leaves marks on the ground and gets dirty, so it will have to be washed periodically.

Christmas Market Mulled Wine

And the next fs19 mod will be relevant for Christmas and New Year. True, there is nothing particularly remarkable about it. 

Christmas Market Mulled Wine mod adds Christmas decorations to the game. For example, the point of sale was decorated with lights that will delight the eye during the day and illuminate the territory at night. 

It is a pity that there are no trees and snow in fashion: garlands alone, unfortunately, cannot convey the holiday atmosphere.

South Brazilian Map Mod

But back to the new maps. If you have long dreamed of going to sunny Brazil but did not have enough time and money to fly to South America, then you should evaluate the South Brazilian Map. 

The map is based on the regions of Tayo, Santa Catarina, and Southern Brazil. A pedestrian system is implemented in the mod, there is a small town. 

Also, new crops were added to the game that were not in the original game: black beans, rice and sorghum. A new tree also appeared – araucaria, growing in the south of Brazil.

Deere Country FS19 Mod

Let’s move from South America to North America. Deere Country Map invites you to explore the American hinterland. 

The most interesting feature of the mod is that the layout of the fields matches the real one from Google maps. In addition, a copy of the John Deere Waterloo Assembly plant and three farms with individual pens for cows, pigs, and sheep were added to the game. 

The seasons are changed, and the customizable surroundings provide stunning sunrises and sunsets.

Bukhalovo : village mod

For a longtime fan of the series, one name of this mod will already say a lot. Yes, this is the same popular location as Farming Simulator 2017. But now you can play it in the current version of the game. 

The village of Bukhalovo is located in the Russian outback, the area is completely flat, which is surrounded by many forests, which is conducive to forestry”, – this is how the creators of the mod describe their brainchild. In addition to the authentic settlement, new crops such as hops, onions, and carrots have appeared in the game.

Bucks County Pennsylvania Mod

This time we are going to set up a business in Pennsylvania. The developers of the mod claim that they created their modification with a claim to the realism of the environment, so the game uses custom buildings, and many fields are of an irregular shape. 

The number of fields has increased to 60. In addition to them, you can find a livestock farm, a store, and a gas station on the map. Not much, but for a good mod, everything is there.

That’s all for today. Be sure to write in the comments about your favorite Farming Simulator 2019 Mods , and perhaps it will be included in our next fs19 mods selection. 

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